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  2. So you do do glossy paint.... don't worry, I won't tell anyone........
  3. Looks like your building a model a day...I can't keep up with you now.....nice coupe !!!!
  4. Very nice... hope to see these in person soon.
  5. Looks great.... load that contest table up in May..!!!!!
  6. Wow Blair....fantastic pictures.... cool rod too.
  7. Looks great.. the continental kit was a nice touch... really nice!!
  8. Wow, like it alot and it sits just right..... beautiful job!
  9. Yeah, that's really nice, must have been a great feeling to own a real one like that, just pure class all the way. You did a fantastic job building it !!
  10. Very nice build, love those 442's, got out of the service in 1966 and bought a brand new red one, last one they had..... loved that car !!
  11. Olds Rocket 88

    Audi R8C

    Very nice clean build for sure !! I used to build all 1/43 stuff too.
  12. That's beautiful, looks like a real car in the picture, love the silver too....
  13. Wow, that really looks mean, I can just imagine it blasting down the highway, very cool !!
  14. Yeah, like the way you detailed the wheels and the color choice.... Sold a lot of builds over the years------ wish I had them all back even though some of them weren't the best it would be cool to see them again, Just be glad you have the pictures......
  15. Wow, very nice and great color choice. I can just see that toolin down the highway !!
  16. I really like the color, really different.... and I like different.
  17. Seems you don't know much about cars or modeling....... maybe if you can't do anything but find fault with the builds on this site you should just keep your mouth shut!
  18. Thanks for all the nice comments........
  19. Really nice build, but why did it take you so long ??.....
  20. I'm really diggin it man.... wowsville !!!
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