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  1. Great progress. I like your craftmansship
  2. I like this very much. The Mako Shark 2 is one of my favourite Vettes. Did someone ever build this as the original Intend?
  3. I totally agree with the other sesponsers. I can't wait to see the progress
  4. Great choice with the Color. clean build aswell
  5. I simply love your improvements ans can't wait this Beauty beeing casted
  6. an interesting project. Can't wait to see some prgogress
  7. have you tried to modify the wheels wells? hope to get mine these days and planned to put some cars on it aswell....
  8. interesting project. the trailer offers a bit more space then you need for one rocket bunny so i am looking forward on this projct
  9. great project and nice work so far. Did you use the original body or did you shorten it?
  10. wheels looks small but the design suits the car nice idea with the colour
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