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  1. Hey folks I am looking for some interior parts of the old mpc camaro. 73 or 74 will do. Seats, doorboards or even whole kit would be nice. Hopefully someone would ship to good old Germany Many thanks in advance
  2. Thank you two So I will try to find one of those
  3. Interesting project. I also like what you did to the interior. Which year is the promo you took the interior parts of, they seem to suit my bumblebee project quite well
  4. interesting project. A shame clearly scale seems to be out of business meanwhile, I have some bits of them too
  5. This paintjob is awesome
  6. http://uscp-ua.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=69&product_id=618 Here you also find some other nice stuff to dress up these kits
  7. Great progress. I like your craftmansship
  8. I like this very much. The Mako Shark 2 is one of my favourite Vettes. Did someone ever build this as the original Intend?
  9. I totally agree with the other sesponsers. I can't wait to see the progress
  10. Great choice with the Color. clean build aswell
  11. I simply love your improvements ans can't wait this Beauty beeing casted
  12. an interesting project. Can't wait to see some prgogress
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