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  1. Polar Lights Mustang question

    Removing the material from the frame in the rear does not shorten the wheelbase. I found out too late that the front wheels were too far forward in the wheel opening. I've had problems in the past with polar lights funny cars but the mustang is really bad. P.S. Your results may differ! WF
  2. AMT Lou Azar Gremlin Funny

    Ahhh, creative stretching: I found a Funny Gremlin kit at a swap meet for 10 bucks. A friend donated another body and after some "creative stretching"............... WF
  3. Hodge Podge Dodge

    The Johan chassis is still being "enhanced". I got some primer on it, mocked up the engine location, and replaced the wonky torsion bars with some .040 rod. I also found a driveshaft that almost fit.
  4. `63 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

    That VW is a gem!
  5. Hodge Podge Dodge

    It's amazing how accurate and beautiful Johan bodies were and how unbelievably horrible their chassis were!
  6. Shark Corvette F/C

    I like this one a lot! One you don't see every day (or ever ). Cool! WF
  7. Hodge Podge Dodge

    Major change! In order to use the Lindberg chassis, I would have to chop the bottom out of the interior tub and although it would not be that difficult, I don't wan't to do that. The Johan chassis fits perfectly but has horrible detail. Hmmm, what if I cut out the molded in exhaust, differential, and drive shaft? With some cutting (a lot), bondo, filing, and a parts box diff. I might have something.
  8. Hodge Podge Dodge

    I like the stance.
  9. Hodge Podge Dodge

    I really want to use this type of header: Here is another problem. They are for a Hemi but I want to use a wedge. They also will not fit with the Lindberg chassis. Another problem with the Lindberg chassis is that I can't get the firewall to meet the cowl ( 1/4 " gap ). The engine also sits way too low in relation to the hood. I started to modify a Johan pan.
  10. Hodge Podge Dodge

    We may have to wait a while. I just X-Acto knifed one of my fingers! Arrrgh!
  11. Hodge Podge Dodge

    Going to use the Johan interior tub because it fits! Not the most detailed thing but it'll do. Needs a tach. Not sure about a roll bar.
  12. Hodge Podge Dodge

    Now as to why the name "Hodge Podge Dodge". Although I want this car to keep it's Johan roots and identity, this is going to be a true parts box and spares build with parts from Johan, AMT, Lindberg, and Moebius! Might even find something from Revell to glue on. The chassis had material removed from the outside edges and is now the same width as the original Johan piece. Chassis from Lindberg. Dana 60 and springs from Revell. Slicks are AMT parts pack items. The right rear tire will be straightened out and front suspension will be detailed.
  13. Hodge Podge Dodge

    The sedan that I envision is a post model. The B pillars are easily made with strips of Plastruct. The econo 330 sedan is a two tail light model so i had to convert the Polara panel as well. Still trying to make this look right.
  14. Hodge Podge Dodge

    Most of my builds have a back story and this one is no different. It started about a year ago when I found this '64 Dodge in a collection of "used cars". What caught my attention was that this was obviously a Johan body but it was a sedan? Huh? I'd never seen a '64 Johan sedan so I bought it. When I got it home and took a closer look, it turned out that the builder grafted a '63 sedan roof to the hard top body! Instead of restoring it, I decided to build my own! I took a glue bomb '63 and grafted the roof on to a pristine '64 Polara. First time I had ever done anything like this. WF
  15. 2017 builds

    Not a single one is in my wheelhouse......but I love them all! Fantastic, realistic weathering!! WF