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  1. Going to use the Johan interior tub because it fits! Not the most detailed thing but it'll do. Needs a tach. Not sure about a roll bar.
  2. Now as to why the name "Hodge Podge Dodge". Although I want this car to keep it's Johan roots and identity, this is going to be a true parts box and spares build with parts from Johan, AMT, Lindberg, and Moebius! Might even find something from Revell to glue on. The chassis had material removed from the outside edges and is now the same width as the original Johan piece. Chassis from Lindberg. Dana 60 and springs from Revell. Slicks are AMT parts pack items. The right rear tire will be straightened out and front suspension will be detailed.
  3. The sedan that I envision is a post model. The B pillars are easily made with strips of Plastruct. The econo 330 sedan is a two tail light model so i had to convert the Polara panel as well. Still trying to make this look right.
  4. Most of my builds have a back story and this one is no different. It started about a year ago when I found this '64 Dodge in a collection of "used cars". What caught my attention was that this was obviously a Johan body but it was a sedan? Huh? I'd never seen a '64 Johan sedan so I bought it. When I got it home and took a closer look, it turned out that the builder grafted a '63 sedan roof to the hard top body! Instead of restoring it, I decided to build my own! I took a glue bomb '63 and grafted the roof on to a pristine '64 Polara. First time I had ever done anything like this. WF
  5. Not a single one is in my wheelhouse......but I love them all! Fantastic, realistic weathering!! WF
  6. Good looking Super Stocker! WF
  7. This gonna be exciting! I get excited easily. No, really looking forward to following this one! WF
  8. Nice hot rod! Very well done. The interior stands out. WF
  9. Coming along nicely! I made my tanks from square Evergreen stock. Was not hard to do at all. Don't think that you would see tanks held in place with leather belts anymore!
  10. I don't see where the builder calls it a gasser. Put some headlights and license plates on it and call it a Streat Freak! Looks great! reminds me of a Ed Roth cartoon car! WF
  11. That is a show winner right there! You can be proud of that one. WF
  12. I did this one as a "day 2 car" with headers and Cragars. What I might have done if I was able to buy one brand new. I also have two hoods for the car.
  13. Great collection Randy B! Super clean builds.......all of them! WF
  14. I did this Landy car so long ago that I can't remember when. I also never remembered to install the door handles!
  15. Thank you! I do remember spending a LOT of time fabricating the interior tin work. It fits the chassis quite well but the body doesn't tilt. Can't have everything! WF
  16. I love what you are doing with this one! I have collected parts to do this car simply because it was local to me ( Long Island) and I knew one of the owners. You finish yours first! lol
  17. Coming along nicely! Too bad about the bubbly decals. Can you get another set? I also built a Goeske road runner a number of years ago. Did not like the resin body so I got a Johan glue bomb and it worked out well. I used my magazine collection for reference only to find that the colors in old magazines did not translate well. I realized, years after the build that the chassis was actually red and the body was Omaha Orange. When you get around to the windshield, do not cut an opening . Goeske's windshield did not have one. I have some reference photos here: http://public.fotki.com/announcerguy/funny-cars/fearless_fred_goeske/ if you'd like to see them.
  18. Wow! You made my day with this one! A masterpiece for sure! WF
  19. 15" steel wheels were standard on Hemi cars but they were not the "6-slot "police" wheels". Those weren't even born yet. The 15 inches were just the heavy duty steel rims that were used on station wagons.
  20. Click on this: A Brief History of the Gasser Classes All you will ever need to know about gas classes. WF
  21. 6bblbird

    1956 Nomad

    Clean build! Well done.
  22. Terrific! Definitely captures the look of a privateer match racer from '66! Headers look so much better than the kit supplied sewer pipe.
  23. I always look forward to opening your posts. It's like unwrapping a present! Certainly not disappointed with this one! WF
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