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  1. I love this shot! Built and photographed by Bill Gonsowski.
  2. Those jeeps are fantastic! Must have been incredible to see them in person. I'm assuming that the Destroyer body id resin? If so, who made it? WF
  3. Very well done! Engine looks terrific! Paint scheme is race car perfect. Don't agree with "Glossy glass on drag cars just don't jive IMO". When the lexan would get scratched or cloudy on my 1:1 race car I would replace it! Still don't like cloudy glass! WF
  4. Very clean build! Green paint looks great. I started to build one of those, got about 80 percent done and threw it back in the box. It frustrated the heck out of me! WF
  5. One of the best drag cars ever seen on this forum! Fourth pic from the top would fool 90 percent of the people into believing it was a 1:1 car. Great detail work ! Even has a driveshaft loop! lol WF
  6. John, you are correct when speaking of Mopar muscle cars. I should not have said "most models" because someone (like me) will always find an exception! However, not all B motors had the plug wires routed beneath the manifolds as you can see from the 413 4bbl pic below. The # 5&7 wires were run along the valve covers and over the manifolds. Those wires must have burned up real quick! Remember, when it comes to Mopars, there are always exceptions!
  7. Quick! Someone find the originality trophy! No contest....you win!
  8. Nice job! That Super Bee is terrific! Love the red detail paint on the tail light panel. One thing to point out for future builds. On a 1:1 B engine with factory exhaust manifolds you can not route the plug wires between the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head ( can't be done). They are routed down in front of the cylinder heads and below the manifolds. On most models the #7 and #8 plug wire runs alongside the valve cover and behind the rear of the cylinder head to the spark plug. WF
  9. Outstanding!! Brings back memories of the cars I saw at the NY Coliseum when I was a kid! WF
  10. Welcome Karl! Not to step on Tom Geiger's toes but...... The Jersey Shore Model Car Club is a great group that meets every third Friday of the month at the Brick First Aid Squad building. https://www.facebook.com/Jersey-Shore-Model-Car-Club-151675864853140/
  11. 6bblbird


    Great color for a musclecar!
  12. Some serious talent there! Wow! I love that car! WF
  13. I like it! I'm partial to blue and white '55s!
  14. Thought it would be fun to include a pictorial history of my favorite Mopars in order. My first car. 1968 383 ,4 spd. 2nd car. 1974 440 GTX road runner. I loved this car! I sold the '74 in order to buy this 440 six pak Challenger: And I bought this '68 to tow it with: When this A 12 car came up for sale in '76 I had to buy it! Still have it and it is undergoing a total nut and bolt restoration. I added the Super Gas 'cuda in 1986 2007: 2009: 2013- today: Yeah, I guess I like Mopars!
  15. Although I did find some pics of a silver '69 GTX with a red interior it was not a vert. I'm guessing that red vinyl would fade horribly in the sun and the most likely reason it was not available.
  16. One thing that bothers the heck out of me with the AMT B bodies is the poorly designed 1/4 panels and wheel openings. Johan got it right. Recently picked up a built, Johan '69 runner. The "builder" must have used an entire tube of glue to install the glass. Roof is junk. I'm going to cut it off and build another convertible. Did Johan ever make any convertible B Bodies? WF
  17. I am not a real fan of convertibles but I had this kit laying around for about 25 years {?} and our club (Jersey Shore MCC) had a convertible theme for our quarterly contest. So.........I did something with it! I was very close to completing the car for the contest with a day to spare when I realized that I had lost (or used) the grille and tail lights! Thanks to the Model King for helping me with those parts! When you build a convertible you really have to make the interior pop. Added floor mats, wood grain dash & console, seat belts, and a photo reduced instrument cluster.The End! Yes, I left the trunk bezel off because it didn't fit well and just looked like...... It was nice to build a car for once that didn't require saws and bondo! WF
  18. 6bblbird

    Beep Beep!

    Last one that I built, I cut the inner fenders out and rebuilt them with sheet plastic! Tell us about the car in your sig. pic. I think I may have built a model of it.
  19. Brings new meaning to the word "slammed"!
  20. Being the owner of an actual A 12 road runner, I can appreciate the detail work that you put into this one. Nice!
  21. This car just exudes cool!
  22. 6bblbird

    Beep Beep!

    Terrific looking bird! Color, foil, wheels and tires all look great! I have love / hate feelings towards this kit. Love the body. The dimensions are spot on. I hate the engine compartment. Monogram typically drops the ball on under hood and chassis details. They look great on the shelf though! WF
  23. Very cool truck! Maybe some detailing or a wash on the wheels! Too clean!
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