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  1. Bansheeboy11 added a post in a topic Twisted Twin *Project: Twin turbo cobra* Started 12-18-06   

    I put the air horns where the turbos will be sitting, just behind the nose and under hte hood, it will be real sleek. I painted them red cause my camrea sucks.

  2. Bansheeboy11 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Twisted Twin *Project: Twin turbo cobra* Started 12-18-06
    Heres the shorty, Revell Mustang Cobra body, waiting for most of the parts. Lots of sanding done to the body, i tried to get everything a legit as possible.
    -Door Handles
    -Emblems and badges
    -3rd brakelight
    -An the "Mustang" on the rear bumper

    Bear with me cause my camera is REALLY bad, maybe santa will get me one . When i get the parts and get more work done, ill update the topic, but as it sits, i think the next stage is mocking all the turbo and piping up, marking where everything needs to be etc. I belive it will take time so ill update asap. Thanks.

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  3. Bansheeboy11 added a post in a topic 89/93 mustang   

    yeh. if anyone finds out anything, im interested too. I have a gt, from the 3pk cobra set. Id like a notch.
  4. Bansheeboy11 added a post in a topic Where can i get a turbo?   

    Hey, thanks a lot guys. Ill keep everyone posted when i work on the car, BTW, its a late model mustang, just havent decided which one yet.. Thanx again.
  5. Bansheeboy11 added a topic in General   

    Where can i get a turbo?
    Hi, my name is Joe, im new here but not to models. Ive made models for years as well as raced hardbody slot drag cars. I like this forum and im making a new model (or two) for the winter and i need turbos. Ive looked at Best Resins and Competition Resins as well as ebay and i cant find any, would any of you happen to know where i can get some? I need like 3 or 4. Thanx.
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