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  1. Reminds me of ratchet and ironhide from transformers
  2. Make sure you fill in the door lines the smooth body is the way they ran
  3. I use the masking tape method it turns out pretty well.
  4. This is made from strips of masking tape aslo.
  5. I've always used the spray a little pant on a piece of cardboard and dip the rim method it's a little thick but for me it works.
  6. Just a quick build picked it up for a couple bucks.
  7. I like it love batmobile mashups. This the one I built.
  8. Got the yellow on .now some finish work and then decals.
  9. Its standard ootb I painted white around the windows to look like a stock post 55.
  10. Tamiya racing blue for the back and tamiya yellow for the front.
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