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  1. Just a quick build picked it up for a couple bucks.
  2. I like it love batmobile mashups. This the one I built.
  3. Got the yellow on .now some finish work and then decals.
  4. Its standard ootb I painted white around the windows to look like a stock post 55.
  5. Tamiya racing blue for the back and tamiya yellow for the front.
  6. Wet sanded needs paint and decals, chrome around the windows and gloss.
  7. This is the first car I ever saw on a race track . It was bristol tn. I think in 1984 . Still need to fill in the door lines and smooth out some body lines ,gauge decals then body decals.
  8. Rubber Duck Mack R model fron Convoy. War Rig from mad Max Fury road.
  9. @MarkJ yes they are the kit tires I have some old monogram tires I'm gonna try with it
  10. @Turberticus it was rust-oleum cherry red.
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