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  1. Discord for models

    No it’s like a chat room. But only text. You can post pics n chat with people in the room. But no headset required. You do need to download the app tho
  2. Hey guys. Come chat on discord about all types of models https://discord.gg/T25u3y
  3. Acrylic paint?

    Got it. I believe My mistake was using enamel thinner to clean brushes. I will be trying lacquer thinner an I’m sure that’ll work. Thanks guys
  4. Is there a trick to brushing Model Masters acrylic paint? How do you guys clean brushes after using acrylic paint?
  5. Ideas on exhaust?

    Not near my house but it doesn’t flow or it’s too short. How would I smooth it out with putty when it goes together if there’s paint on it?
  6. Is there an easier way to attach exhaust to headers? Or do I just build a whole new one out of styrene or something? Just curious the ones I put together look bad
  7. Paint booth question

    Ok thanks. I usually paint in my garage. But it's a pain because it's cold have to turn on torpedo heater n I got some batman collectibles in my garage I didn't want to get overspray on. But then I thought is it possible to do it in my house so thanks a lot guys
  8. Hi all. I just bought a paint booth(Best choice products odor extractory hobby spray booth)for my airbrush n spray cans. My question is can I spray in my house with the vent hose to a window like it should be or would the fumes n paint still be too much? Thanks ahead of time for the responses.
  9. '68 Dodge Charger. *chassis painted*

    Well done sir. Well done
  10. Handling models

    Walgreens has em. I jus bought a few. Thanks for the tips guys
  11. AMT 2008 challenger

    Hi guys here's my 08 challenger. Pretty easy fun build.
  12. How do you guys handle your models when your working on em n having to touch em all the time without damaging paint?
  13. Doors

    Hi guys. I'm stuck on these doors. So I opened the doors on my 69 charger and I figured out the door jambs. My question is for the door panel do you guys glue it right on and paint it and just tape it off or do you guy paint it in two different pieces. I'm having a hard time so any help would be appreciated
  14. Tamiya paint stand

    I think when they turn it upside down then it falls. I've had it happen a few times. So now wen I turn it upside down I just make sure to hold on to both parts
  15. Door jambs

    Ok thanks guys. I just didn't know if there was a certain way to do it