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  1. Great trade with vintagedragcrazy. Got to me in perfect condition. Thanks again Vince
  2. Those chrome moldings on the fins don’t sit as well as they should
  3. what are you looking for to trade?


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    2. vintagedragcrazy


      Your welcome buddy if you want anymore I have a bunch yet! Always looking for a trade I'm looking for another super boss!


    3. mariojr


      I got one more

    4. mariojr


      But I’m in Talks with someone else. Idk if he has anything for me tho

  4. I’m open to anything. More on the Chevy n dodge side is some super cars
  5. Yes it is the Moebius kit
  6. Looking real good. Awesome job
  7. Starting the Cadillac it’s from monogram. It’ll be a slow build. I think I have to paint the trim the chrome is fading to white. Not sure what wheels to go with
  8. Thanks for the compliments
  9. Thank you all for the compliments
  10. Just made a trade with ford-100. Would trade anytime. He even threw in some extra goodies. Thanks again
  11. Trying to find something budget friendly either being rattle can or automotive paint.
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