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  1. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. I just got this one
  2. Another great trade with Vince. (Vintagedragcrazy) thanks again
  3. Looking real good I’ll be starting mine soon
  4. This looks like a fun build. I’ll be watching
  5. Great trade with vintagedragcrazy. Got to me in perfect condition. Thanks again Vince
  6. Those chrome moldings on the fins don’t sit as well as they should
  7. what are you looking for to trade?


    1. Show previous comments  70 more
    2. vintagedragcrazy


      hey buddy on its way tracking number is 9505 5163 1567 9301 1980 37 should be there on wedensday!


    3. mariojr


      I got everything today. Thanks

    4. vintagedragcrazy


      good deal buddy its been a pleasure dealing with you anytime you need something let me know!


  8. Yes it is the Moebius kit
  9. Starting the Cadillac it’s from monogram. It’ll be a slow build. I think I have to paint the trim the chrome is fading to white. Not sure what wheels to go with
  10. Thanks for the compliments
  11. Thank you all for the compliments
  12. Just made a trade with ford-100. Would trade anytime. He even threw in some extra goodies. Thanks again
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