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  1. Tim my friend i'm lost for words looking at your progress, some of the most amazing work i have seen in this scale, I can not imagine how hard it is to work with stuff that small. 1/16th is the smallest for me, even then it's hard with my shaky hand's. Are you painting the chassis and parts? would be a shame to cover up that beautiful work. Joe
  2. I was able to reset my password after month's of trying, Dave so glad to see you back to building. I have been checking the forum forever waiting for a new Dave post lol, as usual your work is nothing short of amazing. The 37 is looking good and sound's even better, i have been following it on photobucket. Hope all is well and look forward to the rest of this build. Joe
  3. Amazing work Tim, Weld's look good. How did you do those? I used decals before.
  4. That is some beautiful brass work Randy. Maybe you said before and i missed it, What kind of solder,flux and iron do you use?
  5. If you are worried about people responding to every post you make and you are going to get upset over it you should stay off forum's in general then. I have had people miss my post's before, big deal it happen's. No need to ruin a nice build thread with petty stuff like that, put on your big boy pant's . Next time just shoot him or whoever else a PM about it.
  6. Why was this even posted in here? should be in general.
  7. That guy must just be Trolling Bill, Man this build is something else, just when i thought it couldn't get better it does. Glad to see you back on it.
  8. Nice Chuck, supported. I think you have a couple other one's i supported also.
  9. Mike: Thank you, that is exactly what i needed. Much appreciated. Joe
  10. Looking to scratch build a lowboy in 1/25th, I have been looking all over for the 1:1 measurements to scale down so i can try and scratch build one. Would anybody happen to have 1:1 measurements they would be willing to share or might know the best place to look? Thx. Joe
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