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  1. yes , i have this one every time see it and have it in my hands [ coffee talk ] and than we share info how ore what and witch part must be changed [ he have parts from me to make this truck good ] and talk and lookin for picture,s for the color and he turnout great , just very close to finishd my freightliner and than we make some pictures from both side by side Hermann you did a great job and now we go on with the other freightliners jacobus [ for Hermann , ome Koos ]
  2. wel after a long break i wil go on with this one , Hermann and i have work together for this project , like talk about and find more info and ho ore we do the thinks mine wil different becouse we dont want make it the same , so a other color and a bit longer frame i have also other type fueltanks and exhaust , picture [ there wil be 2 more yellow-orange stripes on it and a dryfit with the bumper so i find now a little more energy to go on and also on the other projects jacobus
  3. thats just a great one like the things you are doing right now [ specialy the muffler , great work ] i have somewhere in my stash that transkit from aitm and now its very hard to start with it [ youre fould , LOL ] i want first al the others projects to finishd keep up this nice build , i wil follow jacobus
  4. came from australian by FB look at australian resin jacobus
  5. wel Mark the styrene therapy wil work i work now on several projects and even buy some new transkits [ the stash is now grown to the sealin and wide also ! ] i buy a international uglyville [ donald duck ] and a diamond reo raider from aitm so its going better and have fun to go on and wil first finishd the bottom dump trailer and truck jacobus
  6. so nowi work slowly on the freightliner , chassis and paint the cab and hood red , looks nice , it must be a metalic red but in the picture lookin like normal red the grill part i have paint it silver and looks good now first make the truck ready and than the bellydump trailer jacobus
  7. thanks guys and yes Brian , i am workin on the bottomdumptrailer and truck and want this one finishd and just keep easy building and now i am stil lookin for info because i think stil to start new build-projects it make,s your head clear and i like it and stil have fun to do it and a lot of nice builds i have seen here and also on FB where i lookin at some great builders worldwide jacobus
  8. he is not ready , deu the healt problems it stil in the paint [ the truck ] and now slowley finished the good news is i have no cancer , so thats wy i am happy now now i have moer energie to built the project,s sorry for this brbo project i wil go on to make him finish andmake the hole truck and trailer done to al the builders , i have now stil fun to do it and what i have seen to everybody , GREAT WORK yours Jacobus
  9. after some minor repairs [ after kissin the ground ] go on with the bottomdump and a dry-fit hope today to put some primer on the cab and rims etc jacobus
  10. a little dammage repairs on the trailer and put the suspension together looks good so far is stil loose to put some airvalve,s for the break,s on it [ a little plumbingwork ] jacobus
  11. now make the grill for the freightliner [ picture,s follow ] thats a #@##^**^$ job from that P.E. material 27 lamels on 4 tiny stuts , ppff [ have fun the said ] and than the trailer fals on the floor $#$#@%$$% minor damage but OEF! but we go on and keep up the good spirit jacobus
  12. and we are back and make it slow some progress , first the rear side its going nice , also first cut out the parts and sand it and fit everything before the glue parts , so it take some time but i like it to build this one have fun to do it jacobus
  13. have make a swap with the engine so that wil look better as the real one tommorow first going to the hospital and i hope that i be back on wednesday than i go further with al the projects no just slow workin on the bottomdump trailer jacobus
  14. its a nice product from him , have also this one and this and the kenworth K200 i have make a start with it , first the chassis , but i do him between the others so slow jacobus
  15. i have one , and its stil in the stash like many more jacobus
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