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  1. jacobus added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    international , more than 1
    because al the other project,s waitin for some matrials i build a row of international,s , paystar = R-type and a prostar
    the paystar with a winch , the R-type wil be a straight truck [ old ] and the prostar with no sideskirts where i have a test with a kind of skirt on the fender,s
    the paystar
    the R-rype

    and a start with the prostar

    and the short skirts

    ready for primer 
    wil see how its go,s
    1 point , the mold of the prostar of the sprue,s are very big
    i think about molden 100 kit,s the need a 1000kg more material ppff , and longer time to make the parts clean and smooth
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  2. jacobus added a post in a topic 41 Dodge COE -Updated pics-   

    have the same , i use the opel blitz as donor , here a picture of it , with the wheels from the kit

    its not finishd yet , must make a bumper for it and its stil loose , first put everything in the good place
    lookin how your,s wil go
  3. jacobus added a post in a topic fuel and tax stickers   

    i have from modeltruckin already a sheet ful of licenceplates and fuel stickers
    and  on a lot of older picture,s you see a lot of those sticker,s on the door and i think its fits by that time era
    have seen one gmc crackerbox with a movingvan [ greyhound ] and that,s one of my do to make list [ one of these week,s ] and there you see the sticker,s and a lot of licenceplates on the bumper
    have the decal,s al in the house and also the resinkit so......[ but there are a lot of projects on the table ] starts soon
    and thank,s for the info
  4. jacobus added a post in a topic fuel and tax stickers   

    thank,s guy,s , so the older one from 1950 and 60-70 dont need it
  5. jacobus added a post in a topic Autocar A64F   

    what he said
    cant see
  6. jacobus added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    fuel and tax stickers
    can someone tel me when the tax and fuel stickers came on the truck,s [ year of beginning and ended ]
    because i want make the old truck,s with this old item correct
    and also a bunch of licenceplates
    on some old picture,s you see it clearly and some is stil in the year of 1980
    and i like these old thing,s on old build,s for detail,s
    thank,s already
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  7. jacobus added a post in a topic 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Working on the body   

    looks good
    you have little mecanics at work [ micromen ]
  8. jacobus added a post in a topic IH Transtar Eagle II in Paint !!!   

    that looks al good , nice start with the chassis , i have stil 2 new kits in the stash , and 2 to renovation 
    i tought that i have 1 with air ride suspension
    now this afternoon i go check it [ is a lot of work , where i put that renovationkit? ]
    ore i am getting old and mix uo some thing,s
    wel we see
  9. jacobus added a post in a topic IH Transtar Eagle II in Paint !!!   

    great , one of my biggest favorit , i cant explane why but i love this coe
    follow you Jeff
  10. jacobus added a post in a topic Resin Freightliner Coronado Available Again   

    i had one also ordered , two weeks ago and have him al after 6 day,s , great and nice transkit

    have already a color in mind but first the other build,s
  11. jacobus added a post in a topic mack valueliner   

    slow workin on this one [ to hot , about 35 c , here in holland go,s from cold and rain to high temp in just a day ore 2 ] 
    put the aircleaners on , look of this is correct with the hight

    and now makin step,s on the fueltank,s and also rear fenders
    now take a brake 
  12. jacobus added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    great work
    put me on the list , sure like to have one
    follow this great build
  13. jacobus added a post in a topic 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Working on the body   

    wel see how you do this 
    think wat charles say,s , there is a lot of nice photoetch grill mesh arround , and iit wil look,s also good
    1 mistake with drilling and .....
    follow this one
  14. jacobus added a post in a topic 1973 White Road Commander Aerodyne   

    love this machine
    great detail,s , inside of the cab ! grease on the 5th plate , roadgrime
    that,s big ten-four , [ bed bugger ]
    great work
  15. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT 2017 MACK A   

    so put on the correct mirrors and more , picture,s

    this is for fun

    and with ladder and platform [ don,t know of i keep it on ]

    now do some little thing,s like the airhose [ must lookin good , now its spaghettie ] perhaps mudflaps , mirror on the fender?
    licence plate,s [ a lot of them ]
    and now start with the reefer