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  1. jacobus added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    revell ask the same thing some years ago [ 2 years? ]
    i know that it is a lot of work to collect al the vote,s etc but you can see as a company , we are have something new in a couple of years , silence
    italeri have said , a new freezer [ kitbasshing from different kits ] no new
    and yes , licence to make it , but if you bring a model that,s no longer  exist you dont need a licence [ thats what i have reed in some special book ]
    there are a lot of example,s on the road , al over the world , so let that famous panel look by the real trucks and figured out how it is 
    not from picture,s , its nice for some details
    where i work the boss said , no sitting by the phone , go to the place where it is and talk and look in the real world outside your office
    thats my opinion and perhaps i see it wrong but after al these years i hope that something wil be done with al idee,s and plans
    and a new kit on the shelf that we can say , whow you make a very nice kit
  2. jacobus added a post in a topic AUTOCAR TRACTOR.   

    howard , great autocar , looks very good  this workhorse
  3. jacobus added a post in a topic Mack DM600   

    great color choice
    nice build
    and nice touch to give it to your friend
  4. jacobus added a post in a topic International Lonestar & Union Oil Trailer   

    nice and clean build janneman
    nice color , turn out nice on these combo
  5. jacobus added a post in a topic Autocar Dump   

    like this dumper , build this one also years ago , here a picture of it

    lookin good in red color
  6. jacobus added a post in a topic IH Transtar II   

    like this one
    special the coe , love this transtar
    must build one [ one of these day,s ] have stil a couple of kits in the stash ]
    there is not enough space on the table
  7. jacobus added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. finished builds.   

    thank you guy,s [ and girl,s? ]
    one of these day,s make the outdoor picture,s
  8. jacobus added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    international 4200 . dustin and repair
    have one very old ertl kit clean and repair , to bad that the window glass and headlight are turnin  a yellow gloss after al those years , wel picture,s




    and i make a start to dust and repair al of my old truck,s
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  9. jacobus added a post in a topic Revell Kenworth heavy hauler   

    jaroslav , i know what you mean , but if you look at google [ tri-drive trucks ]
    you see a lot of example,s of tri-drive , most are for oilfield service and a petroltruck,s with sleepercabs
    cabover tri-drive you see more in australian
    i now that looks rare ore funny if you see the upset of some winchtruck,s with a small sleeper
    when i buy the tri-drive truck,s kit,s some years ago i have lookin for pictures so the looks like the real one,s
    have stil 2 kenworth,s cabover tri-drive,s
    and 4 peterbilts tri-drive,s
    must building again one 
    and i have building already 1 peterbilt and 1 kenworth
    i have 2 different kenworth,s and from the peterbilt also 2 different kit,s
    hope its helps
  10. jacobus added a post in a topic What kind of builder are you?   

    i like to build for fun and i like truck,s and car,s
    most i like truck,s  , and i like to make old one,s 
    workhorses from the past
    and the challenge is to make it like it was [ not for colors but the model ore type ]
    and for plessure and fun to build something when its done i can see WOW thats look,s nice one the shelf ore vitrine
  11. jacobus added a post in a topic Scratchbashing the Blue Diamond   

    thats look great
    thats a long way to go
    sure like to see it when its come together
  12. jacobus added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    great work on this one
    details etc
    follow this one
  13. jacobus added a post in a topic Carolina Mack B-67   

    looks good sam
    plumbing is a nice detail work
  14. jacobus added a post in a topic Mack R with Freuhauf Tanker   

    mattthew , i like this r-model with tanktrailer
    have seen it many time,s on ebay etc
    and how many projects you do , make it like you want to do it
    have about 6 a 7 in the hobbyroom , just the fun to do it 
    a organished chaos on the table and than i wil stil start with a new one
    we are not crazy ore something , just ..... addicted
    wil follow this one
  15. jacobus added a post in a topic gmc crackerbox   

    he is arrived , saterday orderd and already in holland , great service from dave


    and now one gmc donor from the stash to make a old memorylane coe