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  1. oka , this wil be the cab of the KRUPP must make a chassis and al the other things to make a truck only i am stil don,t know if it wil be a straight truck ore truck -trailer jacobus
  2. wel , i build the mack H63 to be ready and than i wil build for 2022 a european old truck it wil be a KRUPP coe with a cummin,s engine that was build in germany under licence but wil start this month to build if its oke for you jacobus
  3. Hello , i am so sorry but the Mack wil not ready on time he is already in the primer and some things are already good biggest problem is the paintjob , first time it go,s wrong [ to cold i think ] cleaned , new primer and now i wait for some higher temperatur i wil look for those that already finnished and some lookin great i wil finnish him next year but not for the planned date wish you al the best fore 2022 and a lot of healty time,s and fun to this great hobby yours , jacobus
  4. i am stil workin on the mack first i look at the rims and with a dril and knife i have very carefull remove the flash [ you can see on the picture ] so if you paint the rim you can see the back of the wheel like it is i have been [ for a while ] on the hunt and search for resin cab,s fro old european truck,s that was here in the netherland,s and germany and so the where very hard to find because the where make in very smal numbers like KRUPP with a cummins engine [ build in germany under licence ] and BUSSING with the unterflur engiene i must say i ended up in germany by a men how make the engine,s , and by my suprice i found also there some resincab,s like this MERCEDES LP , BUSSING and KRUPP so know you know why it bin so long before i workin on the MACK , now i am home to work on this old girl with fun
  5. finaly i go on whit this mack , mesurement the right wheelbase and make a dryfit now i must take a choice of a curbside engine ore a endt 673 , stil lookin for the right info for a good number of the engine , i think the endt 673 is right jacobus
  6. this one is from a beercompany there where several companie,s that use it for commercials and one more hope its helps , i have 2 of these in the stash but not build yrt jacobus
  7. Brian i am stil thinkin to do a curbside ore tilt have several engine,s in the stash , also a couple of mack engine,s so i am also lookin for good pictures how its looks when the cab is tilt thank guy,s for the comments , i have fun now to make this on , THE TRILL IS BACK !!! jacobus
  8. great , i have build this one some years ago , i have used a metal front steering axle becouse the cab is heavy follow this one jacobus
  9. couple of years ago i buy 2 of these fronts for a old style trailer this one i wil use for a movingvan [ short ] now digin up the boxes with trailers jacobus
  10. mesurement for total length and where the points for the wheelbase are and cut it have take the longest overal length and wheelbase and just for the looks now look for a curbside ore a total engine and make the good adjustments for the wheelbase jacobus
  11. so , here we go , choice of wheels , the mack six spoke,s are here somewhere cleaning and sand some lines and the wheels after this go on with the chassis and axle,s jacobus
  12. This one i wil do take the picture from AITM for example now i am sorted out al parts i need , it wil be a single axle and cleaning also lookin for the moving van to rebuild like the old style jacobus
  13. welcome to 2021 BRBO i have make this my build...... the MACK H63 , was a hard choice between the F model - the G model and also the W71 model and so the LT model think of a single drive with a old style moving an . but first the truck jacobus
  14. Jeff , i have also a F600 [ stands on the box ] with a straight backwall but i am also in love with the G- type and for that one i look for more info now i have 4 mack,s to think the F 600 - F 700 - G 73/75 - H 63 jacobus
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