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  1. after some minor repairs [ after kissin the ground ] go on with the bottomdump and a dry-fit hope today to put some primer on the cab and rims etc jacobus
  2. a little dammage repairs on the trailer and put the suspension together looks good so far is stil loose to put some airvalve,s for the break,s on it [ a little plumbingwork ] jacobus
  3. now make the grill for the freightliner [ picture,s follow ] thats a #@##^**^$ job from that P.E. material 27 lamels on 4 tiny stuts , ppff [ have fun the said ] and than the trailer fals on the floor $#$#@%$$% minor damage but OEF! but we go on and keep up the good spirit jacobus
  4. and we are back and make it slow some progress , first the rear side its going nice , also first cut out the parts and sand it and fit everything before the glue parts , so it take some time but i like it to build this one have fun to do it jacobus
  5. have make a swap with the engine so that wil look better as the real one tommorow first going to the hospital and i hope that i be back on wednesday than i go further with al the projects no just slow workin on the bottomdump trailer jacobus
  6. Aussie Kenworth K200

    its a nice product from him , have also this one and this and the kenworth K200 i have make a start with it , first the chassis , but i do him between the others so slow jacobus
  7. Aussie Kenworth K200

    i have one , and its stil in the stash like many more jacobus
  8. i must say that the kit works nice , not much flash and its good to follow the parts on the insrtuctions here some picture,s , everything is stil loose exept the dumpbox and now glue everything and make the frame to finishd and than the wheel and axles jacobus
  9. Lookin good and a think when the tanks are under it than come,s the hole combo nice together jacobus
  10. BRBO Mack R685ST

    looks nice! also the compressor jacobus
  11. B.R.B.O Chevy Titan 90

    love this color , also great work on the interior jacobus
  12. and now start with the bellydump , build nice , minor flash clean and now a dryfit and now testfit al the parts and glueing thats for now jacobus
  13. the chassis comes nice , make the adjustment for the front springs and now make the engine and now take the engine away and make the steering part correct and now started with the bottomdump trailer jacobus
  14. KFS International 9670 transkit

    auslowe have proberly also the mack,s from KFS jacobus
  15. start of building the chassis , and make a little adjustment becouse the frontaxle must about 5 mm backwards put some plate,s on it and when its good dry a drill the holes in it for the pins of the frontsuspension and ofcourse also the bellydumptrailer , start cutting the frame rails to the right size and clean the parts for the suspesion and the wheels the wheels so we go on jacobus