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  1. jacobus added a post in a topic peterbilt 351   

    blow away the dust on this old girl
    only have make the 2 seats
    with a candywrap i try to make the old leatherlook [ take some time ]
    but looks good for a old truck

    and a look in the interior with a dry-fit

    i dont no if i keep this for the 351 [ the seats yes but the housing...
  2. jacobus added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    some kits buying and a ford and wheels from aitm


    the ford f600/700

    wheel , the new one , highway style


    and we going back to the hobbytable
  3. jacobus added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    mack ultraliner
    i think about 5 ore 6 years ago i buy this cab , i dont remeber from where ore wich seller
    from a chassis from the sparebox and other things i make him from time to time to its end
    cab was in a bad shape , but here it is and could always better but it was to much work for make him 100 % perfect
    work on him between the other projects , pictures


    when the wheater is better i make some outsite pictures
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  4. jacobus added a post in a topic Cabs under construction   

    thats amazing , if somebody wil make them
    i ordered the ford w and the gmc crackerbox thats for shure
    great job
  5. jacobus added a post in a topic BiRBO Transtar 5 Car Hauler (Work Has Begun)   

    JT i have look at google-pictures and type cottrel-trailers
    you see a lot of cartransporters with details and different type,s
    so maybe its something for you
    keep on the modeling with fun
  6. jacobus added a post in a topic B.R.B.O Pete 378   

    look like a chassis for a lowcustomchopcab [ schrabble , lot of points ]
    at tim,s site you can see how to do change the hood
    have already try it for my peterbilt , stil workin on it
    wil see how it go,s rich
  7. jacobus added a post in a topic B.R.B.O Revell Alaska Pete tridem dumpbody stretched   

    Gator , i have seen it whit a sleeper , looks rare ,you chose to make one without the sleeper
    lookin forward how it come,s together
  8. jacobus added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth K825 Bullnose   

    terry , look already good , that old bullnose
    and a dated torsionbars , like the old one,s
    wil look how its go with the doors
  9. jacobus added a post in a topic BiRBO Transtar 5 Car Hauler (Work Has Begun)   

    i know you take this color [ what else ]
    looks very nice
  10. jacobus added a post in a topic THANK YOU !   

    thank ,s for this great idee Clayton
    bring a lot of guy,s over the ramp to join this event
    i like this , so thanks again
  11. jacobus added a post in a topic dodge ls1000   

    Charles the cab is from aitm and the letters stands on the cab
    Dan , i have seen those dodge,s from you
    and i like them [ also the C900 type ] i have the cab somewhere in the box [ C900 ] , but where in the stash????
    but from time to time i look at yours and think , yes , so can i do that
    now  i wil make a batterybox for this one
  12. jacobus added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Bicentenial Mack Super-Liner   

    that wil be some fine lookin truck
    great fueltanks
  13. jacobus added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    dodge ls1000
    a couple of months ago i started with this dodge , between some others builds
    and i work on this one when its stops with the other build when its rain or temp to low to paint , so this one go,s good but slowly , picture,s

    after paint chassis mock-up

    raw shot of interior , pillow not ready yet

    test fit with the cab hinges


    so we go further with this oldie , dont know what color i take , so i can not find i good one
    have seen a kind of light green/bleu so maybe , i still dont know 
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  14. jacobus added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Diamond Reo C-1164DFL   

    rob , thats already a lot of work
    like this old icoon already
    i have lookin on google some time ago [ also for diamond reo,s ] and if you type diamond reo trucks , i look at flickriven random photo,s of dr
    there are some picture,s you think wath??? but also a nice shot of the interior with a good vieuw on the dashboard
    its good for the color etc , maybe you have sometink a bout these photo,s
    keep up the nice work
  15. jacobus added a post in a topic B.R.B.O FORD CL9000   

    sean the cab is still lose
    on the picture of the instuctions its very difficult to see if the batteryboxes are good in place
    so look very close to the real one,s and testfit the cab on the chassis , it looks its on the right spot now
    the color is a sandcolor of revell aqua and come,s very close to the real one
    but the hole interior has this color with a kind of darkbrown line on the door patch and behind the seats
    but i have fun to make it and look to the others
    some are amazing
    next thing i figured out is the color of the chassis and cab
    have some colors in my mind but.... it can always change
    keep on modeling and have fun to do it