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  1. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT International R190 tanker   

    lookin good , like it a lot
    nice color and the 3 bars looks good
  2. jacobus added a post in a topic 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne   

    verynice , wil be a great build , wil see how its go,s , think that mayflowercolor  looks great on this one
    i have somewhere a mack f-type from yamar , its from australian  , and i use a dustcap when i work on this cab , that dust is very bad for your healt [  every dust of  plastics is bad ]
    i put that cab away , its not workin fine and its very fraggile
    buth i follow this one
  3. jacobus added a post in a topic beside the brbo project   

    between the 3 mack,s i do some little work on some other old truck,s
    here the diamond t , make the gril-bars silver

    and the hendrickson look,s how its on this chassis

    aircleaner on the white 9000

    and  3 cab,s together , the international s-serie a red color

    so fun to do this old style truck,s [ but a lot of projects on th table ]
  4. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT 2017: 1976 Chevrolet Bison   

    jim , looks good
    and the suspension looks good on that place , i think that , when you put the batterybox and fueltank on that side you can figured out how the suspensoin look,s
    than you can make it a little forward ore hold it on this place
    so far lookin good
    follow this one
  5. jacobus added a post in a topic Need help from the European truck modelers   

    richard , the best thing you can do is type google [ picture,s ] and than iveco stralis
    have seen a lot of chassis and one some foto,s you see the tank and fuel line but how its realy go,s i cant not see it correct
    if i have the chance i wil look on jabbeke and ask on a expert of a club
    ore try fotki , i dont know if the have already put the new brochure,s on it
  6. jacobus added a post in a topic To many at once   

    wel , i have about 20 a 25 i have started with little thing,s [ cab primer ore another hood fit and chanched ] and make a couple of frame,s for the future
    boxes with a label on and everytime between the build,s i do a little work on it [ ore just lookin and thinkin what wil be the next stap ]  
    its just a wonderfull feeling when i have a lot of different  style,s and  truck,s on the hobbytable and a little dreamin away with in your mind how it wil be when its finished [ color,s , with ore without the trailer , straight truck , dumper  , whatever ]
    and than you cant not stop to buy one ore more for the future [ there you go again ]
  7. jacobus added a post in a topic FINISHED!!!! ERTL CO 4070A Transtar.   

    ben , its a great build
    lookin so good , i love this old truck
    bring,s back a child and memory in my , after al those years
  8. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT. Dodge LS 1000 SD   

    looks already good , and yes , that,s a problem to solve , the cab [ resin ] getting good on the donor frame
    that powder is good stuff , i have chroom and also metal
    type uschi van der rost and you find the webshop from alexander glass
    wil see when the color is done
  9. jacobus added a post in a topic Italeri will issue a new Scania in 2017   

    so JT you lookin also for the scania long-line
    in march i go to jabbeke [ belgium ] for the big show of model,s [ truck,s and car,s , most truck,s ]
    and alway,s i loaded with material,s and kit,s when i got home
    a lot of sellers are there with there product,s
    like kfs , chech truckmodel [ctm ] and many other,s
    and not forget the very nice build there is to look
    i look what the prices are and perhaps i wil buy a scania [ i have drive for many years a scania  older type,ss and newer ]
    cant wait 
  10. jacobus added a post in a topic AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced   

    if its good ore wrong i like it to buy that kit
    first the take the golddiggers from  [ you name it ] very high prices for a kit
    so when i can order a couple ore 2 i wil do that
    and when i see the old box art i hear the titel song of merle haggard [ i have stil the record after al those years ] big wheel rollin,.....[ and i have also a old kit from amt with this movin-on kenworth ]
    and in combination with some parts from other kits you can make a very good model of the movin-on kenworth
  11. jacobus added a post in a topic AMT White Freightliner 2n1 SC/DD Cabover 75th   

    here in holland i have al ready do a pre-order for 2 kit,s
    and the date to delivery was may [ as the have from the factory ] [ stevens international , the said ]
  12. jacobus added a post in a topic White 7400 Daycab   

    brian he is so good and very great build
    great job
    perfect daycab and the details are so good
    job wel done
  13. jacobus added a post in a topic glue bom save peterbilt 377   

    after a long time i cal this gluebom done , new roof and backpanel [ it was in a very bad shape ] , it was give by someone that has try to build a model
    i have save the chassis and put the fueltank,s out of my sparepartsbox and also the roof and backpanel , sleeper etc was so bad so thats in the trashcanarchief , picture

    now i make a hydraulictank for put a dumptrailer behind it
  14. jacobus added a post in a topic 1954 Maxim 750 Pumper   

    its look so easy when i see the update,s , man o man its so nice and smooth how its look,s
    great work
    and now the color on the model , thats make it so great
    wait for the final,s
  15. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT. Dodge LS 1000 SD   

    yes dan , its for the most resin kits the perfect donor
    this cab wil get a new paintjob
    yours look also great with the single axle , special for the moving van
    follow how this wil go,s