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  1. jacobus added a post in a topic European Big Rigs   

    here in holland we have also the long truck,s with the lengt of 25,25 meters and a max weight of 60 ton and the normal one,s with16 meters etc
    that the most trailers are use with 3 axle,s is because the max weight pressure on the road and that the trailer,s are very narrow on the cab is for the max lenght and also we have here smal road,s and narrow street,s in city,s etc
    most truck,s [ 4x2 ] have a front axle for 7 ton , [ steering ] than 11 ton and the trailer have most 3x9 ton now its some change in the years and most thing,s are now new because the material is every time changed with other regulations
    and how the contolled that , some years ago the have here in holland a sort of cable in the road and when you passed this he register everything from the truck , weigt , axle pressure and the even make a fotograph for evidence , you can,t see the front of the truck with the licence plate , and also the driver and also wath he due at that point [ smoke a cigaret , on the phone ore wath ever ] fore so far i known that,s al gone now
    one of these day,s i wil look for some new regulation,s and some picture,s
  2. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT 2017 1/32 Mack RS700 Rubber Duck   

    wil see how he going
    like this one
  3. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT 2017 Kenworth K100 update 9/9   

    lookin good with the paint
    follow this KW
  4. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT. Dodge LS 1000 SD Trailer started now.   

    thats good news Dan , have see a lot of trouble for a lot of people
    hope that it wil come,s good for those people
  5. jacobus added a post in a topic Reissued Pete 359 California Hauler   

    lookin nice , and now the little thing,s to finnish him
    i follow this , great work after the fall
  6. jacobus added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    like this a lot
    i love these old ones
    great work , you did a fine nice thing to make it Charles , it turn out great
  7. jacobus added a post in a topic TAT 2017 MACK A   

    stil waitin for some parts that i ordered and finaly its arrived
    now i can cut the reefer trailer to the right size and go on with this old build
    also a lot of other thing,s are inside so i must ordering every thing  new in the stash and boxes
    1 pile only amt truck,s 1 amt trailers [ include the ertl stuff ]
    1 pile italeri , usa style and europe style [ seperated ]
    1 pile revell also usa and europe [ seperated ]
    1 pile of lindberg and heller and emhar
    a lot of different resin kits [ transkits ] aitm - kfs - auslowe - A&S and more
    and a great stash of car,s - amt - monogram - mobius - revell - italeri - heller - tamya etc
    now i hope i can go back to the hobby table to relax and build
  8. jacobus added a post in a topic Resin Freightliner Coronado Available Again   

    have stil a couple of kits of these
    also glad that italeri re-issue these kit,s
    than the price stay normal and not so high of those golddiggersellers
    and yes Cary , he is very good detailed 
  9. jacobus added a post in a topic Late Model Mack Cruiseliner Conversion. Does anyone offer one?   

    he have a new webshop and there is now a picture of the grill
    on the old webshop/site it was only a line and ordernr
    its in the beginning stranche if you work alway,s with the old one ,but now its no problem and clear
    and i like the picture you show [ also on FB ]
  10. jacobus added a post in a topic White Road Commander II   

    amazing ray , have seen already picture,s of it
    he is wonderful
    where you get those tyre,s , its lookin great , also the detail,s of everything
    and eehh , have you already send a email for the international 9670 , be fast otherwise the are sold out , he do a rerun
  11. jacobus added a post in a topic IH Transtar Eagle II FINISHED !!   

    lookin great , color combo turn out very nice
    i like this coe
    love this on
  12. jacobus added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    international , more than 1
    because al the other project,s waitin for some matrials i build a row of international,s , paystar = R-type and a prostar
    the paystar with a winch , the R-type wil be a straight truck [ old ] and the prostar with no sideskirts where i have a test with a kind of skirt on the fender,s
    the paystar
    the R-rype

    and a start with the prostar

    and the short skirts

    ready for primer 
    wil see how its go,s
    1 point , the mold of the prostar of the sprue,s are very big
    i think about molden 100 kit,s the need a 1000kg more material ppff , and longer time to make the parts clean and smooth
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  13. jacobus added a post in a topic 41 Dodge COE - Done and in the finished section   

    have the same , i use the opel blitz as donor , here a picture of it , with the wheels from the kit

    its not finishd yet , must make a bumper for it and its stil loose , first put everything in the good place
    lookin how your,s wil go
  14. jacobus added a post in a topic fuel and tax stickers   

    i have from modeltruckin already a sheet ful of licenceplates and fuel stickers
    and  on a lot of older picture,s you see a lot of those sticker,s on the door and i think its fits by that time era
    have seen one gmc crackerbox with a movingvan [ greyhound ] and that,s one of my do to make list [ one of these week,s ] and there you see the sticker,s and a lot of licenceplates on the bumper
    have the decal,s al in the house and also the resinkit so......[ but there are a lot of projects on the table ] starts soon
    and thank,s for the info
  15. jacobus added a post in a topic fuel and tax stickers   

    thank,s guy,s , so the older one from 1950 and 60-70 dont need it