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  1. have found info for the wheelbase so now i have put the size on the frame

    here a picture how its must come


    and found a nice color whats look like the old green of that time [ just for the color , picture is not sharp ]


    tonight make verything on the chassis and also found info how the exhaust wil go

    just a pipe thats go to the back of the chassis and before the last crosmember pointin to the ground 

    if the temp go a little bit up i put the 3 mack,s in the primer , now its everytime round zero , and where i paint its to cold

    the color i wil use is yellow whit black accents


  2. i have a hood from him for a white roadboss and its very good

    like if its from amt , nice and crispy clear , also frame rail,s 

    it,s a good product

    only for me its very difficult to order right from him

    so i have to orderd by other,s on some www shop,s , but it,s very nice and good product,s

    i wish that we have here in europe ore holland more of these seller,s and shop,s hade


  3. because i am want makin a serie of mack truck,s i start also with a mack valueliner in aussie style

    a donor kit from italeri [ the superliner ] and a resin hood from auslowe with a also different sleepercab

    the donorkit



    have made some cutouts for the aircleaners and here you see the brackets installed and a global picture how it must come







    so i think that the parts together wil make a nice aussie mack

    now lookin for the v8 engine [ somewhere in a box ]

    and i think that ore a mack bogie , a newway airride ore just the kit suspension to use , i don,t know yet

    future build in one of these day,s wil be also a mack [ cl700 , a f-type , a g-type and the dm steel nose and some dm ,s



  4. Gator , i found a brochure and there stood a wheelbase from 146 inch and 164 inch , mack diesel , 6 cil-138 hp/ 2400 rpm

    so i am a little bit closer to some answers

    and found 1 picture of a model A with tandem axles [ truck and trailer ]

    the other i found was a dump ore mixer style chassis

    and when i found something i like this more and more


  5. brian , i found a little note and that say,s [ mack 613 ] and in a book he was on a brochure with the same engine as the B61 in that year [ 1959-1960 ]

    so i must lookin very close on that ad

    its also said 16 forward and 4 reverse gears , but i am stil  reading the smal ads

    like the MACK A-type very hard to find some good info , but stil like it


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