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  1. i have today recieved the MACK CL700 in good order

    couple of weeks ago send a email and kelly answer it 

    and after the payment se send the resin kit

    its take some more time with al the thing,s thats been happend but  she try to do the things good to send and reply

    for my its great how she doing it

    i hope thats everything wil come,s good

    thank,s kelly


  2. howard i have one from spaulding

    the one i have already build was from the backyard shed [ ausskid ] but he,s stop whit the bussines

    al i have see a couple of months ago that he is selling some thing,s [ only in australia ] if its the same guy i dont know [ ebay ]

    look from time to time on ebay by spaulding , mayby you have luck some time,s


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