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  1. thank,s lee

    i know that color green , when i build [ some years ago ] the b-61 , i have here on this forum the answer what color i must use

    and yesterday i have found a very little color picture of a n model , and on the doorstyle you can see that green

    so i have stil that paint in the hobbyroom and today i wil give it his interoir green and i think black seats

    when i have do it i put some picture,s on the forum


  2. around 1960 we have a company thats imported mack truck,s [ floor ]

    and one of that type was de mack N [ whit a budd cab , like ford ]

    a couple of company,s have these truck,s and the are look for those day,s modern [ first coe in holland and europe , if i am correct ]

    i build this as a 6x4 and like a dutch company [ later have this company the mack F-type,s ]

    for me is very hard to find some color,s pictures of the interior

    picture of the cab and the interior shel [ mack ]




    have already the good fueltank,s and the mack suspension with the rears and axels

    chassis wil build ore a donor from a dm model also the 6 spoke wheels

    thats for now




  3. after the brbo of the ford i clean up the hobby room and sorted some boxes out and here is wath i found after a couple of years [ a hendrickson ? - international ? ]

    i clean it a put a first paint on , yellow , also one beside to build , o yes i like this old style





    its now one a old kw chassis for the look

    have also found the big squire fuel tank,s for him


  4. after lookin for good reference picture,s i take this color [ mediterane bleu ], here a picture whit out the door ore interior




    and here whit a interior dry-fit




    i have make a point now to make it with double headlights ore single

    i think a do the double lights with a old look

    have take a look here for a lot of pictures and to much different style,s-type,s

    but i like this old coe


  5. revell ask the same thing some years ago [ 2 years? ]

    i know that it is a lot of work to collect al the vote,s etc but you can see as a company , we are have something new in a couple of years , silence

    italeri have said , a new freezer [ kitbasshing from different kits ] no new

    and yes , licence to make it , but if you bring a model that,s no longer  exist you dont need a licence [ thats what i have reed in some special book ]

    there are a lot of example,s on the road , al over the world , so let that famous panel look by the real trucks and figured out how it is 

    not from picture,s , its nice for some details

    where i work the boss said , no sitting by the phone , go to the place where it is and talk and look in the real world outside your office

    thats my opinion and perhaps i see it wrong but after al these years i hope that something wil be done with al idee,s and plans

    and a new kit on the shelf that we can say , whow you make a very nice kit


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