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  1. Thank,s Gator 

    have make some changes , extend the chassis for 4 fueltank,s [ 2 both side,s 

    now i think what wheels i put on , normal ore spokes

    paint already the chassis and the picture,s wil follow [ if the camera wil work  he have some faults now ]

    and also a big clean up in my room . so much to sort out of the part,s [ like fueltank,s - wheel,s and tyre,s - suspensions , - engine,s and a big pile of transkits , i didnt  know that i have such big pile of it - if i see more than 50 you think that i am crazy ]

    and a lot of kit,s from AMT - ITALERI , REVELL ETC ETC  about 350 boxes so ppfff now a put the european on one side and usa on the other but thats a terrible job

    but i love it to see what i have 

    also a bunch of trailers and car,s 

    and the worst must stil come , about more than 1000 diecast model,s from scale 1:43 and 1:50 and 1:87 to sort out


  2. hello , i think there is a curse on this built , everytime i fix some things something else get broken

    put the wheels on axle broken [ BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH material revell !!! ] so first dril al out and make metal axle,s before the other,s get broken

    hood looks not good on hight , don,t know how that,s possible but the front wheel looks in my eyes not correct , so change the hinges

    and so struggle on on this built

    1 step forward and 2 back , now i hope that it wil go a little better

    til the next update whit the picture,s of a hopeful normal model ore W.I.P.  


  3. wel , its go wrong

    cab and roof sleeper paint white and that was rubbish , so now its in the oven cleaner , i think it was to cold ore my one fauld to put no gloves on when i tough it

    frame is now painted in primer and must take some picture,s of it to show

    engine is a ??? witch one i wil use , the cat ore put the cummins onder the hood

    also wait for some parts that i order , hope its come quick

    its very strange weeks to stay inside

    and the mail put it on the front of your door and rings and step a away for 3 meters [ i can understand that ]

    says yep and byby


  4. hello , first thing i have do is make the airbags and brake,s closed , revell have them open so i use a putty and when its good dry sand them in shape


    also put some primer on some parts and sand it smooth


    for the sleeper i make this already and paint it , than i make it compleet and tape it in for the rest of the sleeper

    otherwise i wil have a problem with the windows and now i can glue it and tape the top for the rest to paint


    i thing thats the best way to do it

    til the next time


  5. Here is my project

    revell kenworth with auslowe hood and cab and sleeper

    mayby a grill from double take replica,s that i have

    it was long ago that i cant wait to start with a build , its give me energy to do this

    a wait til 1 januari to go with this one , have already fun with lookin for a paintcombo







    don,t know if i use square fueltank,s ore the round one,s

    and for everybody i wish you a healty 2020 and a lot of building


  6. last year was a bad one , now i am slowly on the road again so i wil do it

    have seen al the builds , ready ore not [ mine one is on the shelf ] but sometimes i work on it

    count me in

     i wil do a Kenworth T950 [ australian style [ 1: 25 ]

    its make my head clear and have fun to see some big nice builds here


  7. yes , i have this one every time see it and have it in my hands [ coffee talk ]

    and than we share info how ore what and witch part must be changed [ he have parts from me to make this truck good ]

    and talk and lookin for picture,s for the color

    and he turnout great , just very close to finishd my freightliner and than we make some pictures from both side by side

    Hermann you did a great job and now we go on with the other freightliners

    jacobus [ for Hermann , ome Koos ] 

  8. wel after a long break i wil go on with this one , Hermann and i have work together for this project , like talk about and find more info and ho ore we do the thinks

    mine wil different becouse we dont want make it the same , so a other color and a bit longer frame i have also other type fueltanks and exhaust , picture [ there wil be 2 more yellow-orange stripes on it



    and a dryfit with the bumper


    so i find now a little more energy to go on and also on the other projects



  9. thanks guys

    and yes Brian , i am workin on the bottomdumptrailer and truck and want this one finishd

    and just keep easy building and now i am stil lookin for info because i think stil to start new build-projects

    it make,s your head clear and i like it and stil have fun to do it

    and a lot of nice builds i have seen here and also on FB where i lookin at some great builders worldwide


  10. he is not ready , deu the healt problems it stil in the paint [ the truck ] and now slowley finished 

    the good news is i have no cancer , so thats wy i am happy now

    now i have moer energie to built the project,s 

    sorry for this brbo project

    i wil go on to make him finish andmake the hole truck and trailer done

    to al the builders , i have now stil fun to do it and what i have seen to everybody , GREAT WORK

    yours Jacobus 

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