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  1. for very little cracks or hedge of 2 parts together [like the white freightliner] you can take thinner and from the sprue,s cut little pieces of plastic put it in a

    glas whit a lid on it closed and after 1 day you have a kind of pasta

    whit a brush you fil the line the thinner vaporis and the plastic is melt between the parts

    sanding etc it works [looks like a kind of welding] only for little work no big holes ore gaps


  2. this is a ford where i am making a sleeper on [ trying to] laying all for a couple of months in a box

    make it from a picture of russel macniel [hank truckpictures] and wil a allied van line colour painting whit a moving van

    there iis something whit this old trucks that i like i dont know what but i am always lookin for this types of coe,s

    but first the white 7000


  3. yes i have seen it on tv in germany in a restaurant when i came back from scandinavia to holland

    only the germans transliation came true it [spoken]

    when i get home i have seen it on you tube the hole report

    intresting [when the saying notting changed sins convoy it is stil bad]

    thats everywhere the same for the truckin industrie [drivers]


  4. thanks guys a shal try it

    now just buying the white western star [reissue amt] and the roadboss ,and diamond reo and for the white freigthliner from cheh upgrade,s

    and hydrolicwires and airhoses and gladhands ,and a lot of materials also from evergreen

    gmc waiting for building but now building a mack b61 whit an old testor tanker and peterbild tridrive daycab whit a lowbed

    hobbytable full whit parts

    keep on building


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