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  1. i have a resin cab of a white and plan to build him,whit a donor chassis of a white freightliner

    the airintake is that a flat one becouse

    its very diffucult to see it

    most pictures are from the front like to see the side,s and back for the exhoust and everything

    like the place of batteryboxes etc

    here fore thank you


  2. tj sometime ago there wasnt i guy he show how but i can rember the name

    i am now also building a b61 and have here on the forum a couple of ansewrs

    colours and a movie on u...

    you can see very clear how its looklike

    i am very carefully painted my self

    must do it a gain whit a litlle more paint and brush

    happy modeling i shal say


  3. chris for the glass i used the package of,dont smile,of cristmasballs i put it away and you never know if you neededfor your hobby and whit the new shirt its in the collar a plactic strip

    jim good idea i wil take a look if i cant find something becouse now in this time a lot of hobbystores and trainshops are gone

    the are now mediatoys and computergames

    i look in a hardware store

    thanks guys feels nice and now try finishing the diamond reo coe


  4. chuck i most say its a ramblin piece of junk , say i it alright but its have something nice

    i know whit a crack in the windshield i came not inside for loading the send you away at the gate at the chemicalplant

    and in the early years the big man looks in the weekends how your truck looks in the inside and mondaymorning he trow a bucket whit water inside no matter if you sits in the chear

    if you keep it not clean and than he says firts cleaning for you hit the road

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