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  1. first thank you guy,s for those kinds words

    now just doing a little building and slow gettin build more as you can see

    dont forget its for fun and i like those old us truck,s , i like also old truck,s from the past in my country and there are some old mack,s involved the N-type , the used for heavy loads

    but first the old crackerbox for now



  2. so you have can see that i build together with Hermann on this project

    we wil make some differents between both trucks , but stil have the front set back axle

    its a challenge to do something like this and fun , thats important i think

    here some pictures of my build sofar




    other fueltanks




    stil make here the new headlights and also new windshieldwipers



    and now make the adjustments for the exhaust stack andsteering unit etc



  3. after a break [ my sister past away ] i start slowly back with the build of this one

    i wil use the tandem set up and first i want make it good on the chassis with the correct high

    on this picture it must about 4 mm up to make it correct like the real pictures i have found 


    and it make,s also a ggod room for the engine

    til the next time

    i am not only workin on the gmc 

    you wil seen soon the new item of a icoon from the past


  4. Jim , i have see it

    guy,s now i have a problem

     , i have seen a very nice picture of a GMC Crackerbox with a movingvan , its a single drive from greyhound

    i have the decals almost for a year in house [ from jerry reeter ]

    can i switch the chassis and wil be no problem for the TAT 2018 , here is the single drive chassis


    if you say no than i use the tandem chassis but no movingvan

    but it looks so good


  5. hello , i have make the fenders with woodglue to the cab so i can figured out where the battery box etc can come on the chassis and i can make the support for it , also for the aircleaner , so now its must a little move back but now i know the sizes









    i have ordered a V6 engine for this old lady but if its take to long a take the V8-71 



  6. hello jim , you want something like this front , you know where i have it from


    now i use a italeri 49 ft trailer because the sidewalls are good for the old look , so cut and lower it to a 30 ore 32 ft trailer , i think thats the correct size of that time ??

    still a lot of cuttin and saw and try to make it looks good for a old style trailer


  7. beside the other projects i am also workin on a leader , a australian truck from long time ago , there is not much to find but i have a brochure and that helps for the info , like the engine , suspension so here a couple of picture,s of this old lady

    the donor is the italeri australian truck but remove the airsuspension and replace a rockwell 6 rod under the chassis , also a cat 3408




    cut a piece of the radiator and replace the top



    that is for the right high so the hood wil fit

    the cat fits nice in the chassis and now can the gearbox mount to the engine


    and also the suspension



    also make the back of the chears close , it looks better and nice and clean


    now just put everything in the primer 

    til the next time

  8. thanks for the info , now have paint the interior and i lookin only for a darker ore mint color green , i dont know if this color is good


    have see one and than is everything red , ore darkgreen , i stil have some mint green that i use for the old mack , mayby its that good for a better interior color


    here i have paint the matras a dark green

    i think i lookin for the mintgreen ore keep it this color ?


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