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  1. hi guys ,last year i buy 2 boxes of the peterbilt 352 coe

    it was from stevens int,its the same as the amt only different decals and box cover

    its a white cab whit red and blue and is from 2004

    ben when i save a little more money i buy 110 inch cab

    i have 2 pikers and 3 amt 352 pacemaker so choice is easy make


  2. i have drive for manny years true europe and as long i known conventionals are very hard to find becouse we dont have big wide roads

    in to town everything is in and on op each other build and the lenght of the trucks is also a part of the law reguletions

    what the construcion of trucks is protection of work for employees of garages and dealers

    and for a couple of years i known that daf makes the engines for the usa til the factory was ready in the us

    also the price of fuel is cheaper in the us

    new things as drive whit a automatic whitout a cludge pedal is in the beginning very strange

    you put the left leg everytime on the floor whit shifting and even not a stick so you grab whit your arm in the air

    and now if your just to it now problems til you have to drive on a old one than you forget to put the pedal and stick and you look very silly what is going on ha

    and what i known comfort is i every tuck different the boss pays for it or not for luxery


  3. Jacobus, U can send me the Coors trailer (1st photo) and the T600a (second photo) I'll build them and have them as part of my Model TruckTransport Museum, man wot a collection of old kits as well it must be like a kid in alolly shop which one do U pick and start next then try and finish, love 'em all wish I had them.

    Dingo B)

    thanks dingo was just lucky to buying this

    some people dont like the kits and for years laying in the addic or basement

    and since my wife died i start whit my old hobby modelling

    and say to people if you have something and do nothing whit think on my so thats happen sometimes jacobus

  4. I don't think I've ever started a kit I've never finished may have taken a month or two to finish BUT it's always bee done I guess I'm a little different to all U guys I have to see it on the shelf being shown off to all who call by.


    sometimes started whit a model chassis etc and can not decide what colour it wil have

    so put it back in the box and wait for a nice looks for it

    i have now 4 waiting on that way 2 now almost ready but takes 2 years for i see thats the nice colour combo


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