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  1. hallo guys i read everything about the new truck and trailer i am glad that a company take the trouble and work that brings that kind of stuff to manufactering

    a model on the market reissues is nice from old ones but new is always a gamble sales it or is it a misstake

    just wait and than make a judgment

    wat about the volvo and others we known that italeri brings a superliner no mack on the truck becouse you must pay for licence and the name so some factory,s whont to that or the truck manufactory says no

    if im wrong oke and sorry but that the world of today


  2. sometimes my collega,s ask if i whant building a model for him a always said buy the box and paint glue etc

    and i willing to do it if i have the time for it but never ask for money its on them to pay for your work

    and if the said oke no time limit ore so when its finisd you heared from my

    but a hobby cost always money and it your way to think of something else and make your head empty from al the bad things or so and spent the free time

    if you haved i long time i thinking to build my truck as a model stil waiting in the boxes and parts

    and time no one can buy and even not the fun thats priceless


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