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  1. yesterday paint the fueltank,s and airstartertank , here a dryfit of the colorcombo

    planning the bumper white and the aircleaners red with alu pipes and black inlet , picture





    and now easy workin on 3 mack,s , nr 3 must be paint today but its #^#@##@#$ raining and looks it wil not stop today

    go on with some little thing,s for all 3


  2. today paint the yellow , i wil paint the fueltank and airstartertank and wheel,s red

    i think that wil be a nice combo for this one , only the aircleaner,s and pipes and bumper i dont know what color i wil use , picture







    the spoke wheel,s i have make from italeri from the partsbox , nice change to use the leftovers from many kit,s

    so far now and let it dry before i go on


  3. wel , have try the old camera and its work,s , so here a picture of the black paint [ it was very tricky to tape it with the fender , next time use a 234325 other color ]


    here is a dryfit with a platform for the driver to adjust the freezer


    now make a ladder for on the right side , paint the fueltank,s and make some grill parts chrome


  4. easy workin on al the projects , from this mack i have tape it for paint the black parts and fuel tank,s

    now start also with the reefer , cut to the right size etc

    picture,s wil follow when i have a new camera [ this one is #@#$%$#@___ ]

    and so i wil go on to the next thing , the exhaust is a pipe under the chassis tru and over the rear axle , ppff



  5. same as the N-type , sunny and paint time

    this build wil have a camelback suspension and also the E9-V8 mack engine also a airstarter tank i have make for this one




    the airstartertank


    the camelback suspension


    chassis wil be grey ore black

    the cab wil be yellow and red stripe and red fueltank,s

    the fueltank,s wil be 4 of them and come,s from revell,s peterbilt


  6. thank,s dan , i have make already the chassis from a gmc donor kit

    have looks for the interior picture,s and that looks al good in my eyes

    i have the cab painted but i remove it because i didnt like the color of the paint , its was paint very good and nice but when it was done , i dont like that color , so now i want do another color

    perhap,s lightbleu ore ?? darkblue , i lookin stil for the picture,s arround the webb

    keep up the nice work , i follow this one


  7. after waiting for better and sunnyday i have give the cab his first yellow , after its dry check it and than a second paintjob and after drying the black fenders etc





    the chassis is black [ mat ] , it wil be a kind of curbside model but i put a old mackengine under the hood

    and also make some old thing,s of that time era


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