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  1. Cool build! One of my favorite movies... Jeff
  2. Wow! Great stuff, love the Fireball wheels and tires, gonna have to get a set soon... Jeff
  3. Awesome! Who's decals did you use? Jeff
  4. jefropas

    '67 Ford

    Looks great! Sure wish this would be able to be molded again, it's one of my favorite cars from the 60's, and costs and arm and a leg if you can find one anymore... Jeff
  5. Nice! I like your line on FCA engines ending in 7 blowing up...I just hope the current one I have lasts...I find the electrical craps out before the motor... Jeff
  6. They may have been decent looking, but they were total slugs on patrol.....I was assigned 2 of em back in the day...ugh. Nice tribute! Jeff
  7. No pics, but the AMT 1967 Ford Custom...can't afford it when one pops up, or the 68' Dodge Coronet... Jeff
  8. Sooo excited for the AAR, third time will hopefully be a charm! Also glad for the SS (prices on Ebay are crazy for em lately, hope its an Aero coupe), and the T/A! Jeff
  9. I'd say a good chance after their next reset, which should be pretty soon. Jeff
  10. Love it! My old football coach had the exact same car! Loved the car, hated the coach...great work! Jeff
  11. I saw Charger squad and thought you meant mine ...this was my old car...I surely miss it.... Jeff
  12. My old friend Charles Ricks used to own the one from the article, or one just like it. Awesome car with a very cool history! Jeff
  13. Great stuff! I've got the same project on the shelf of doom because I can't decide a exterior color.... Jeff
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