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  1. Let's see some police cars

    I've got that same TXHP project sitting in a box, nice work! Jeff
  2. hobby lobby

    Ours still had a 280ZX and a bunch of sprays, so I grabbed em... Jeff
  3. Revell 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A: Done!!

    Nice build and color choice! Jeff
  4. '68 Charger R/T

    Love it! B-bodies rule! Jeff
  5. Revell '76 Ford Torino

    Well 5/32nd is a bit more noticeable than 1/16. I guess I'll just play with it and see how it looks. Oh well, sedan lovers of the 60's to now are just SOL a lot of times, I'm used to it...thanks guys! Jeff
  6. Revell '76 Ford Torino

    Thanks James! You just validated my thought... Jeff
  7. Revell '76 Ford Torino

    Since I'm not great at math, 4" in 25th scale would equal about what, maybe 1/8"? I'm thinking of just not touching the length, it might not be too noticeable, and would save an enormous amount of time, esp. for a $7.50 kit... Jeff
  8. Revell Olds 442 FE3-X

    Nice! Can't wait to start mine... Jeff
  9. 1957 Ohio State Highway Patrol Car.

    Very nice! Don't worry about the stripe, the color was more than likely white, but real color photos from back then are almost non-existant and nobody here could say for sure...do what you want, it's your model. Great project! Jeff
  10. It only took me 30 years.

    Jealous! Jeff
  11. Anyone buying Revell kits just in case?

    A few.... Jeff
  12. Joker goon car into Detroit PD Fury

    Been on a trip for a week, you nailed it! Great work! Jeff
  13. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Dwayne, I may have a couple more pics of your SSP...I'll have to look in my buried stash... Jeff
  14. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    It's a pretty easy fix to modify this to a 95-96'. A few suspension tweeks, a small fill and sand on the back C pillar windows, and a new housing for the rear view mirrors. All in all maybe 30 minutes of work....glad this kit made it back...for however long that will be given the sale/new ownership of the company. Jeff
  15. Reborn Charger

    Nice to see a 500 for a change! Jeff