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  1. Being a Pontiac guy I'm excited!! Jeff
  2. Those are.....AWESOME!!! Jeff
  3. I always loved that car, however, it was built for the 5.0, I can't believe it never made it under the hood.... Jeff
  4. After watching the Monaco review above, (thanks), I'm disappointed they didn't throw the correct hubcaps in with the new wheels...seriously, how hard would it have been.... Jeff
  5. There just aren't many US makes. I think the new 69' Chevy is gonna be a sedan, but most started as police cars and went from there. Shame really, as alot of 2 doors can be made into 4, but the sedans were all a few inches longer so just scribing and filling a coupe and turning it into a sedan looks a bit off... Jeff
  6. I found my 68' Roadrunner the other day after I posted this, a perfect donor car for the most part. Shame they killed off the 68' kit...it had the best taillights around... Jeff
  7. I like where your head was at with this, I miss my SS almost daily... Jeff
  8. I just picked up the 68' Coronet R/T, albeit not nicely built, for $36 plus shipping. The only thing missing is the front bumper. I saw the $600 car, no way. Does anyone in the know, know if they killed the tooling like most yearly promos? I'm sure it would be a big seller yet again... Jeff
  9. Don't forget to rust out the bottom, in typical Michigan fashion...👍 You really nailed the color, I bought a can the other day with your recommendation. Jeff
  10. Love it! Miss my 95' everyday... Jeff
  11. Thanks, I'll look for it, I've got a few MSP cars to do yet... Jeff
  12. That Green Go Charger is incredible! Hope to see one at MCACN in a few weeks.... Jeff
  13. Nice! That's the new one, right? It looks like it. love AAR's.... Jeff
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