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  1. Paasche H for bottle spraying bodys. and for attaching to metalizers Badger Krome for everything else I quit trying to get one airbrush to do it all.... I rather have 2 that each do what they do very well. I didn't care for trying to spray a body with a fine detail airbrush and small cup. and both are easy to clean
  2. the 5hr energy drink bottles work great for the pegasus 22 size wheels
  3. soft balsa wood makes a great burnisher.. conforms to the surface nicely
  4. kicker ,,, never had a need for superglue to dry any faster that it already does, or is there a different reason it's needed ?
  5. the tamiya high grade are really nice , heres a review
  6. its a protective clear coat meant to go over the non buffing metalizers..
  7. it's only 50% mineral spirits...the msds is on the website
  8. technically none of there are "glues" , they are adhesives( or cements).
  9. I have seen the fusion plastic specific paints but don't see a need for me as I always prime the model first , so no need to have a paint formulated for plastic. I may have to get a can to try tho,, never know
  10. If covering major rework maybe so, but there shouldn't be a consistent need to have such a high build primer that block sands off, in sheets of powder for use on scale plastic models.containg fine engraving. I typically use primer to help detect minute flaws and provide a good base for following colors.
  11. I use pro-modeler(flory) wash. it dries to a dust than wipe with a q-tip before clearing. make the job super easy
  12. they are all capable with the smallest needle/tip set , thin paint and low pressure,
  13. for machining round objects on the mill you probably need an indexing table and they can run pretty expensive. or you would need to go cnc
  14. pressure and thinness are only 2 legs of the stool... you also have to take into account needle/tip size. if you have the wrong needle/tip size for the job to begin with ...it's an uphill battle
  15. because the talon is a detail airbrush , you may need to install a larger needle/tip .. than go from there .. otherwise you may have to thin too much to get the coverage especially with pearls
  16. not all acrylics play well with windex/washer fluid. "acrylic" is a category of paints containing dozens of formulations.
  17. if you have to use a hobby quiet type compressor due to noise issues.. I would suggest getting the best one you can afford before sinking a lot into your first airbrush ,, airbrushes of every type come in all price ranges and are plentiful... however the compressor is the heart of the system and is worth getting one that will still be useful as your needs evolve. on the other hand,if noise is not an issue, than look into the cheaper shop type compressors and maybe put more into the airbrush.
  18. I picked up a few cans on clearance a while back , and they sprayed nice and thin , no problems at all
  19. I prefer to compose in vector art for decals , inkscape is a free version
  20. I back off with the onecoat cans because they spray so heavily... too close and it pools the metallic particles all over the surface. ....bottom line is- they tend to put out a lot of paint compared to several other brands
  21. I prefer bottom feed for larger spray work and gravity for finer lower psi work . the best option is having both types
  22. are you guys referring to the chrome black ? ( I just ordered some ... please tell me it's different)
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