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  1. spad007 added a post in a topic SCENES UNLIMITED   


    scenes unlimited
  2. spad007 added a post in a topic Train and model set ups,displays   

    1/25 th 1980 MPC/amt 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive Train Model Kit might work also with some mod's
  3. spad007 added a post in a topic how often do you pay full price for kits?   

    I do buy kit's full price at my lhs's some times . but i did get a bargain last week as they was moving so to clear stock
    every thing was on sale 25 % off .
  4. spad007 added a post in a topic AMT Model T?   

    I did not do any Research but i have built and helped build some "T's" a "TT" also.
    I worked with some real experts.
    One worked in the Ford assembly plant in Denver ( building is still there on s Broadway.)
    And wish they where still alive. as to modeling a "TT" don't worry about spring leaf count it is very hard to tell any of them apart.
    unless you have them laying right next to each other the spring center bolt for a "TT" is longer but not all that much.
    Kelsey-Hayes made some after market parts for "TT" truck's as did many other company's and your local Ford dealer
    would order them for you or sears, monkey ward's, western auto etc on and on
    worm drive rear end some with 2 speed" Ruckstell 2 speed rear axle. .
    about 20 mph is all your going to get out of a "TT"
    the back end of "TT" front fenders have no running board holes.
    and no running board holes on back fender they were called Commercial fenders and they mount and look different.
    Mountain brakes mount out side the drum and the emergency brake in side and the inside brakes were lined like the other's
    cloth webbing belt's brass riveted to the shoe's and some now replace the webbing with Kevlar lining .
    that can be hard on the old drums but it is ok i guess . 26/27 tranny drums were bigger and some refitted them to older tranny's .
    sliding thru an intersection back wheels locked up is no fun one must plan ahead for stopping.LOL.
    mountain brakes help with keeping the other brake cooler on a down grade but if you brake band is ok you could lock up the rear
    axle no sweat just stomping on the brake pedal unless you hit a double neutral then the mountain brake might save you.
    your ford dealer would paint your car or truck any color you wanted and ad any thing made for your car or truck at a extra cost of course.
    so modeling a "T" or a "TT" you have some leeway it's not set in stone. have fun folks
  5. spad007 added a post in a topic Prep-sol & resin   

    A can of Prep-sol ought to last you years ha ha...it is a solvent so test it on some place it won't show.
    I have used it on cars and pu's many times (Full size)
    some times just on scuff and shoot jobs it's best to go over every thing twice then wipe clean
    then tack rag and shoot before stuff gets dirty again .
  6. spad007 added a post in a topic '25 Tall T Coupe Rod   

    one for hydraulic clutch actuator one for brake's if you want?
  7. spad007 added a post in a topic Deora COE   

    cool i like COE'S Great idea. and any thing V12 (blazefox it could be a boat Allison ''like a PT boat motor'')
  8. spad007 added a post in a topic Has anyone built any of Academy's 1/24 sports cars or world cars?   

    So a kit manufacture has to buy rent beg barrow or steal a Ferrari 250 .then scan measure disassemble or what ever it then prototype it.in clay then
    engineer and send plans to China to be tooled up and get test shots back send corrections back and forth for months on end.
    to make one kit.
    Or just reuse some one elses tooling .
    Is that about right?

    and is the expense of obtaining a car why there is no good 1/24th kit of a 27 "T" coupe'?
  9. spad007 added a post in a topic Revell/Monogram will be reintroducing the Corvette Grandsport soon, you may need this :   

    nice reference foto that cam inside might be a bit hard to model.
  10. spad007 added a post in a topic finished the red Midget   

    Lakeside or Englewood Speedway and as guests maybe at Erie,or down in the Springs ha ha
    i live in hearing distance of Englewood speedway Or where it was.on oxford just up the hill from Santa Fe dr.
    if the wind was right it sounded like they were in the back yard.
    a long time ago ha ha
  11. spad007 added a post in a topic finished the red Midget   

    yes as i said all i need is a white one.
  12. spad007 added a topic in Under Glass   

    finished the red Midget
    i finished the red midget the other night to go with my blue midget now all i need is a white one.

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  13. spad007 added a post in a topic Lets all donate a dollar   

    start a Model Car... IRC channel if you want to chat.

  14. spad007 added a post in a topic OK, I'll join in...   

    Great work thank you ..panel's i love panels.
  15. spad007 added a post in a topic RetroVette   

    Chop,Cut,Rebuild made a Vet with a split window or do i member wrong?
    and do it have any thing to do with any thin?