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  1. dragcarz

    Jungle Jim

    Very nice work Jim.
  2. Busy day, sanded and polished paint on the body, metalizer aluminum on block and heads, intake and supercharger. I painted the tin work with some Testors spray enamel, Burgandy purple metal flake. Closest match that I had. I think it’s a pretty good match. I have reference material that shows this car with the frame painted a pink/ purple color, black, and gun metal. I chose the gun metal as I have too many with the black chassis, I didn’t want the pinky purple color so I went with the gun metal color.
  3. Sorry this is kinda long, but I’m gonna finish this thing if it’s the last thing I do. Starting today!
  4. I ended up using all three sets, patching the decals with scraps left over and I proceeded to clear it with 2 part clear for model cars, the clear crinckeled some of the roof decal, dirt and the patch edges showed, so back in the box. October 2018, my daughter and I redid a guitar and we painted it blue and I used my old faithful DuPont Chroma Clear for 1/1 cars, and I had some left over. I hate to waste this stuff it’s REAL expensive, so I remembered the mustang, and went and grabbed it. I didn’t even sand it, I tacked it off and gave it two really heavy coats. It looked pretty good.......
  5. Again I try and get the decals on the body, and no luck. I even requested help from the guys here on the forum, and was given the suggestion to use a hair dryer. This helped tremendously, but I still had issues.
  6. May of 2018, I pull it out of the box and back into the purple pond. I have for some reason 3 sets of Slixx Trojan Horse decals and decided to try and save my hard work. I paint it black.
  7. I have another build posted in WIP Drag Cars, one that I started some time ago, Snake saw it and suggested I post it here. With the end of September deadline, I don’t think I can pull that off, so I started looking at some of my other stalled projects and came across my Revell Mustang Funny car that I started back in Augusta of 2005! Wow how time flies.....15 years ago.... This kit as many are aware has An incorrect roof, in that it’s rounded at the spoiler instead of flat. My original goal was to fix the roof and do the Shirley Muldowney F/C. I got the roof fixed and then the trouble started. Two failed paint jobs having to strip the body both times, and repaint it, then for the life of me I couldn’t get the Slixx decals on the car. Not the decals fault, I just was out of practice, and I could not get them to conform to the contours of the Ram Air hood. After exhausting two sets of decals, I tossed it back into the box.
  8. Hey Joe, it coming along great, I can relate to the end of the build slow down. Your so close to finishing, so far you’ve overcome everything this kind of build can throw at you. I for one can’t wait to see it completed. I just wanted to encourage you to keep at it. It’s looking fantastic!
  9. The post is buried some where back in 2017, I used the left over front fenders from the Multi Maverick AA/GS MPC kit.
  10. September 30......that’s not very long😬
  11. Amazing work! The 64 Grand Prix was my first model, purchased by my mother after much begging, way back in 1964, I was 7. Lol......
  12. Thanks for the invite, what do I need to do?
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