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  1. One of my favorites, great work, love this!
  2. Thank you.....very cool builds! I’m currently working on the California Flash and Grumpys Toy Vega. Great inspiration.
  3. How about some photos of you other other pro stock builds, I’m curious.....
  4. Sold off about 50 Kits at the NNL Southern Nationals event last week, sold a couple hundred kits off two years ago. I still have more than I can build in a life time, but I’m gonna give it a good try! I have a spare bedroom that doubles as my office. The closet is full, I have a shelf in the office that I display a lot of older stuff, and I have the overflow in my clothes closet, and about 80 kits still boxed up from the sale last week. My wife is very understanding, God Bless her!
  5. I built this back in 1990, AMT 69 Chevelle with AMT 442 chassis under it. It’s no where accurate for a SS car, it’s not really even finished, but to me it looks like the Bracket racer I envisioned at the time. It makes me smile every time.
  6. Sweet, I like your build, looks great!
  7. I did mine in Vitamin C with Burnt Orange interior, replica of my high school buddy’s car. I like the addition of the lock support and fender brackets. Looks great so far.
  8. Looks great I love the coke bottle shape theses cars had .
  9. Quick update. I decided to keep as much of it the original MPC kit. I test fit both the AMT Duster and the Revell Dart chassis’. Both seemed more work than it was worth, at one point it seemed easier to swap the tail light panel from the California Flash kit to the AMT Duster, but that would totally defeat my purpose. I removed the rear wheel openings and chiseled the drive shaft off. I sanded the details off the front aprons. Some brushable primer surfacer, now a little drying time while I work on subframe connectors.
  10. Could you show a more detailed pic of the front axle/suspension on the modified version?
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