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  1. The paint color in your initial post, looks like a candy yellow over a gold base, candy colors were very popular at that time, I would suggest a gold base coat followed be Tamia clear yellow, apply light coats until you match the photo. Finish with the clear coat.
  2. I too feel the pain.... started this project in 2013, reworked the Revell body to correct the back window and trunk area. Was going to be Shirley Muldowney’s yellow mustang, after 2 Sets of decals failed to cooperate, I threw it back in the box. Pulled it out and decided to try and save the body. Into the purple pond, painted it black and two sets of Trojan Horse decals later, I applied the clear, Testors brand new can just for this body. Sprayed the clear coat and it crazed the decals, not the side decals, there fine, no problem, just the decals on the top panels??????
  3. Candy colors are translucent. They need a base coat of white, silver or gold. I painted a lot of Candy colors in the 70s, and the base coat dramatically changed the hue of the color. The Golden Commando paint color is probably Candy Tangerine over a gold base.
  4. Throughly enjoyed the video. Very nice build, amazing patience!
  5. Ditto to all the other comments ! Great job!
  6. I’ll be following, Great Start!
  7. Wow, I’ve had this kit on the back of my bench for years. I’ve always wanted a accurate Grumpy’s Vega. I’ve corrected the rear wheel openings, and recently discovered the Chevy Monza kit has a more accurate front suspension. Yours looks great, a much needed inspiration for me. I for one really appreciate you guys posting you projects and finished builds. It makes me want to get back to the bench.
  8. Where did you get the front wheels?
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