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  1. Early 60s Gasser

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I went back and forth on the class this thing would run in. Seemed like with stock suspension and just two four barrel carbs it would fall into a lower class. I wanted to do it as a D/G but I couldn’t find a D in my decal stash. The A and B Cars all seemed to have straight axles under the front end.
  2. Early 60s Gasser

    I’ve grown to dislike this kit.....I started this build back in 2013, failed paint job, threw into the purple pond and it attacked the plastic. Wrinkled the plastic, I did lots of body work removing the wrinkles and the chrome trim channels in the body. I added a parts box hood scoop. I finally got it painted custom mix of Testors small bottle yellow and white, and added the Johan decals. I removed the back seat and added a parts box roll bar. The front seats are from the Revell 65 Malibu kit, a parts box steering wheel, shifter, and tachometer. The engine is a Revell Parts Pack Ford 427 and 4 speed transmission. Parts box wheels, slicks and traction bars finished out the bottom. Maybe it was me, but nothing wanted to fit. The back glass is a short shot not fitting the c pillar. This thing has been thrown back into the box more times than I can count. Yes I know the hood emblem is crooked, nothing a piece of tape can’t fix. I guess it captures what I started to accomplish, an early 1964ish home built budget race car. As always comments questions and criticism welcome.
  3. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Thanks for the info, I can’t wait to see more!
  4. What if

    One of the best builds I’ve seen of this kit. Great job!
  5. Benny Parsons #72 Kings Row Monte Carlo

    Amazing as usual, Clay. It looks great. I noticed the Mission Models paint, can you comment on them, Ive seen this paint before just haven’t tried it .thanks.
  6. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Could you be more specific on which Shelby Mustang kit your using? Thanks.
  7. Don Hardy chassis help for blue max build

    Found one more pic, I different angle.
  8. Don Hardy chassis help for blue max build

    Keep us posted
  9. Double "A" Dale Rail completed

    Just amazing!!!
  10. Don Hardy chassis help for blue max build

    Sorry photos wouldn’t load, here you go.
  11. Don Hardy chassis help for blue max build

    Here’ what I’ve got so far. Original Blue Max, before Raymond Beadle, had a Logghe chassis. The Polar Lights kit reflects that car. If you look closely at the pics you’ll see evidence of the logghe chassis, especially the roll cage. The Harry Schmidt pages are from a March 1970 Super Stock and Drag Illustrated magazine. The Blue Max pages are from a Car Craft magazine and I don’t have a date for this one. I agree probably the best chassis to use would be the Johan mustang or Pinto Funny car kits. There is another option, AMT rereleased their Camaro Funny Car the Rattle Trap, not as good as chassis, but might be able to get it to work. I included my Blue Max build. I had to correct the front spoiler to make it look right. Hope this helps
  12. South Side Street Racers

    Almost two years since my last update..... I finally finished another South Side Street Racers car, Crash’s Super Bee. This car was somewhat strange, it was purchased used. A 1970, 440 cubic inch engine, Torqueflite transmission, painted Vitamin C withe Burnt Orange bench seat interior, and a column shift car. Factory power drum brakes, and AM/ FM stereo. Here’s where it gets a little strange. The car when purchased had a Edelbrock intake and a Holley carb. Under the hood was the air grabber, it was thought the air grabber was used only on 6 pack cars. When Crash rebuilt the motor, it had the wider beam 6 Pack connecting rods. To this day I’m not sure if it was or wasn’t a 6 pack car. If it was a real one, what a rare car it would be. I could not find or make headers to fit this model, even failed solder. I finally gave up and used the stock manifolds as that was my only hold up, and I needed to get it finished. Here’s some pics, as always comments welcome.
  13. Ryan Blaney's #21 Virginia Tech Ford Fusion

    Beautiful !
  14. 2018 #41 Monster Energy Ford Fusion

    Looks awesome Jay!
  15. Kurt Busch’s 2018 Monster Fusion

    Looks fantastic Jay!