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  1. Looks like you’re missing the AMT Tommy Ivo rear engined dragster.
  2. That turner out really well, beautiful work! I love your collection also, very impressive!
  3. Thanks everyone! It makes the extra effort to post the builds worth it.
  4. I have some days off and I’m trying to get as much done as I can! I made arm rests for the door panels, smoothed the dash of its gages, and painted the seats. I set the ride height and attached the rear axle assembly. I primed and painted the engine flat black as my reference photos showed, and I primed the intake.
  5. When I built my California Flash Duster I used Fred Candy decals, as that was all I had. Within a week or two of completion Slixx Decals released the California Flash decal sheet. I started this project with only the Drag on Lady Dodge Dart decals thinking I could make them work. Along the way I acquired an after market set for the Hornet to fill in the gaps, where the Dart sheet wouldn’t cover. I heard a rumor Slixx was doing a decal sheet for this car and I contacted Becky at Slixx and sure enough the decals are out for approval and should be ready in six weeks! They also have decals to cover the number two car, the Gremlin , and the AMX. I’ll try and be patient.
  6. I love it. I too, kinda like AMC drag cars, and this one is out of the park! Great work!
  7. Finally getting some decent weather. I miss Georgia, I could paint year round there and I had a modeling room that was air conditioned. Here in Indiana I’m working in the garage without any climate control. I bent up the main hoop for the roll bar, located some seats from a Johan Sox & Martin Cuda, which match the reference photos I have. I also moved the dashboard back on the side panels for a better look. I scratch built the package shelf. I painted the body Model Master classic white. I used my paint booth for the first time and I’m pleased with the results. I did get a few dust specks but nothing that can’t be corrected.
  8. Thanks Mike, I would love that, glad I’m inspiring you.
  9. Thanks Francis. I to, have a lot of projects I’d like to complete. I recently acquired another MPC 72 Duster pro stock, it’s the Akron Arlen version, that I would like to do similar to my California Flash, only this time using the AMT Duster kit for the chassis. I also have a rare Revell 69 Mustang Coupe, and an original AMT 67 Ford Fairlane that I would like to build into Super Stockers. I need to quit my job…….
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