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  1. As with any build I took some liberties, according to my research Cross &Reher built their own drive shaft loop, and traction bars. These were painted black on the 1-1 car, but I liked a little color.
  2. I need to come up with smaller plug wires and a successful way doing fuel lines. Sadly this one as well as my California Flash are missing them.
  3. I’m calling this finished for now. I tried lettering the classification and numbers for the windows with little success, I’ll keep trying and maybe I will get something acceptable someday. It’s come a long way from where it started.
  4. Thanks , Jason and Tim, I appreciate your comments.
  5. Quick up date, just a few details left
  6. Thanks guys, it’s getting there, it has its issues
  7. Final assembly....... so far so good, stance Is good, fender aprons fit well. The parts pile is getting smaller.
  8. Interior complete, without any interior pics, I had to take some liberty . The original car was a 6 cylinder, probably had a bench seat. The magazine article stated they swapped the front suspension from a 66 Mustang with five lugs and larger brakes. Since they were still in college at this time, with limited funds, I assumed they may have opted for a pair of Mustang buckets and removed the bench seat. The rules stated any stock style bucket seats were acceptable, so that’s what I went with. Some of my research showed what appears to be a bolt in Lakewood roll bar. In later pictures it appears a 4 or 6 point roll bar is installed, but I’m doing the earlier version, that closely depicts their first NHRA Winter National event win.
  9. I remember seeing these At the dealership when they came out, you did an excellent job on it. I think it might look better than the real one did.
  10. That came out very nice, I love the color combination, wheels and the stance is spot on! Very nice!
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