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  1. Are you sure it’s been 10 years, I’ve been at this a long time and my builds don’t look this good......
  2. Hey Joe I have a spare glass you can have. PM me with your address and I’ll get it in the mail.
  3. You are welcome, I wish I could have gotten some more details but it was on a revolving turntable. Someone needs to cast that grille without the park lamps......
  4. I started on the motor, Modified racer’s didn’t spend money on chrome.
  5. Oh Joe your killing me here, I just got 2 sets of the Maverick decals from Slixx, I’m wanting to do this one also, so I’ll be following your build. Living in Georgia, I go by Summit once and a while and they had the Georgia Shaker on display, so I snapped a couple pic’s, hope they help.
  6. I found them in the AMT 33 Willys, I have a first issue 57, and the holes seem too squared, I have an issue of the 72 Chevelle, but it has ugly 5 hole modular looking wheels. I guess the 33Willys will be sacrificed.
  7. NEED HELP! So I’m getting back on this build and the rear wheels just don’t look right, so I get to looking closer and it appears the rear wheels only have 4 holes. I know several 70s AMT kits had this style wheel, but I wasn’t aware that they were a real wheel. Does anyone have any info on these wheels?
  8. Yeah I did most of what you recommended, mine don’t look anything like yours, yours are very well done!
  9. Thanks Edgar, Thats a really a good photo of the car, I noticed the number 2 car in the background. I am doing better, I’m back to work and run out of energy about 2 in the afternoon, slows the model building.
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