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  1. You mentioned a new work area and better lighting, I’m curious what light your using? Great build by the way!
  2. I would like a little more info on this build.
  3. For years I’ve been using a desk Ott Light, but lately it doesn’t seem to be as bright as it used to be. I don’t think they even make the bulbs for it any more, so I’m curious on what lighting everyone uses. My daughter uses an LED Ott light and while it’s bright it only covers a small working area. Any pics suggestions would be most welcome, thanks.
  4. Here’s some more of my drag cars.
  5. Did you make the decals?
  6. Oh! How Cool! Yes one of my favorites also! I’m so excited!!!! Love it!
  7. They look great everyone. Good to see this thread going again.
  8. Looking good, can’t wait to see completed pics!
  9. Great start . Kit instructions are only the beginning, there’s a lot of planning and thought needed before building a model car. I consume copious amounts of coffee and spend as much time planning as actual building..... and I don’t have half the talent a lot of people on this forum.
  10. No, the car was painted a orange that had a lot of red in it, in magazine photos it some times appeared more red. He carried the same paint screams on his Camaro, and his 65 Plymouth S/S car.
  11. Coming along nicely! Looks great!
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