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  1. Here’s the decal I used, and here’s the pic with some of them installed. I need some warm weather for the clear coat to be added. Also added a photo of the actual car.
  2. Final detail to the interior, I still need to add the two gages above the radio. I filled the gaps in the front frame rails, and painted the chassis flat black as the original car was.
  3. My research showed the interior to be pretty stock, the front bench seat notched to clear the Hurst shifter, a turquoise and white Upholstry the tach mounted on the dash above the speedometer.
  4. While trying to recover from my bout with Civid-19, with lots of time and limited energy and brain power I decided to do something much simpler than the Shahan’s Hornet. As your becoming aware I like old drag cars, and this one has been on my build list for some time! Years ago I purchased a set of decals off the internet to do both the 55 Nomad and the Corvette of Scotto & Blevins, so I started going through the AMT kit I realized this would be an easier build than I thought. Almost everything I needed is in the box. I robbed the AMT 65 El Camino kit for the Cragar wheels, and the AMT parts pack for slicks. I started doing research on the car and found some great reference photos on the internet. During that internet search I came across another set of decals for this car from SMP Products. They had the 55s decals as well as a set for the Corvette. I ordered a set of each. I was very pleased with the quick service and the quality of the decals. The color and size are so much better than the first set I purchased. Here’s where I am today.I removed the muffler and tailpipe, I deepened the oil pan, and painted the body Testors Classic White Enamel.
  5. Wow, great work, looks amazing!
  6. I think it’s great!
  7. OK I’m usually not in to customs but, I really like what you’re doing here ! Great work, good taste, very believable!
  8. Great job Joe,! It turned out excellent ! I enjoyed following your build, what’s next?
  9. Turned out very nice, looks great!
  10. So, very little progress, Wednesday before Thanksgiving I came down with a 101 fever, lasted 5 days, couldn’t breath, three trips to the emergency room and finally hospitalized with Covid-19 and pneumonia. Needless to say I’ve not been to the work bench. They sent me home where I’m still on Oxygen, very weak, but slowly getting better. I have major brain fog and it’s hard to think things through.
  11. I had this posted in WIP, and it was suggested since I had finished it that I needed to post it here as well. I hope to build a Texaco Gas station diorama one day and this would be the stations service truck for it. The kit is an AMT/ SMP that came with a trailer, built pretty much box stock, painted gray. I already have several trucks of the normal truck colors, and I thought the gray was a nice change. A little details in the interior. Comments always welcome good or bad.
  12. So I’m curious, what chassis did you use under the Comet body, several schools of thought on this obviously. I would love to see some other pics of the details, looks amazing!
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