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    Finding a Ford
    Hey, im a bit of a 'noob' to model making (especially custom builds) but I really want to get into it and hopefully someone could help me out with getting started.
    Im trying to find something like a Ford Fiesta WRC 2009/10 model. I don't think any are actually made but I thought I'd ask on here before giving up on trying to find. Im aiming to build a Ken Block 2010 Fiesta (picture: http://www.rallysportlive.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/ken-block-ford-fiesta-gymkhana-3.jpg )
    The closest thing I've found is the Simil'R Ford Focus RS WRC 2010 : http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/similr-124-ford-focus-rs-wrc-2010/
    So time for some questions:
    1:Are their actually any Fiesta WRC 09/10 style models?
    2:If not, does anyone know the cheapest place to find the Simil'R focus for a bit cheaper?

    Thanks for any help people can give.
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