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  1. rhs856 added a post in a topic Wanted: 2nd Generation T-bird rear end damage   

    Thanks, Bill!
  2. rhs856 added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Wanted: 2nd Generation T-bird rear end damage
    I'm looking for photos of 2nd gen T-birds that have been rear ended. I haven't been able to find much via internet searching. I'm interested in what happens to the trunk, brake lights, bumper, and fins due to a crash.

    Thanks for any help you can give!
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  3. rhs856 added a post in a topic Wire Spoke Wheel Patterns   

    Thank you! This will help me get started.
  4. rhs856 added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    So you need:

    Builder's name
    Build's name
    Kit/s used
    Good photos

    Anything else? A little blurb about the finished model?
  5. rhs856 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Wire Spoke Wheel Patterns
    I'm interested in making wire wheels like the ones here. My question is, has anyone made patterns for these? What I'm looking for would be something like crochet/knitting pattern instructions:

    Use a 24 spoke jig

    Pattern 1: Wire should go from Pin 1 around hub to Pin 8, P3 to P10, P5 to P12, etc.
    Pattern 2: Wire should go from Pin 2 around hub to Pin 23, P4 to P21, P6 to P19 etc.

    Thanks for any help.

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  6. rhs856 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Just another '57 Chevy...with AWD.
    Here's the first mock up of my Chevy 210 - I wanted something a bit different, so I decided to drop the 4.3L Vortec out of the GMC Syclone into it. To ease this transition, I grafted the front of the Syclone's frame onto the Chevy's - this would allow me to use the engine mount and front suspension from the Syclone. I had to build a new transmission support and cut some of the floor away to fit the transfer case. Both axles need a little adjusting (rear in and front out) and the front needs to be lowered a little. Thanks for looking!

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  7. rhs856 added a post in a topic you guys are killing me !   

    There are - Try 1-800-833-3570 or 1-888-910-2889 ext. 3.
  8. rhs856 added a post in a topic gratitude   

    I grew up in Ovid!

    Also, I second Rider's. But make sure you go to the one in GR; it's nicer than the one in Flint and they have an amazing selection. I was able to stop in last year when I visited the fam.
  9. rhs856 added a post in a topic Bad habits   

    Maybe you two should get together!
  10. rhs856 added a post in a topic DIY paint booths...post what you are using!   

    I built mine from a half sheet of plywood and some pegboard to cover the filter. It currently resides in my basement with some PVC pipe venting it out a window.

  11. rhs856 added a post in a topic Dr. Cranky's Day   

    Happy birthday, Cranky! May the next 51 be as good as the first!
  12. rhs856 added a post in a topic You bend it, you mend it indeed...   

    "Fettle a dak dak" is Aussie for "Fix a Beetle".
  13. rhs856 added a post in a topic ADDICTIONS   

    When I started building models again and found this forum, the first thing I did was go through every page of Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials and bookmarked everything I wanted to try. Then I went through every page of Under Glass and did the same thing. I'm big on soaking up as much info as I can before I start something, and this place is a great source of info (and a great time sink).

    Good luck on your quest for knowledge, but make sure you put it to use on a new build, eventually!
  14. rhs856 added a post in a topic What sequence is best for building a model?   

    I posted this on a similar post a while back, but here's my basic progression:

    1. Wash parts while they're on the trees.
    2. Cut every part off the trees one by one, trimming off excess and sanding mold lines and the like as I go.
    3. After sanding a part, I put it in a plastic bag labled with the car and color that the parts need to be painted. I usually have a bag for flat black, gloss black, body color, interior color, metals, and other.
    4. I put together like-colored subassemblies (engine, frame and suspension, etc) and sand off the glue and seam lines.
    5. I prime everything by color (to keep it organized) and spray bomb the flat and gloss black parts.
    6. I hand paint the stuff that needs to be hand painted. This includes blackwashing the grill and anything else that needs it.
    7. I assemble and detail the rolling chassis, engine, and interior.
    8. I paint the body, pretty it up with wet sanding, clear it, and pretty that up, too.
    9. Install glass.
    10. Finish assembly.

    Each of these steps is also liable to have something like:

    3b. Accidentally break something.
    3c. Cry.
    3d. Raid parts box to find replacement.


    8b. Mess up paint.
    8c. Cry.
    8d. Purple pond.
    8e. Goto 8b. Repeat as necessary.

    Due to these unforseen circumstances, I sometimes will start by prepping and painting a body. If that goes well, then I continue. If it doesn't, I'm not as likely to get burnt out and relegate the model to the "started, but unfinished" stack, because I haven't put a ton of time into everything else.
  15. rhs856 added a post in a topic Hellraiser-- 1962 Ford Thunderbird   

    Those faces are terrifying. I can hear them flapping down the highway, already. Nice job.