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  1. Hope, this is posted in the right place. I 've seen some where that revell came out with a new tooled 70 cuda 2/1 kit dont know the kit #. Could it be revell/monogram kit # rmx 854268 or is this the old kit. can someone please let me know, Thank You Very Much.
  2. Looks like a model to me, not a real car.
  3. I preordered 3 1965 ford f100 service truck kits back on 2/16/19. I see that they are out. model roundup has them in stock. but megahobby web site shows them as still a preorder, so whats up. has any one else ordered these at megahobby on preorder and not got them yet.
  4. Like to know If there is any model clubs around here. Thanks
  5. Thanks, Model round up site is the same way. So I emailed Jack about this, he emailed me back telling me about the http not safe, but when you go to shopping cart to check out your order, he said it will go to https secure so you can use your credit card. that makes me feel better. Again Thanks to all that got back to me on this.
  6. Hello, every time I log onto this site, on the top I keep getting not secure. any one else get this on top next to www.modelcars.com
  7. Will be 63 in sept. have been building since I was 7 years old. I have models in my stash ( over 400 ) to keep me going for another 63 + years.
  8. Sorry to hear this. He will be missed by all of us. R.I.P. Harry. Thank you for all you did for us.
  9. Harry, get well soon. My prayers are with you and yours. We all need you back here soon.
  10. Hi all, after reading some of the things posted on this kit from revell, I could not wait to get this kit in my hands to check it out.I got it from model roundup before this post came out. Well it came today and I had to open it to see if the body or parts were warped, the date on the bottom of the box was 6/23/16. Well I got a good one, no warped body or parts to be found in my box. I have the gone fishing kit that came out some time ago. I still have the boat that came with it and wanted another truck kit. I glad this kit had no warped parts in it at all. could say I got lucky with this kit. I do hope revell takes care of this problem with all that got warped bodys or parts. Joe
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