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  1. Saw these in Vegas. Beautiful just beautiful! Could not stop looking at them. Totally in a different league. Great job guys!!!
  2. Fantastic sir!!!! Atlantis is comming out with Jungle Jim’s Vega. Thinking about getting when it is available. Your build is great. Love the color!!
  3. Well Venom, I do not have the GT 350 any longer. I sold it a few years ago. Had the car for 35 years. My friend Bob and I would meet in San Jose Calif and drive our cars to laguna seca on highway 101. We would drive really aggressive. It was 4 in the morning. Vintage race the cars and come home. He had one of the Very rare 1966 GT350 convertibles. But heck we just wanted to race. I bought the car for $800 from my dads neighbor. It was wrecked in the front end and it was for his daughter. She messed up and he came over and asked me how much I had. I said $800 and he took it. When I sold the car I found out what capital gains tax was. Another story altogether. A very fun car. I was driving the car home from the Bay Area and my left leg was dead from the 650 lb clutch. I had my fun with it. So I sold it to a dentist in San Francisco. He would put his card on my windshield every race for the last 30 years. So it is taken care of. My friend Mark still has his. I went to the other side and bought a newer corvette with a automatic ac and all the luxuries a old guy likes. Thanks for the interest. Pics of the old man car.
  4. Thank you for the heads up. I love your build . Color great and the interior color great also. This model would make the ultimate street car.
  5. WOW!!!! You have skills sir. Big scale is very different than smaller scales. Came out great! Great job on a very big kit.
  6. Great build! Great finish also. Every time I see a P4 that’s built like this, I just stare at it. Great job sir, great job
  7. Very nice. At first, I thought it was his real car. Great job!!!
  8. Picked these up from the nationals. Wire wheels for a Ferrari GTO. Completed one. They are really nice compared to the kit wheels.
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