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  1. ZR-1. Put on a new carbon fiber spoiler on the front. Do not hit a curb, $3000 front spoiler.
  2. Sir I feel your pain. Doing one for the last several years and find problems everywhere. You did a great job on finishing the kit. The front bumper and hood moulding are tough. The lower front pan has nothing to mount to. The rear is even worse. But we are modelers and figure out a way. It is a tough model. You do not see many completed. Great job!!!
  3. Oh man !!!! Love it!!!’
  4. Brudda

    Ford GT

    Yes UncleScott58, the size is huge. And where do you put them when finished? The price is big also. You only live once......if you can , try to get at least one. I gave the Toyota away, but I am going to keep the ford GT. Also doing the super snake in 1/8 also. Going to keep that also. I love the Shelby - ford stuff from the road racing world at this time. So my display will be of that. I wish someone would make a Ferrari P4. Probably my favorite road racing car for the styling.
  5. Here is the comparison of the two packs.
  6. Painted the door jam. Used testors Enamel White. Air brushed it . The color was pretty close.
  7. Hello. Here is the first pack on the Shelby Super Snake. Agora model company’s first model. Liam White is the founder of this company. He worked for De Agostini. He brought the 1/10 Toyota 2000 GT and the 1967 GT 500 to DeAgostini. Great models. The DeAgostini GT 500 and the Agora model Super Snake are very similar. The 1967 Super Snake is a one of a kind . It brought 2.2 million on the auction block last year. The quality of this kit is super. Paint finish is superb. Laid out the parts for you to see. Going to assemble next week. Here we go. This is the first pack.
  8. Brudda

    Ford GT

    Sorry for the slow response sir. The super snake is the 1967 with the thunderbolt Goodyear tires. The kit is just like your DeAgostini Shelby kit. It is white with the tri blue stripes. And it’s available now. I will post the kit soon. I have the first pack and will post it soon.
  9. Brudda

    Ford GT

    Hello, here is the first pack on the Ford GT. Met my friend Mark, from DeAgostini, in a parking lot to receive these parts”. Looked like a drug deal”LOL Not much to do here yet. Just showing what I received . The paint finish is very good. The intake and stacks look real good. The quality is top notch. Going to detail this one. Not going to get too carried away , but it could use a little more.
  10. It’s looking great!!!!! I might have some pics. Have to go into the shed to find them. Sometimes the cars sponsor decals changed from week to week. It was a lot more loose with sponsors back then. I remember when someone needed a part or even a motor, other competitor’s pitched in. I think it was better times.
  11. I did not realize it at the time, but it was cool watching Dandy Dick Landy, Ronnie Sox, Bill Jenkins, Don Garlits, Don the Snake , Tom the Mongoose, and others run during that time. Altereds were running then also. Wild Willy and the Del Rio Brothers were always going against each other Plus you could talk to them also , in the pits. Just a cool but different time. Oh how can I forget .... Jungle Jim, actually Jungle Pam!!!! Jungle Jim hated the NHRA so we did not see him very much.
  12. Water is soooo hard. This is amazing!
  13. Brudda

    pontiac drawing

    Wow!! This is Auto Art
  14. Brudda

    Ferrari 312T

    So far sir the bay area show is canceled . I believe most are postponed for right now.
  15. My favorite pro stock. Saw this run. Just love it
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