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  1. 1968 lotus turbine car. Tires and decals from Indycals.
  2. Does anyone remember this? I just received this from a friend and did not know Don Garlits ran for US Congress.
  3. I met Gregg at a NNL West years ago. He is a great guy and has medical problems. I really do not care what people say, because I have met him and he is really great guy. I wish and pray the best for him and his family. Good luck Gregg and best to the magazine.
  4. Brudda

    Toyota 2000 GT

    Gave the Toyota away to a friend that has cancer. He loved the model when he saw it. He is also a fellow builder but of aircraft. Award winning aircraft. But has not been able to model lately . So a great ending , and a new beginning. This is what modeling should be about.
  5. Very very nice!!!
  6. Steven is right on the lacquer. Need some kind of barrier coat.
  7. I primer just the body and the parts that need filler . Like sinkmarks with superglue, or if it’s really rough , then I prime. It is to see the imperfections and sand out. Otherwise I just paint. This model had sinkmarks everywhere! So I primed the areas that I had to fix. Body, seats, dashboard, rear suspension cradle, turbos and inter coolers, air intakes. It’s your preference but this is what I do.
  8. Brudda

    32 ford

    Thank you 1930fordpickup and Thank you Koellefornia kid. The following pics are what I did to get the frame correct. I was just going to leave it but had to do it right. Here are the mods
  9. Brudda

    Ferrari 250 GTO

    Very very nice!!!!!!
  10. Brudda

    32 ford

    The stance I hope to get. Cut the frame to give it a aggressive stance. Hope this works.
  11. Oh and yes Dan I did put amour all on the tires
  12. Thank you Dan Tier, Thank you Gramps 46, Thank you randvc, Thank you Rider, Thank you Rich Chernoskv.
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