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  1. I just bought a set from harbor freight. On line. What kit are you thinking of doing?
  2. Dear Timonator, please start one. Just take each step like it is it’s own model. The extra tools I had to get was a polisher, ( for polishing brass for ammunition) a badger sand blaster, for white metal a lot of drill bits, a sata mini jet for painting. Hope this helps. Just ordered extra drill bits
  3. On to the chassis. Sanded , drilled and fit some parts. Going to be the pearl blue with orange tubing. Quite the challenge. Here we go.
  4. Hello David G . Thank you sir. It’s very challenging. Every step is a model. A lot of work. This is my third MFH kit and I’ve learned a few things about them. They are expensive, they are not a perfect kit. A lot of challenges. Most parts do not fit and have to be modified in one way or another. You need a whole different tool set. Like metal polishers, drills, etc. I have a friend , Mark that helped me with the challenges of a MFH kit. If you like detail and quality rather than quantity, these kits are for you. I only built one kit for 2021. It was a 427 cobra and it took a year to complete. Here is a pic of the 427 cobra and my first MFH kit, a Ferrari P4.
  5. Was going to retire soon but the owner has a $10,000 bonus if I stay a year longer , you can call your shots here. Just before New Years, I had 5 job offers. With all the same money .
  6. We have a shortage of qualified technicians here. All shops are giving a $3000 to $5000 signing bonus. Plus all of the other perks.
  7. They are charging $150 a hour to repair aluminum ford trucks. BMW’s ,Mercedes, jags are less.
  8. I did. They change the systems twice a year. And the painter was to get rid of the rest. So he just put them in a cart and I now have a whole colorsystems under my spare bed. Have paint for the rest of my life. I now work for a Chevy dealer. A $5000 incentive and $6 more dollars an hour works. Plus they pay for my healthcare insurance. Free to me. 401k they match.,paid holidays and vacations. Since I have ford truck aluminum experience I get another $15 more an hour on that. Ford aluminum trucks pay anywhere from $45 a hour to $60 an hour flat rate. So if you put on a panel that says 16 hours and you can do it in 5 you can make $960 in 5 hours. If you have the training and experience. We do make money
  9. Having played with the toners, I have played long enough. Dark blue toner with a dark blue pearl and a pearl white toner.Mixed them today with great results.the blue is close to gulf blue but with a pearl. Twist. The 935 will be painted soon. BMW colorsystems for material.
  10. Well , mixed toners to get the gulf kind of blue. But with a twist. I only had blue and white pearl toners so my 935 will be a light blue pearl with orange stripes and wheels going to paint the car soon.
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