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  1. Hello All, I have been into automotive body shops since I was a teen.(1969). I like all cars , drag, road race. Factory stock , hot Rods, nascar you name it. Still a auto body tech with all the welding and certifications needed for ford, Chevy, Toyota , BMW, Ferrari. Aluminum repair and paint certified also. PPG, Sherwin Williams, Spice. Had my own shop for 15 years. Restored Ferrari’s, Maseratis, cobras, Shelby mustangs, corvettes, and even a 32 Rolls. Raced several cars. Vintage raced my Shelby Mustang. So I guess I’m a real car freak. But I really like modeling. I try to hold it back a bit so I can complete a model. One can get carried away with detail if you know how it’s supposed to be. Sometimes I do not model for awhile because I work on the real thing and need to relax and not think about cars. But I still like it. I’m restoring a 65 mustang and have several cars. A 1985 crx si and a c6 corvette. And a few SUV’s . I have had the great opportunity to meet the automotive greats. Mario Andretti, Don Garlits, Al Teague ( he had a streamliner that did 409 mph at the salt flats). AJ Foyt. Dan Gurney, Carroll Shelby and many other great car people. Modeling is fun and I like the IPMS contests. The NNL events are a blast. Have great friends that I have met in modeling. Hard to beat. Real cars do help with modeling. I really like aircraft but do not know a lot about it. Built a real Pitts biplane. But that’s it. Trying to build more aircraft , so I know how you feel about cars. Just build and have fun! That’s what it’s all about. Here are some pics of the most detailed car I have done. A Ferrari P4
  2. Thank you sir. I will look out for this. Your build is super cool.
  3. Beautiful! Love the colors. May I ask what problem there was with the body fit to the chassis? What should I look for. Going to build one soon. Thanks
  4. Brudda


    Thank you Creative Explorer
  5. Thank you very much!!!! It will help with my detail builds!!!! WOW have a lot to learn.
  6. Brudda

    Paint OCD

    It’s ok, we are all crazy about styrene and the things associated with it. Some of my friends collect models and do not build. On of my friends have over 7000 car models and even built a building just for them. And the paint! Wow. So it is quite normal to be crazy about paint and plastic. 🤪 I guess
  7. This filled a lot of gaps in the movie. Still a good movie Would watch again
  8. Brudda


    Thank you Matt
  9. Slusher is a great trader! Very happy trading with him!
  10. Brudda

    32 ford

    Hi Lee, the tires are from my parts box. I do not know where they are from. Wheels are scale Motorsports.
  11. Brudda

    32 ford

    Gives me a little more room for maybe a blower .
  12. Brudda

    32 ford

    Put the flathead motor mounts in. The top loader fits nicely. A lot of room for the radiator , fan and hoses. The motor fits up against the firewall . With the flush firewall gives a little more clearance. Have to make headers. Modified the trans mount. Things are going nice so far. I moved the front crossmember forward a little. A longer wheelbase.
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