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  1. Thanks for the view! Love the Europa!
  2. I have never put a cma kit together. It does look great. All of these kits are very expensive. And all are very highly specialized. You can talk all day about it has this and doesn’t have that. If you like the subject , buy it and build it.
  3. Sorry for the slow response. I found out I have prostate cancer. They are going to remove it the 23rd. Been a little crazy around here. So I will be off for awhile. To answer your question, this kit is metal, plastic ,machined aluminum, rubber and other things . The body is metal. It will weigh about 20 pounds or so. So have a strong shelf for display. It’s a fantastic kit. Just needs a little more to make it more realistic. Most people say that for the price it should have it all. But it is a great starting point. Dimensions are correct, all of the important stuff is there, great center piece as it is. I had a DeAgostini Toyota 2000 GT and it drew all the attention. The other models did not even exist. Great conversation piece. Times are real hard for most today but If you can, try to get at least one big scale kit. Angora models and DeAgostini seem to be right on with their big scale models. Mr Obsessive knows a lot more than I on big scale kits.
  4. If you can watch Jamie’s one day builds. On you tube. He used to build some of the Star Wars models. The gang had a bunch of models to kitbash from. They just made things up , if it looked good they used it.
  5. That’s funny you said that, it actually is trash cans on the movie set droid. With a very small person in it.
  6. 1/12 Gonk Droid from Star Wars. Something new for me.
  7. This is my favorite issue. Rory Forbes lives up the street from my house. He is my son’s age,32. His dad Ray has been building hot rods as long as i can remember. Nice people and a great issue. I have several of this issue.
  8. Recieved this as a gift. Going to try sci fi for the first time. Painted the base. Next hair spray, the paint. Blue/ grey. Then weather the droid with water and a tooth pick. All a first. So far it’s fun because you do not have to be perfect on the paint job. Hope it turns out. You’ll see it either way. It also lights up. Another first.
  9. Thank you beeRS. It is a cool kit. I have to thank my friend Mark for the model. He is a great person and has donated a great many kits to our club members. For example he gave a mfh Mazda 1/12 kit to a friend of our club. And a DeAgostini Harley to another. Very great and generous person.
  10. Hello Chris! The motor looks like a piece of jewelry!!! I just hope I can make my 917/30 look that good. Great job sir!!!
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