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  1. Thank you sir! Let me know what you would like. My address is Bruce Tanaka, 16017 Green Spring Dr. Reno NV 89511 thank you sir!!!!
  2. Brudda

    Push tractor

    Sorry for the slow response. Had a medical issue. Actually looking for 1/25 photo etch seat belts. But anything hot rod. Torque thrust 5 spoke wheels would work.
  3. Thank you guys! Well disaster on the decal! Need to find a new set. The old tamiya decals really are bad. Soo a shelved model until I find new decals. Indy cals do not have them so it’s going to be a adventure finding them. Any help finding new ones would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Brudda

    Push tractor

    Like to trade a Push tractor from a 1968 Indy turbine car model. MPC . Interested in hot rod stuff.
  5. P.S. I’m old and lame also! LOL
  6. Brutalform you hit something that all of us want. To have the feeling of being young again. I remember showing my dad, and he smiled and said it was good , when it was probably pretty bad. My mom said she liked it , but now I know she did not know anything about it. When I model , I do get these feelings every once in a while. Feels pretty good. Good job sir!
  7. Benetton ford b188. Painted with tamiya paints with a urethane clear. Painted all the colors then cleared. Now putting on decals, then reclear. A lot of masking. Not a f1 winner but a very colorful car.
  8. Thank you ChrisR. Thank you Deuces. Thank you Too Old. Thank you Rich. Thank you Tony K. and Thank you Peter.
  9. Thank you Curt. Thank you sflam123 for the info and support!
  10. Finally finished!!! Joe Leonard Indy turbine car. MPC kit of 1968. Tough build. Dog of a kit but it came out ok. Thank you indycals for the decals and resin tires. And thank you guys for the support!
  11. Finally finished!!!! A really tough kit! Came out ok. Thank you guys for the support!!!
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