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  1. Thank you Bill, it has been years since I bought these. I have a tire/ wheel drawer full of tires and wheels and cannot remember. Oh wait a minute, Kevin at Strada sports. Was good on his word but it took awhile.
  2. Hello Dpate, I experimented with some colors. Used a tamiya primer, then sprayed a tamiya black, then sprayed a BASF color changing paint and urethane clear. The last two are automotive paints. Did not know how it was going to react. But worked out well. I had these rims for years, and I cannot remember who or where they came from. I do remember that they took so long to get that I forgot about them. It was around a year later they came in the mail from Germany. I just figured I got scammed and that was it.
  3. I will find out. Going to see him soon. The cheaper clears do not have UV protection and are extremely thin which is great for models. And models do not need UV protection. But I do remember it was very inexpensive compared to the other clears. Cannot go wrong with PPG. Great paint! I shoot my models with a sata mini jet for the base and use a iwatta lph 400 for my clear. Seems to work out good. Here are some results,
  4. Sanded , rubbed and polished. The finish came out good.
  5. Sanded and rubbed and polished. My paint supplier just let me try this new very inexpensive urethane clear. Dries fast and seems to polish great. Funny thing is he put some in a pint can so I don’t know what I used. Came out nice.
  6. Hey Claude, I went black on the wheels. The gold was ok but it did not set right in my mind. Looks meaner with the black wheels. I bought these from a guy in Florida. Bought them several years ago. Should have bought more. I do remember it took 9 months to get them. I actually forgot about them , then they arrived. Thought I would try new custom and put them together on old custom. Just might work.
  7. Thank you Ray. I went black on the wheels. Looks better to me. Looks more mean
  8. The gold wheels did not do it for me. So I went black and it looks better to me.
  9. A 49 merc custom. A revell kit. First custom for me. Seems like a cool kit. Mystic cobra color. Had some left over from a mustang cobra I painted a few years ago.
  10. Didn’t James May and a bunch of kids make a full sized spitfire? Pretty cool but where would you put it ? They were lucky and had a aircraft museum display it for them. LOL.
  11. I have some agora models. They are very nice. Here is the cobra I have finished. Working on the Lamborghini Miura. Did the supersnake. Agora is a great company.
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