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  1. Thank you LouO, Thank you Renegade, Thank you Hmann68, Thank you Igjtngyello03, Thank you Carl and I am receiving the pacer beginning of next month. Scott found it and he said he would bring it next month to our club meeting. It is the same model as you recieved before. As soon as I get it , I will send it to you. Sorry for the long delay. Both Scott and I have been really busy and have not had the time to hook up. Best to you and your wife. Thank you Cpt Tuttle.
  2. Thank you PappyD340, Thank you espo, Thank you lghtngyello03, Thank you LouO, and Thank you Carl for the model and spiritual guidance.
  3. Thank you RichCostello. It is a turquoise automotive waterborne paint from bmw color systems. Added a little blue pearl to try to match Gulf Stream aqua from ford in the late 60’s. With a urethane clear. Thank you 1930fordpickup. Thank you ChrisR, Thank you grodudulle77, Thank you codraman, Thank you crazyjim, Thank you Koellefornia Kid.
  4. Finished!!! 1956 foose f100 pu. Revell kit. Traded this kit with Slusher. Fun build. Had a little trouble with mounting the body to the frame but it worked out. Hope you like.
  5. Hello ... Well had some issues putting the body over the interior. Here are some pics of the things that I had to correct. You may not have these issues but I did. Cut the rear interior panel so it would clear the rear glass. Sanded the dash board . It was too wide. The body would not sit down on the frame. Sanded the floor supports a little also. The other pics are the results. I put the interior tub in the body , then put the body with interior installed on the frame.. Hope this helps your build.
  6. Thank you TarheelRick, Thank you crazyjim, Thank you grodudullle77.
  7. Thank you Immortal Chips, Thank you espo, Thank you Chris R.
  8. Thank you So Dak1,Thank you Koellefornia Kid,Thank you RichCostello,Thank you cobraman and PappyD340. Rich I believe it was in the very back below the rear window. Was a small gap. Put some evergreen strips back there. Painted it the interior color and it fit.
  9. Happy New Year, Hello, a 66 revell el Camino. Did this build a few years ago. Pretty fun build. I remember I had to add some evergreen to make the interior fit the body. The paint is a color changing paint ( mystic , for a mustang cobra) BASF with a urethane clear. Hope you like.
  10. Test fit body to frame , Seems ok. Going to work on the interior next. Cannot remember who , but someone said they had a little trouble mounting the body over the interior. I’m going to pay close attention to this part of the assembly. Thank you for the info. The stance is really good. So far the kit is really good.
  11. Art is a great guy and has great products. I will be at the NNL West and buy more. Bought some things last year. Used the mad distributor on my 56 foose truck. Looks super. See you the 28 sir!
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