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  1. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Ray , sir if you love cobras , and I know you do, this is the kit to get. I do not know what it is ,but when you are working on this kit ,it feels like your at Shelby American in L.A. 1966. It’s a hard kit but the results are worth it. Like it was hard to beat Ferrari. I’ve always wanted this car but it was always out of reach. So I’m building the car I wanted sooo bad as a kid. Black with black interior with sunburst wheels and of course, Goodyear tires. I remember the picture in my head of the unsold 427 cobras that we’re competition cars. Shelby could not sell them at the time. So he made them into SC cobras for the street. My cousin lived in Torrance and we watched cobras blast by his house. We were on our bicycles and thought I want one of those. So this build is more than a model for me. It’s the past memories and all of the emotions that go with this car. It’s a fun ,but very challenging build and I love every minute of it.
  2. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Cleaned and sanded the frame. Drilled holes for all the brackets and various supports. Painted with acid etch primer. Then painted it with trim black. Temporarily mounted the motor and trans.
  3. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Thank you Mattilacken. Thank you Crazyjim. Here is the transmission. The “ladder” chassis is next.
  4. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Transmission next. The linkage to the trans are bent. Typical of a mfh kit. Going to straighten them out and paint them black. Set the engine and trans in the chassis. This car was just a engine and transmission wrapped in a aluminum skin. No wonder they were so fast.
  5. Hello great paint job! robertw is right. Fluorescent colors are very very transparent like a candy color. Painted my lotus 56. Tried grey primer and came out the same color you have. . Used a white primer and it came out the fluorescent red I needed.
  6. Brudda

    427 cobra

    The engine is just about finished. Trans next.
  7. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Thank you nazdrave , your too kind. Your paint is great. Well I painted the wheels black then sanded them with 600 grit then 800 . Next 2000 grit then polish which I have not done yet. The windshield frame is going to be a very big challenge. I sanded it with 600 grit then 800 grit. Like the wheels I will next sand it with 2000 grit then polish I hope. It is very very fragile! The other hard part is drilling the holes for the side window vents. This will take a very long time. Yes I’m worried a little. Also thank you for the advice on the chassis. Any information on a model factory hiro kit is greatly appreciated. Please post your build, These are hard kits and any ideas or techniques are welcomed. I really like this kit and love to build it. Always learning on these kits. This is also my second mfh kit. Here is a pic of my first. Thank you for the great comments. P. S. I also have a pic for the primer.
  8. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Thank you Mattilacken
  9. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Starting to come around. Another mock up. Have to keep fitting all the time,
  10. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Well decided to wire it up tonight. Here it is. Better the second time. The first wire job was bad.
  11. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Going to use the magneto . Letting the wire holders and spark plugs dry tonight. Will continue wiring tomorrow. Cutting the spark plug boots tonight. These are not included in the kit. I forgot where the magneto came from. In my parts box.
  12. Great job!!!! MFH kits are very hard to tame. But looks like your taming the kit very well. Can’t wait to see more.
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