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  1. Model factory hiro

    Glamor shots . Thank you guys for your help and comments. It was a nice day so I took some pics. See you guys at the NNL West !
  2. Ferrari P4

    Glamor shots hope you like. Thank you for the great comments and I am going to try to make it to the NNL West this year.See you there
  3. Toyota 2000 GT

    Thank all of you. Some of the early cars were wire wheels. The later cars were mags. Actually the first Japanese car to have mags. The roads were so bad that all cars had steel wheels. You really had to be careful because you would bend a wire wheel on the Japanese roads during the 1960s.The kit does not come with the wire wheels. They are a $200 option on this deagostini kit. All the parts do come preprinted. But to make it better it needs some detailing. Not much but a little makes it better. The kit comes white. I changed the car to twilight turquoise to change it up. All the deagostini Toyota cars are white. They are not cheap but it is the best engineered kit I have ever done. And it was a very fun build. The kit is very heavy but strong with a lot of play factor. You have to drill and tap out holes for the suspension parts. And other things. So it does take a little bit of skill to do it. If you just change the color to these kits it really changes them for the better. My friend Mark has the 1/8 scale Porsche Carrera. It is white but he is painting his car guards red. That will really be nice. Thank all of you for the great help and comments.
  4. Model factory hiro

    Thank you funkychicken and beeRS. Everyone needs to do at least one. But they are expensive. My next 1/12 will be the Gurney F1 Eagle. I do have this one and it looks cool. But I owe these to my friend Mark. He helps me with the financial purchase of the kit. Without him I could not do it.
  5. Ferrari P4

    Thank all of you! I will try to get some outside glamor pics this weekend. These mfh kits are very great for detail. I do not know how they do it. Every part demands attention. That’s why they turn out good. I have learned so much from this build. White metal is a whole new animal and my friend Mark helped me with it. He is now showing me how to solder this stuff. And I thank him for everything on model factory hiro. We have a good modeler Steve that has cancer and Mark has a 1/12 trumpeter kit of the ford GT he has given Steve as a gift plus the detail set for the kit. This is the kind of person he is. We need more people like him in our hobby. Thank you Mark and thank all of YOU for the great comments.
  6. Ferrari P4

    Some more pics
  7. Ferrari P4

    Thank you guys for the great comments. Yes it is a model factory hiro 1/12 Ferrari P4 . A very hard build for me. Took about 10 months to build Hitting it every day for at least 1/2 hour to several hours a day. You guys could build it faster. I’m not a fast builder. It is almost all white metal. I had to learn a whole new skill set with white metal. Thanks again
  8. Model factory hiro

    Thank you Codi. I am going back to 1/25 for a few builds then hit the 1/12 again. I have the MFH Formula1 Gurney Eagle. It’s a lot less parts than the P4. Everyone needs to do a MFH kit if they can. I personally like making a swap meet kit (1/25) into a good build. It is very affordable and it’s what I grew up with. The MFH kits are so hard to afford. My friend Mark helps me out a lot with these kits. He lets me make payments to him so I can afford them. The kit he bought for me is the 917/30 can am Porsche. I will start making payments to him for that kit. He just finds great deals and gets them and helps out the guys in our club. The most generous person I know. Without him I could not afford these kits. Try explaining a $1000 kit to the wife. I can get away with even a $100 kit but not a MFH kit. And thank all of you for the great support and comments.
  9. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    Not as fancy as the others but here it is. 1967 Ferrari P4
  10. Ferrari P4

    Here is a headlight assembly. Even headlamp bulbs. I have a thousand other pics but will not bore you guys with them. Every one needs to build at least one. It is a experience to say the least. Hope you like.
  11. Ferrari P4

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. I will get glamour shots, but here are a few more.Thanks again
  12. Ferrari P4

    Model factory hiro Ferrari P4. Pretty much out of box. Water based automotive paint with urethane clear.Not glamor pics just on the work table.Hope you like
  13. Model factory hiro

    Street car
  14. Model factory hiro

    Thank you Riverview Hobbies. Here is Dino Martin’s Ferrari P3. Around 1967