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  1. Model factory hiro

    Thank you Codi, your builds are amazing! Thank you MrObsessive and you are right they are very expensive. I only have this one and a 1/12 MFH Gurney Eagle F1 car. They are out of my reach also. I love the 250 GTO. I might get one more and it’s going to be the Porsche 917/30 can am car. Had a poster of that car in my room as a kid and would like to have that one. One thing I have noticed about MFH kits is they rarely go down in price. This kit cost $650 but I see on evil-bay they are around $1000. My buddy Mark can afford to buy a new mfh kit ,several at a time and always sells for more a few years later. He has a storage shed full of mfh kits.He just gave away a mfh 1/12 Mazda kit to a fellow model builder at no charge. Very kind and generous person. He has helped me also, so very much. Just put the rear glass in. It’s glass time on the Ferrari. You have to cut the glass to size. Just a flat piece of clear plastic.
  2. ski-doo Nordic 371 Snowmobile

    I love this!!! Soooo cool!!
  3. Model factory hiro

    More pics. Test fitting again. Not much more to go. About 100 more parts to put on. Will take me about 2 more months I think. Every step is a epic event. This is many models in one. These last steps are the hardest as not to rush the build to get it done. (At least for me) if I finish this build it will be the most complex model I have built. I also lowered the rear . It was too high for me. Made some extended shock brackets and the rear stance is better. Hope you like.
  4. Model factory hiro

    Fuel pump and oil pumps mounted. Trying to make the rear brake ducts fit. When the brake ducts are mounted the pumps disappear. I was going to connect the pumps with the tanks but you do not even see them when the ducts are in. Thank God! Took me a week just to do this. Not as good as you guys but trying.
  5. Model factory hiro

    Thank you 246 gt
  6. Model factory hiro

    4 pumps I guess for the oil tank. A lot more things have to go here. I hope it fits.
  7. Model factory hiro

    Thank you Belugawrx and Chris Smith
  8. Model factory hiro

    Hello gentlemen. Putting the oil tank and fitting the gas tank. Have a lot of parts to polish. I use a gun casing polisher. Seems to work ok. My buddy Mark just bought a polisher that cuts the time one 10th of the time. And comes out much better. Another tool I need if I continue into MFH kits. Here is the oil tank mounted and fitting the gas tank. There are several fuel pumps , several oil pumps also. (Yes they had backup systems.) I’m a little worried as seems to be too many parts in such a small place. Hope u like.
  9. Model factory hiro

    More pics. Now that my 15 year old daughter figured this picture thing out for me , now I can load pics. Comming together. Has anyone put a MFH kit together? I seem to always have to refit and check ( feels like a million times) the body etc. Seems to move around. Like your chasing the fit. A very tough build for me. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    Thank you Rusted Bronco
  11. Model factory hiro

    Polished the splash shield. Installed. You have to fit these parts. Sand here, file there and then it fits. Just about every part is like that. The parts demand attention.
  12. Ford GT

    The grills are supposed to be like a honeycomb shape but this is what I had.
  13. Ford GT

    Thank you guys. Here is the cut out for the side grills. Going to cut out all the grills to give it a more real effect. Hope you like