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  1. Thank you sir! Your Shelby looks fantastic!!!!! Where can I get a set of 1/8 American torque thrusts and poly glass tires? I would like to switch them around with the thunderbolt tires.
  2. The dimensions on this model are pretty good. For some reason, model companies cannot get a mustang front end to look right. But this one does look very nice. The grill looks real and the lights will work.
  3. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Hello Nazdrave, I put the original 289 in my garage and the engine in the picture is a 351 Windsor bored and stroked to 418 cubic inches. My friend , Larry Paulsen built the engine. Has dodge rods, Chevy 202 valves.And all different kinds of machine work. Dyno is 450 ft lbs at 420 hp. I went to laguna seca with that car and kept up with 427 cobras . ( I vintage raced this car)Could not pass them but kept right with them. That’s when they looked at the engine and I was not permitted to run. But it sure was fun for the first part of the day.
  4. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Hello Nazdrave. Here is a pic of a Shelby I had. Sold it 5 years ago to a bay area dentist. I took the car to the Bay Area and my left leg was wore out. 650lb clutch will do that. Had the car over 40 years. Bought it for $800. And sold it for a lot more than that.
  5. Brudda

    427 cobra

    WOW !!! Looks fantastic!!!! What kind of body fitting issues to the chassis were there? Nazdrave your cobra is beautiful!!! To even get a mfh kit finished is a monumental feat! Yes the windshield is really bad. I think mfh could have come up with something better. Great job and please show more pics. I’m going to be getting back to the cobra in a little bit. The paint job on the Toyota is done, the Red Bull car is done and the super snake is just about finished. So all there is , is the ford GT and Ferrari. This cobra just gets my blood going as I wanted a real one all my life. I remember in the 80’s the 427 was $80,000. I said “way to much” When I was in high school there was a used one at a corvette dealer named Bob Shiros , that had a 427 for a outrageous price of $7000! Still the same, cannot afford it. Maybe that lottery ticket will hit ........ HA
  6. Thank you Mr Onsessive for helping on the doors. They are a pain. Need to shim the hinges and maybe enlarge the holes to move the doors forward a bit. You are right, the doors are floppy.
  7. Most of the body on the supersnake. Things went well. The doors are a little troublesome. Just mounted them but they need work. The guards blue stripes are very fragile. I scratched the roof but was able to match the paint and repainted the stripes. So far a fun model. Now if I can fix these doors.
  8. Looks very good. Great job! Just did my body and have to work on the doors. I see what you mean on the doors. I just hung my doors and they do need work. The Toyota 2000 GT was so much better. But I do remember I had to readjust them also. Great job and thank you for the build information. Here is a few pics of the super snake body so far.
  9. Put this together. Most of the body to the agora super snake. Mr Obsessive was right about the doors. A pain. Going to take a break and then realign the doors.
  10. The red f1 car is a 1/24 revell Toyota just for size reference.
  11. Oh boy that would be cool! And thank you for letting me know about the door issue. I’m keeping my eyes open on the doors
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