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  1. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Fitting seats, rollbar, side pipes. That’s why no seat belts yet. Roll bar still it a little high. And the side pipes! Holy cow ! Are way off.
  2. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Thank you Dann, getting closer
  3. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Sir , this kit is you! And thank you.
  4. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Thank you Nazdrave. I will keep you updated on the side pipe situation. Just put the oil lines in the front of the cooler. Starting to come together.
  5. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Body is on the frame. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Still needs things. Fitting windshield, rollbar( I noticed it’s too high) , seats,.side pipes etc. On a downhill run now. Not getting in a hurry now. This is where mistakes can ruin a build.
  6. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Hello Chris! Thank you for Arts info. Going to need some stuff from him soon. Well polished and waxed the body. Front oil cooler and front vents next. Getting close.
  7. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Hello Art, Happy Easter! Can you send me your business email address? I need some things. Have not shopped for anything since the pandemic. Thank you. Bruce
  8. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Chassis complete.
  9. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Thank you Chris. Dashboard and steering wheel installed. I’m not very happy with the wheel but it’s ok. Getting down the main straightaway. Going to add the shields and stuff to the body, then rebuff and wax the body. Side pipes, seats and a few other things. This still will take a few weeks. Getting close
  10. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Hello Bill!!! Happy Easter! You need to get the mfh kit. It’s a handful but so rewarding when you do it. Is a lot easier than my Ferrari P4. The mfh Porsche 917/30 is going to really be a handful for me. The wheels alone on that kit was insane. Your Agora cobra is looking great!
  11. Beautiful job! This car seems to slip thru the cracks for Porsche fans. It is a really cool car . I have a gold box version. Even tried to trade it here but no interest. Glad I did not trade it. Will go great with the future Porsche builds. I will be watching and learning.
  12. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Had to put the gauges together. You had to put the photoetch needle in the gauge. It was decal, needle then glass. The gauge bezels are machined aluminum. The steering wheel is next. Have to paint the wood part of the wheel. The pe steering wheel part you have to bend for a dish. The nine rivets are going to be fun. There is 17 parts for the steering wheel. Anyway I hope it turns out.
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