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  1. My Hobby Shop ordered the Revell and the Monogram but they haven't arrived yet-- I've been waiting for these kits for a long time (early 90's)- the only problem is they'll cost 40 bucks! OUCH. I want 10 of them but I won't spend that. I do have a bunch of R/c new in box stuff I'd trade for them.
  2. I tried to find the other topic like this but I guess I didn't spend enough time trying so I'm lazy or in a hurry. Don't know which. One of the reasons I came on board here was to gain more knowledge about model kits. I also like to look for old kits I used to have, be in awe of some of the builds, and to talk to people with my same interest =model cars. So.. I'm hitting the flea markets looking for kits and diecasts and not really having a lot of luck but now and then I stumble onto to some stuff . I'm not into re-sell. I'm not looking for what the stuff is worth but like I said - I'm into knowing whatever I can learn about the kits I find AND how rare or whatever they may be. These are some of my recent purchases- so if you are into it , let me know what you think or know. I appreciate it. 1977 Capri Group II 2108 Monogram Factory sealed 1989 Ford GT-40 #2 (blue one) 7130 Revell Factory sealed Jo-Han Turbine Car GC300 - don't know if it's original issue or how to tell if it is. The plastic seems pretty old. 1982 Mustang Imsa Miller Beer 2296 Momogram 70's or 80's Miss Budwiser Hydroplane "Bernie Little" - white plastic- no box- missing parts 1/12 Chips Motorcycle - built missing parts (not many) 1/16 57 T-Bird AMT? Built
  3. I enjoyed building the Dukes Charger but I'm not sure I could want to get back into all the prep and bad fit etc. I would hope the Petty wouldn't be as bad. The one guy talks about flash. I had to touch every part on the car (Dukes) as far as the flash, I don't think one part had no flash--oh well I guess if you want to do it you do it and get the job done. I ended up making interior door panels out of plain plastic sheet like a stock car has for the Dukes kit. Things just didn't want to fit.
  4. Yes that's the Demo Derby car ! Nice. I haven't seen that for a long time !!! Thanks for posting it. As far as the 240 Z- all I remember is that the box or something could be made into a garage for the car. I bought the kit back in the early 80's. The guy said I should buy it because one day it will be rare. This could be the day. AND I don't have the kit. Go figure.
  5. I had a Datsun 240Z (I believe) that came with a garage. Never even close to seeing one of those again. Another was a 1/32 Demolition Derby car in blue plastic-from the 60's. Anyone heard of these?
  6. I don't know if this has been asked--- What are some of the rarest kits outside of the obvious like the first model kit (which I have no clue what that was but it has to be rare). ??? I think I used to have some of them but like a dummie I've sold two big collections in the past and have regretted it. I'm scouting around these days doing the Flea Market thing and would like to know for sure about what to snatch up should I happen to spot it. Thanks
  7. Okay thanks- I have to look closer at the car but it may be painted-- I've had a couple of the station wagon 55's and they were molded in white also.
  8. I picked up 17 parts kits ( cars missing a few parts). They had been sitting in a garage since 1987. Among them were the 55 Chevy convertible in yellow and the 57 T-Bird in blue, both 1/16 scale. I'm certain they are both AMT kits. I'm thinking from the late 70's. Does anyone know anything about either of the two cars ?-- I didn't get any boxes with the kits. Just wondering how rare they may be. They are both built with a couple parts missing on each. Of the other 15 kits-- Is there a good place to look up kits and get info on out of production etc?
  9. HA! That's great ! - Did you scratch the sink and faucets? How long is the frame?
  10. Very nice, Great color. I have 1 Yat Ming Willys in the box- never removed. I'm thinking I may not see another one for a long time. I almost don't want to remove it from the box.!.
  11. I like the color. Nice. Looks like something you'd really see down at the beach.
  12. The engine fit right in no problem - the trap door came from another stock car book. It was actually from another later model year car-- I just thought it would be cool on this one. The actual door in the real car had a rope and a spring loaded deal (lanyard) so the driver could pull the rope, check out the tire, let go of the rope and the door slams shut. Nice. I painted the flat black on the frame and other parts and rubbed graphite on them to give them the metal look.
  13. Got the idea for this one from a vintage Stock Car book with the Rocket 88 pictured in it. This kit was built before the new Olds release. The Chevy has flared rear wells , solder headers, scratchbuilt seat , a trap door to look at the front right tire from inside the car
  14. What a great job that would be, What a great job that would be,
  15. I spent about 3 months on it. That's a super long time for me. I usually don't spend that long. I bet there's guys on here that spend a year. I could never do that. I'm too impatient. I had to mod just about everything on the 41. I used a 57 Chevy air scoop to make the trans hump. The seat is from a 31 Cabriolet. It's the back seat.. It was great fun to build the pickup and I'd never gone that far before with all the mods I did.
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