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  1. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Custom coupe   

    Awesome! I've got a version of that same car going myself!
  2. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Dave Puhl`s Illusion   

    I'd suggest those that critique vintage models like this post their own version of the Illusion. Oh... I see... nobody else has attempted to build one? Too difficult, I presume?
  3. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic UPDATED: Stockton CA NNL and Swap Meet Sunday July 12 2015   

    Had my camera and phone, but had such a good time, I forgot to take photos!
  4. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Dave Puhl`s Illusion   

    Make that 3 people that want it!
  5. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic SO CAL NNL XI MAY 3 2015 plus round 1 of The Golden Age of Kustoms Challenge   

    Next round is at West Coast Kustoms "Cruisin Nationals" in Santa Maria on Memorial Day weekend. Saturday is the big day!
  6. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Look What I Found - Magazine Coverage of the Origins of the NNL West Events   

    The 54 Merc model was actually built in the early 1970's when I lived in the SF area East Bay, and was built from a first issue AMT 49 Ford coupe kit. I still have the model, and it's still in decent shape. It was a replica model of my 1:1 car which I owned from 1963 to about 1968. I believe resin models were still in their infancy. Most resembled a solid paperweight.

    I see some of my other models in the first photo.

    NNL West #2 took place at the El Rancho Motel or Inn in Milbrae, California, near San Francisco. Yes, JBWELDA, Mark Townsend was at the #2 NNL West, along with others from California like Bob Woolley (Model Car Journal), Doane Yawger, David Dale, Gary Gollehon, Pat Ganahl (Pat and I both brought our built in the 1960's real 'bubble top' models), also guys from Oregon like Bob Paeth, Bob Robinson, Rick Rothermel, and from the Midwest, Andy Martin, Bob Bost, and Tom Dillon, and maybe 40 others whose names I can't recall at the moment. Oh yes! Tim Boyd was the emcee, and showed slides of various models from around the country.

    Back then, these NNL's included all meeting for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and were non-competitive (no awards, no door prizes, no swap meet, and no carnival atmosphere) and they were the most fun of all, in my opinion. They spotlighted the social aspect of the hobby, and sharing info. Unlike contests prior to that time. NNL West #1 in California's Central Valley in Modesto, California was most enjoyable for me. I invited a couple local modelers to attend it, but they poo poo'd the idea of attending a show where there wasn't a contest.

  7. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Why was the AMT 1941 Plymouth kitted ?   

    As I understand it, it was originally going to be a 41 sedan delivery, as promoted by Jim Newcomer of Iowa, but AMT decided the coupe would be a better seller.
  8. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Stockton CA NNL (of sorts) TOMORROW Apr 13, 2014   

    Good to talk with you there, Bill! You spelled Bob's last name correctly. There is a Facebook page for the car show/swap plus they can be found on the internet as far as hours, etc.
  9. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Memorial Day weekend model show   

    This show may be the first show with special dash plaques just for the model show. Hope to see a few of you there....
  10. Von Don Koolkat added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Memorial Day weekend model show
    Memorial Day weekend 2013 is a model show at West Coast Kustoms 'Cruisin Nationals', Saturday and Sunday. It'll be in the lobby of the Convention Center at the fairgrounds in Santa Maria, CA. Contact me if you wish more information, but do it soon!
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  11. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Is this the worst box art build ever?   

    I don't know why everybody is in an uproar over model kits from fledgling companies from 60 years ago when ERTL's box art for some of their AMT reissues was atrocious. Plus is it being the box art LAYOUT being questioned or the quality of the BUILT MODEL (if shown)? The negativity here no matter what the subject drives me batty.
  12. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Clear coating race car models. Should they be that shiny?!   

    It's silly to be counting all these rivets. And WHO is the judge of what is accurate and what is not? The best judge of accuracy is the person that built the original car. Otherwise, there are a lot of self appointed experts, and most of them disagree.
  13. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic Why are builders using the term kit bashing?   

    First time I ever heard the term was via the IPMS. I never heard it back in the fifties/sixties.
  14. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic WEATHERING CIVILIAN VEHICLES BOOK   

    I've gotta agree. The title alone turned me off.
  15. Von Don Koolkat added a post in a topic What's considered the 'Honus Wagner' (rarest) of model kits   

    The term 'rare' is often loosely tossed around. Most of the models already mentioned are not truly 'rare', just hard to find. It also depends if you are speaking official model company domestic production. To me, the models (not kits) that would be truly rare would be factory styling models or Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild models... or any one of a kind scratchbuilt models. Of course, the term 'scratchbuilt' is also loosely tossed around.

    Of the kits mentioned, I'd have to go with the 1911 Chevrolet, Stude Champ pickup, and Corvair Rampside. Then again, suppy and demand make rarity a vague term. Many model kits just are not very desirable to any collector or builder.