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  1. Geez John....I look at your builds and wonder just how you do it. They look absolutely perfect and your weathering techniques make them even more so. Keep building lil' brother.
  2. 32 Ford A/SR - FINISHED

    I've really enjoyed following along on this build and love your execution on many of the challenging parts of this creation. Love everything about it. Stunning to say the least.
  3. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    Man there are some really great builds here. Kudos to all. Brett - Id like to know what you're selling in the concession stand because some of your patrons look like they've been having a really good time.
  4. Lions Drag Strip Photo Backdrop

    Thanks Bill. We had 110 the other day. Not in the teens yet and I'm in no hurry.
  5. Lions Drag Strip Photo Backdrop

    Here's a test shot with everything quickly set up on my work space with desk lamp lighting and with my phone. I really need to take this outside for some better shots but its just too darn hot.
  6. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    Good gawd, those are cool Daniel. Well done.
  7. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    Here's a couple more pictures of Tim's Mura Bros. Willys pick up. Such a fantastic build and deserves to be here.
  8. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    I know you call this "Wild Cad" but I'm calling it the "Drool Generator." Love this John. Each progressive build outshines the previous one which just doesn't seem possible. What's next lil' brother?
  9. Have a great day today Art. Tell Chip HI for me.
  10. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    Wicked. Looks fast just sitting there. Great job Wayne.
  11. Lions Drag Strip Photo Backdrop

    Thanks for the comments fellas. Much appreciated. Feels good to be working on something again.
  12. Its been a long time since I posted anything new. Just can't seem to get into much of anything. No ambition, so I thought I'd try something a bit out of the ordinary. A long time ago, I found a ceramic tile at the big orange box center that looked like a well worn drag strip surface. About a week ago, it occurred to me I could drill some holes along the side and make a chain link fence with banners on it similar to the photos I've seen at Lions of yesteryear. Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on the fence and added the self-drawn Lions banner and company/manufacturer logos. I'm working on the grandstand crowd and still have a bit of work to do on that. Here's a few pictures of my progress. Here's a picture of the surface of the tile. Its 24" long x 12" wide. Here's the fence with the logos and banner. Here's a close up of the top of the fence posts. I used a strip of aluminum printing plate and a small straight pin for the top. I also wrapped the top of the post with another thin strip of printing plate. I tried metal screen but once I cut it, it completely fell apart. I went with the softer screen made from some type of nylon, I guess. Once cut to size, I shot it with silver paint. As mentioned above, I'm still working out the details on the grandstand crowd that's spray glued to a thick poster board. I had to do some PhotoShop manipulation on the photo because it showed aisles at an angle which wouldn't work in this situation. I just took the aisles out altogether. I'm thinking I may need to add another crowd print-out to the top of this one. That's part of the details I'm still working on as well as how to make the poster board free-standing. I may still add some wooden light poles between the fence and the grandstand. More to follow. Stay tuned and comments welcome.
  13. Man Art, your skills are really showing on this build. I've seen a number of this Foose truck built all with different takes and so far I've liked every one of them. Keep after it, I'm following this one.
  14. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    Johnny boy...I've been completely speechless from the first post of your execution. I have to tell you that when I was scrolling down and the first picture of the purple on the underside of the chassis came up, the breath came completely out of my body and I actually choked. So that proves your paint actually choked me up. I have no additional descriptive words to to add that haven't been posted previously. I'm not really a lover of customs but this creative execution of yours is changing my mind. Your execution in all phases of this build are absolutely flawless and beyond comprehension. Love, love this. I bow to your mastery, we are not worthy.