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  1. Unbelievable in every detail Randy. I'm completely over whelmed just looking at the pictures, I can't wait to see this in person at GSL!! The smallest springs I have found have been in wrist watch pins. Check them out.
  2. This is progressing nicely, I'll be following this build.
  3. Thanks for the opportunity to provide input. Hope the survey proves fruitful and you're able to put the results to good use.
  4. I was able to get the second frame straighten out so its onward and upward. This build is on hold for a bit while a put together a kit for our upcoming Moonlight Modelers meeting next Saturday. The theme is Fire Related Vehicles and I'm hosting so I should have something on the table.
  5. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for posting Randy.
  6. Upon further inspection, this glue bomb frame isn't straight either. I think I have one more in a Ramchargers kit that's new so I can hopefully keep it straight. I shant give up.
  7. Twice with the hair dryer didn't work so off on another direction. I have another frame that's from a glue bomb but it is straight. Minor setback. I DID get the body painted over this past weekend and now its ready for the decals. Hope to get that done either tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Well, after a close inspection, I found the front of my frame is crooked. This will take some figuring out. Thinking of putting it in a form to the correct shape and using a hair dryer. The fun continues...
  9. A bit of bench time over the last few days and was able to make the front frame piece that holds the friction shocks. I know plastic wouldn't be strong enough so I used brass. I'm still waiting on parts in order to proceed much further.
  10. Thanks again Jesse. I'm waiting on parts to continue, should be early this week. Stay tuned...
  11. You're off to a good start. I love the Willys pickups so I'll be following along.
  12. Thanks for that clarification Jesse. That makes sense now but that doesn't fit with the MAG body too well.
  13. This weekend I began work on the working steering by using brass rectangle and aluminum tubing. I also ordered some rod ends and stainless steel tubing from RB Motion. Still a bunch more to do but got a good start.
  14. Thanks for your comments Tim. A bit of progress last couple of days. I'm not sure what the folks at MPC were thinking when they made the seat. It just plain doesn't fit as shown by the attached picture. Its too tall. The body and the frame where the seat is almost need to touch in the final assembly so why the seat hangs down so far, I'm not sure. I cut out two rows of the tuck and roll pattern at the bottom of the seat and tonight, glued it back together. The seat belts are molded in so I'll fabricate new ones and cover up the molded-in ones. Here's a couple of pictures showing the process. Later.
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