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  1. There ya go Randy, you're another one who now proves he isn't human. That engine is so perfect and the detail is over the top. The small amount of weathering, I would swear you have a shrink ray. Glad to see you're back to building and posting, my friend.
  2. Simply beautimus Tim. I can't believe the details and precision you incorporate into these 1/25th scale builds of yours. I'm along for however long it takes. I'm not going anywhere.
  3. Very nice and well deserved. The fellas in the Cactus Club are a great bunch of guys.
  4. Oh this will be epic and I'm sure you'll make that unique body style shine. Sweetness personified.
  5. This will be epic, actually it already is. I do have one question though. How is it a build off when one of the builders is building stuff for the other builder? I'm following this one to completion.
  6. These are beautiful Raymond. Seriously impressed. What 3D rendering program are you using?
  7. You are most welcome. The modeling world needs to see this. I love this update lil' brother. And your airbrush stand is one of a kind too.
  8. Send me some pics Johnnie and I'll upload them for you. We're all dying to see your results.
  9. Your use of magnets and the metal floor is brilliant!! I think I may have to borrow that idea on my next dio.
  10. Ok Ray, here's the rendered Ben-Hur Coffee sign. Let me know of any changes.
  11. Mine's not straight at the bottom because I used I used the photo as a template, easy enough to fix. I mimicked the slight drop shadow on the Ben Hur red background coffee can. That's easy enough to fix too.
  12. Here ya go. I can skew it to fit the above black & white pic of the sign.
  13. I'm working on the word COFFEE right now then I can adjust them to fit.
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