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  1. Chris, my styrene brother, I couldn't stop staring at this on the table this past Saturday, just taking in all of this awesomeness. I took a bunch of photos for a reference album and this one was the best one. Think I'll frame it. (Insert every positive adjective here.)
  2. Desert Scale Classic14 Coverage

    Thanks for posting Jonathan. Very well done.
  3. Outstanding. Glad to see your putting the printing plate to good use.
  4. Patreon channel Willys

    That is truly a work of pure art Donn. Love the color, well actually, I love everything about it.
  5. Hi Rob. Here's a picture of the package and I got it from Michael's.
  6. Man oh man, that looks so much better and this build deserves a good looking seat. Glad to help.
  7. So thrilled for you brother. The engine is in its final resting place and all the the connections are flawless, just as expected but I'm still blown away. Scale precision at its finest. Whether its done or not, I can't wait to feast my eyes on this in person next month.
  8. This is off the charts Johnny Southside. You've gone into another dimension for this one. Love everything about it and I find myself unable to speak with my jaw on the floor. Right before that happened, a few choice words escaped. You'd look good behind the wheel.
  9. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Where's the spoon?
  10. Honey, We Have A Problem

    Great job on this one Kurt, well all of your's I've seen are great. Will you be coming to DSC this year?
  11. Blockbuster Video

    You absolutely nailed it. The interior is just as I remember it so you either have a great memory, worked there or had some great reference. Looking forward to more.
  12. Joe's Backyard Paradise-Updates 02/22

    Here's the instructional video on YouYube showing the basics that I watched to get me started:
  13. Joe's Backyard Paradise-Updates 02/22

    That's a tree? It does look familiar though. Some very convincing pines trees can be made any size you want with some hog's hair furnace filters, wooden dowels and some ingenuity.
  14. Again, master work by the master. You really bring bits of plastic, metal and wire to life. I'm not so sure those stains on the tanks aren't my drool.