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  1. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 11-14

    Thanks for the info Tim. Always nice to now about quality tools. Now I gotta add that to my Christmas list.
  2. One doesn't 'move' the post, one creates a new one with a link to this build post. Love this clean, crisp build of yours Fred. I'll check back in a year but sure hope it doesn't take that long for whichever you decide.
  3. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 11-14

    Sheer lunacy Tim. Looks great. You never cease to amaze.
  4. A unique piece of art that I am honored to have contributed to. Really anticipating the results of the photo shoot. Very nicely done Fred.
  5. Joe's Garage

    Nope, that ship is still in the harbor.
  6. Joe's Garage

    The metal cladding on the office wall is actually printing plate. Thin aluminum sheets that have been used on a printing press. I pick them up from a local shop and offer them a few bucks for each. I use them for all kinds of things. For example, I built the tool stand/welding cart out of it.
  7. Joe's Garage

    About time to add a few more items that Joe has been collecting.
  8. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 11-14

    My hat's off to you Tim, well in all actuality, its been off for some time. I think I need some sunblock for my dome. I can only imagine the number of fuel lines that didn't make the cut. Outstanding!!
  9. Very nice Art. That paint job looks like you could just fall right into it.
  10. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 11-14

    Wow...Tim. Those exploded photos of the parts really says everything about this incredible build and your varied talents in working with various materials. Mind blown.
  11. I'm not so sure he's even human. He's a scale factory with an abundance of minions on speed.
  12. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 11-14

    I think you stole the shrink ray from the minions and either shrunk the chassis or yourself, I haven't figured out which is the case. This is a true piece of art and just doesn't seem humanly possible. We're not worthy.
  13. Your favourite Box art

    Always loved these two early Monogram 1/32nd scale kits. I feel lucky to have both.
  14. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    Thanks for your comments Patrick. The aluminum square channel has 1/16th" aluminum tubing inside and inside of that is brass rod that goes into drilled holes in the square tubing then covered with aluminum printing plate for the outside skins. Everything inside the 'camper' is all scratch-built. For example, the chrome coffee pot is the top button on a ball point pen with an aluminum printing plate spout and handle and a small clear blinker lens from the parts box. Here's the thread for the build process.
  15. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    One more. Jeep service vehicle with snowplow for my grandfather's DX station in SW Iowa. Haven't gotten very far with this one.