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  1. That's a cool little teardrop camper, Pat. Any more pictures of it? I'm not sure if I posted this or not in this thread. Everything is scratch-built with the exception of the frame, wheels and tires. Trees are made with a tapered dowel and hog's hair furnace filters. Mattress covered with printable fabric with an image I found online. This was a fun build.
  2. I saw this when you originally posted it Claude and I was blown away then as I still am. One cool model indeed!! Very inventive.
  3. Man that's a bummer and I certainly know how that goes. The 'Parts Black Hole' strikes again. It only opens to swallow your parts then disappears again.
  4. Stellar stuff Tim. I always enjoy the time and effort you put into your creative builds.
  5. It appears that my mojo has failed me so I pulled this back off the shelf and am motivated to finish it this time because I currently don't have any interest in doing anything else. I had drilled holes in the back body panel for some tail lights and decided I didn't like them so I patched the holes and am sourcing my stash for more suitable ones. I'm going to need to hit up my model aircraft buddies to see what they have for aircraft inspired lights. Stay tuned.
  6. There's only one left so he needs to make plans attend. I'd love to peruse his creations in person.
  7. Wow!! Those are some impressive printed parts. Keep after it and you may just convince me into a 1/16th scale build yet. 😀
  8. Seems we have two different topics going on here; one for the internet in Greg's shop and two, printing on the ALPS. I've been trying to get Greg set up with his shop internet but am not very knowledgeable on how this could be set up for the best performance possible. Ethernet sounds like it will work but will it handle multiple computers? What is needed to split the ethernet into multiple work stations? After much research, I found an older Mac running OS 10.1 through 10.4.11 will work with an ALPS so I bought a PowerMac G5 and outfitted it with 2GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive. I then loaded Abobe Creative Suite 4 on it so I can create vector graphics in Illustrator, which I'm very fluent in. I still need the Mac drivers for all of this to work. I hope my research is correct. If any one can provide knowledgeable assistance, we sure could use your input.
  9. Thanks for your comments Kyle. Keep checking back because there will be more to come.
  10. Hi Rod and thanks for checking out Joe's Garage. Both of those items were scratch built and unfortunately glued in place so they're not able to be removed for casting.
  11. Those exhaust flanges are a thing of beauty!! I don't suppose you took any pictures of the angled brass pieces before assembling them?
  12. Curt, that is so intense and I'd say Johnny's gonna have to up his game to compete with this. Sweet ride that I'd like to take for a spin.
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