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  1. Dagnabbit John that is some fabulous scratch building combining parts from so many different sources plus your handiwork with sheet plastic with a ton of your incredible imagination thrown in. Love it!!
  2. Every update just sets new standards and completely sets my jaw on the floor. Absolutely beautiful!!
  3. 1/16 AA/FD Business Coupe1/16 FED

    This should be good. I've got my popcorn and am in the front row. Let the show begin.
  4. Man, I wasn't sure about the stance when I was studying the first picture. Things look mighty nice in the rest of them though. Looking spot on.
  5. Speaking of seeing this in person, one day - some way, some how, I have to see this in person. When its done, are you going to take it on tour around the country?

    Really looking forward to this event. Same food as last year? I hope, I hope.
  7. This is quite unbelievable and I am astounded by your desire to challenge your vast skills with every task.
  8. This is pure visual jewelry John. She is really beautifully built and now my favorite part - assembly. You must be so jazzed 'cause I know I am.
  9. Maybe I've said this before but "HOLY SCHNIKEEZE" that is just about the coolest. Carry on brother.
  10. Hey local fellas, I find the Green Zap-A-Gap at Hobby Bench.
  11. This is so much fun to watch coming together. Its like my favorite television series and I can't wait for the next episode.
  12. In case you are interested, Michael's carries a printable fabric that will run through your desktop printer in case you want something other than a decal.
  13. Nope. Sorry Tom. Its sitting in the shelf staring at me.
  14. 1/25 Zephyr gas station

    Those decals look great Ron. How did you do them? So glad this is back on the bench.
  15. Love this build of yours brother and it looks great out in the sunlight.