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  1. That's a great story with a sad ending. Is this the only picture you have of it? The pic looks like it was before the straight axle. I'm liking the digger in the front too.
  2. Hey Anthony, that looks really good. What are your plans for this as a gasser?
  3. I finally ordered my resin I need for the Two Lane Blacktop build. It'll be here next week.
  4. Good idea Tim. I'll try that before I get out the heat gun.
  5. I've only had short bursts of building time so not much has been getting done. I found out the other night the GTX chassis is warped so I'm kind of at a standstill for the moment. I may try a heat gun in an attempt to straighten it out as its unusable in its present form.
  6. You guys are having too much fun and I want in on it. I've been wanting to build the Two Lane Blacktop primered '55 Chevy with the flip front end for some time so this is the spark I need. I think i have a sedan donor at home and will look tonight and post my results. If not, I'll get one soon. I'm in!!
  7. If you are trying not to disappoint, I'd say you succeeded. Holy schmoley that's beautiful.
  8. I'll have to try that on my next attempt. Thanks for the advice. What you currently working on? I miss following along with your builds.
  9. Kurt - that tool bag is outta this world good. WOW!!
  10. Thanks so much Chris. I tried to put the driver's side decals on the other night and they just wouldn't release from the backing paper. I soaked them even longer and when they would release, they started to break apart. I had so e extras so I shot some clear on them and waited a day to put them on. When I did get them on, the clear backing film was cloudy so I soaked the entire body in tap water overnight to get them to release. Back to square one. I think the decals were too old and dried out because of the dry winter weather. I ordered another set and will apply them soon after getting them.
  11. Those N scale vehicles are cool. Small stuff. I made a completely scratch-built Jeep pedal car from strene sheet. The wheel covers are '40 Ford hubcaps and the steering wheel is a metal gear from a watch with the gears sanded off. I drew up my own decals for it too.
  12. Having been living under a rock since mid December, I had missed this entire build. Just got caught up and have to say I'm very impressed with your 'meticulous' creation. I went through your '70 Plymouth thread and started searching for more of your work Francis. Big fan here and will be following along and learning something new with every post.
  13. Currently working on a '69 Roadrunner stock car. Its in the 'On The Bench' section in case you want to follow along.
  14. Incredible Tim. Words escape me as I gaze at these pics in amazement.
  15. This sure is shaping up nicely Bill. I really enjoy following along with your work and equally important is your commentary explaining your thought processes. Looking forward to the application of these small LEDs and your electrical source plus placement.
  16. A bit more work done over the weekend. Got some weathering on the motor with Folk Art brand Licorice color. I still need to take off the power steering pump. Also got the body painted white and then will make off the top and add the purple but its almost too cold to paint. Heating the paint can up first really helps. By putting it in my pants pocket for 15 to 20 minutes before applying sure makes a big difference.
  17. Holy Schnikies!! This isn't model making, its pure art. Love it!! It appears if I'm going to continue to build models, I need some machinery.
  18. No problem Steve or anyone else. I think its an interesting conversation and I understand all of the sides. However, I bought this kit with this intended purpose moons ago and I have plans for this once its done, just not sure on that yet.
  19. Thanks for all the comments fellas. I had purchased this kit from a friend a number of years ago. At that time, I had started on the body mods and realized I didn't like the kit chassis. Sometime later, I found a GTX glue bomb for a couple bucks and the chassis was going to fit perfectly. I had a number of other builds on the bench and inline at the moment so this one got shelved. Now onto the actual build. I haven't done much to the GTX chassis except remove the rear end and leaf springs in an effort to stiffen them up a bit. I haven't stripped the paint yet, working on ride height at the moment. The GTX engine was in good shape so I decided to use it but had to remove the dual carb intake for a single one from the RR kit. Last night I got the engine wired up. I've also been working on making inner door panels out of styrene sheet. Man do these look rough in the photo. Work continues.
  20. Too late fellas, body modifications have been completed and the body is in primer.
  21. As a kid of 15 in a small southwest Iowa town, local stock car racing was all the rage. Through my older brother's girlfriend's dad Dale, I had the opportunity to hand-letter this race car and then watch it race on Friday nights at Shelby County Speedway, Iowa's fastest 1/4 mile oval on dirt. It had a 426 hemi from an engine builder in Chicago who build it for this very purpose for someone else and that deal fell through so Dale purchased it. In the end, I think it was over powered for this small track. I've had the Johan Roadrunner kit for a number of years to build this and finally decided to take the plunge. I've already drawn up the decals and had them printed. I'm using the chassis, engine and interior tub from a GTX glue bomb. I'm using the GTX chassis because the Johan kit has molded in exhaust pipes and mufflers. I just can't do it. Here's the two pictures I have for reference. I'm going to make a few minor changes during the build. Creative license, I guess. Stay tuned.
  22. Man this shop is really taking shape. Now is also the time to think about whether you want to wire it for working lights. The new LED bulbs are smaller, brighter and give off a minimum of heat. Also, textures really add alot to the details in a diorama so think on adding fabrics, banners, air lines, cords, lights, flags, etc. Here's a few pics of mine to add some inspiration. I don't have the shelf space so I had to jam pack alot in a small space. I don't mean to hijack your thread.
  23. This is looking really good Bernard, up to your usual high standards. I really like the vintage rails and this does not disappoint. The deadline seems obtainable judging by your progress photos.
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