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  1. Thanks fellas. More work continues today now that the two Christmas parties of the weekend are done.
  2. Shhhh...this is for my daughter and her family for Christmas, no body blow it. Their last name is Montree so I came up with this idea of building them a truck with a Christmas tree in the bed after seeing a loose rendering on some wrapping paper. The truck needs a bit more weathering before a coat of clear flat. Once done, I plan on giving the whole thing a dusting of snow. A ways to go but I think you'll get the idea from the pictures. Stay tuned. This will need to built in the next week or so.
  3. Another spectacular update Tim. You have as much patience as you do skills and I highly admire both.
  4. Welcome aboard Logan. I, myself, got back into model building about 15 years ago because I wanted to build a replica for a friend. It came out OK but I also found I was really behind the curve when it came to tools and techniques. As for tools, one place I've found to be indispensable is MicroMark. Their tools for working on small scale stuff is outrageous. We're glad you're here and I, too, will be happy to assist anyway I can.
  5. Its a great write up but I just don't understand why all of the pictures from GSL have a black background. Really difficult to make out details.
  6. Congrats to Chris for his exclusive write-up with pictures on this incredible milestone of a build in the Model Cars Magazine 2019 Contest Issue on page 52. Great job once again my friend!! What's on your bench now?
  7. Have you gotten all moved in and set up your studio? Jonesin' for an update.
  8. Man oh man is that engine ever gorgeous!! I just stumbled on this thread and am so glad I did. Following. What are your plans for installing this in? Maybe just an engine stand because its a model in itself.
  9. Well, its not a link, its a PDF file. Hope it will work if I put it here. SnakePit.pdf
  10. I believe I have the link to the Snake Nest on my home computer. I'll look tonight.
  11. gasser59

    Joe's Garage

    I've got a few more ideas for this build. One of which is a Fender Strat. Playtime continues.
  12. Thanks for the kind comments. Glad to see this struck a cord with some of you.
  13. This is so awesome!! Great job on manufacturing a great rendition of a unique vehicle. Love it!!
  14. Thanks for the comments fellas. If you recall, Stacy Keach would lower the zipper on the jeans from the inside, peek through and that's how he would spy on the suspects.
  15. My local club, Moonlight Modelers, has themes for each month's meetings and it always takes me more than a month to build so I thought I would make a build that covers the last four themes for the rest of the year. Those themes are: shop truck, panel truck, bulder's choice and TV/Movie vehicles. A couple of months ago, I was watching "Up In Smoke" and I saw the perfect vehicle. Stacy Keach and the rest of the law had this vehicle and it was perfect. I used the Suburban kit, filled in the windows, created my own decals and went to town on building it. I may go back in and BMF the window trim but everything else is to my satisfaction. It was a fun build and a great kit and now I'm done for the club themes for the year.
  16. O U T S T A N D I N G ! ! There isn't enough drool in the world to show just how beautiful this is. I'm going to put a smal picture of this in my shop dio as a tribute to you and this build.
  17. Astounding! There, that's a new adjective to describe this amazing creation of yours. I've thoroughly enjoyed every update and thanks for taking us along for the ride. We have also learned a lot along the way. Kudos!
  18. I still can't believe this build. They say pictures don't lie and they also say a picture is worth a thousand words. I've also watched this build from day one and and am completely mesmerized by each detailed photo and well-written description. You, my friend, are so very talented with tactical skills, vision, patience and endurance. Does this amazing creation have a name? Are you planning on decals or at least a class and number? I know someone who could help you out.
  19. Now that's what I'm talking about. Some really great ideas here Mike. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Here's the pic of the second method with the glue on the glass. For the next go around, I will use an adhesive product I got from Art Laski called Liquid Glass. I'm hoping to reuse the aluminum strips from this window if I can get the Zap-A-Gap off.
  21. That didn't quite go as planned either. I was putting the last aluminum side on the clear piece of acetate and ended up getting glue all over the glass. I was so frustrated, I had to walk away. This method is still the way to do the windows just need a different glue from my arsenal, one that's not so runny.
  22. Well that didn't go as planned. The window frames are way to wide. I went ahead and used the same set up on the drill press by cutting the other side of the aluminum square tubing to make a small aluminum angle. Worked and looks so much better. Pics tomorrow.
  23. A bit of progress and a few photos to share. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out a way to do the aluminum window frames that would look convincing and would satisfy me. Here's what I finally came up with. I put my Dremel cut-off wheel in my bench drill press and set it almost to the bed so I could cut a slot in the aluminum square tubing for the acetate window. Once a whole strip of that was done, I would cut out 45 degree notches in the frame without cutting all the way through for the corners. There are six of these windows so this will take some time. I'll post more progress pictures as I go.
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