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  1. Yeaaaahhhhhh.... I'd steer clear of that intersection if possible. Still not a pretty thing over there. As usual, plenty of construction projects up and going again but nothing too major on this side of town.
  2. Sorry guys! We've debated the date change for awhile. We found that this tends to have less conflicts with graduation parties and other local events. As for the Sunday choice, it has proven a much better turnout since we changed to it. No matter what we do, it will never fit everyone's schedule unfortunately. Stick with us and someday it will all far into place! See those of you there!
  3. Just goto http://nnlnorth.com/ See everyone there!
  4. Love this post... having worked retail for over 15 years, I too know the stories. Working in a bicycle shop, the business is very seasonal. Spring is CRAZY time! My opinion has always been to suck it up and help the customer as well as possible, HOWEVER my famous quote at the shop is "it's just a bike shop..." Its all about an enjoyable, recreational experience, let's not make this too serious. (Similar to our model hobby) Nobody's living or dying, losing a job, missing a flight while on vacation, or anything like that. I have reminded customers of that fact also... shuts them up pretty quick too. For years, I have been the guy that the "good customers" come in to see, probably because I give them the respect they return towards me. I also slide discounts to many of them, even though they don't expect or ask for it. That's why I do it, they are the ones who deserve them, not the guy I see once a year who comes in for the big sale or wants us to price match internet pricing. 'Nuff of that. Moving forward...I am in the midst of starting my own hobby/model shop and will be dealing with the same retail woes on my own. I'm sure it will draw all types, the nice thing being "I" get to call the shots. Tell the jerks "no", give the good guys breaks, and I'm sure "suck it up" once in awhile, go on, and remind myself... you reap what you sow...
  5. my buddy had same problem on his CB 550 cafe bike. Check-out some bike forums, LOTS of guys have posted on this...
  6. I wouldn't "Y" it myself. May work just fine, but depending on the length back to the dryer, fumes could go that way. Any "Y" or "flapper" also has the potential to trap lint which is NEVER good for dryers, and most likely against building code. I have a booth only a few feet from our dryer and I chose to put in another flapper vent in the outside wall of the house. Not a big deal, cheap and FAR superior way to deal with the fumes. On aside note... have fun with the dust/lint associated with having it so near your dryer. I fight this EVERY time I spray. Plans to separate the room are in place and should cure these issues.
  7. Very nice! Our club has a "classic car challenge" going on now. Should be a nice turnout with a dozen or more cars in the works. I'm tackling an old '28 Lincoln, just have to decide on the right paint scheme.
  8. He is around, not online much probably. I helped him master the parts for this kit. From what he's told me, depends on the condition of the molds. As they wear out, he only remakes them if there is a demand for the particular parts. I think he has some of these though. I can inquire next time I see him.
  9. nnlnorth.com Check out the NEW, brief site for our NNL up nordt here ya, you betcha! We've kept in brief so far, just what you need for now. However what for more in the coming weeks with the show just around the corner!
  10. OK, mabey not NEWWW! But recently changed hosting and got a few updates with MANY more around the corner. Help us spread the word and it will get some pretty cool features soon! rpmmodelclub.com We are trying to re-build the site to better reflect our growing club. We have nearly doubled our numbers in the past few years and have some VERY enthusiastic and talented builders from around the Twin Cities area.
  11. Finally finished this from years ago... alittle fun with "what if". I added Find the Cure decals to the hood and weathered it alittle. another from the past, a buddy gave me the decal set...
  12. steamboy


    Funny thing cazxr2, I had a similar thought when my daughter was born (now 7yrs) So I started a kit that I had but would never build since it's a Chevy product. (not really a fan). This is my Photoshop mockup I used for inspiration.
  13. Thanks again, the hood is spit from the hole to the back edge. To install it, I had to pull the sides out slightly and slide it past. This was one of my dilemas too, but it works quite nicely. The padding if I remember is a thin slice of foam sheet from Michaels Crafts. Its sticky backed foam sheets I found in different thicknesses and colors. Then wrapped with black wire and twisted on the back. Same with the steering wheel pad and the kneepad, attached to a small aluminum plate.
  14. Thanks, not too many more pics, unfortunately. I kept it "curbside" without even an intake as you'd never see it anyhow. I did make the decals on my Mac with Illustrator, photoshop and inkjet printer. They are OK, the black/red fade was not so good.
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