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  1. Another one to add to the line up, the HX utilizes the same Cab & chassis as the paystar. The hood would be the point of interest. With the Navistar licensing the lineup for new models available would be a lot wider with modern trucks
  2. New HX boys, we just got 4 of them in stock.
  3. Engine paint color question

    Honestly, just hit any truck dealership and they will have the paint in stock. for the genuine CAT yellow paint its only about $12 a can (Canadian) and it has the really good fan style nozzle on them so it doesn't spray to heavy.
  4. New International HX Line

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X9glwMuBpE Here is a little marketing thing they came up with for the unveiling at the Las Vegas world of concrete show. Enjoy!
  5. This is an amazing topic, I am defiantly following this one very close as I am a Parts Manager at an International/Navistar dealer, and I know with the kits that are already available out now, my customers are going crazy! I could have a second fulltime job just building kits for my customers who want a scale model of the truck that they have purchased and/or are currently running. Now one good thing that has been brought up here which could work in Moebius's advantage is in fact that shared components are the Navistar lineup. For example, I do believe that there is already a Prostar/Lonestar conversion cab out there, well the Prostar, Lonstar, Transtar ,Durastar ,& even Terrastar all use the same cab, so the key tooling would be focussed into Hoods, & bumpers. You could pretty much use the existing chassis with minor changes for steps & battery boxes. as far as powertrain? Well, the N13 (new & improved MAXX13) would probably take a level of tooling but is a stock engine available in all but Durastar & Terrastar. for those you could be looking at probably a small 6.7 Cummins which I don't know if there is anything in the market available for that. (also the Terrastar is no longer being made so I wouldn't even worry about it). Also another great line that uses similar cabs is the Paystar and 9900. again, same cab but work with the cab & bumper. Chassis can stay the same for both units and im sure it would be a hue bonus for those guys who love to build dump trucks, this would defiantly give them a modern tractor to work with (Paystar). if there is truly something that would come down the line for a modern Cummins ISX, that would cover pretty much off of these trucks and well, as previous stated in other posts I'm sure there would be guys dropping the ISX in any truck they could shoehorn it into lol. Another area of interest that I'm sure guys would go crazy for would be a good modern Dump box. converting any truck into a dump truck wouldn't take all that much and im sure talking with companies like Cobra, or Custom trailers, I'm sure licensing through them would cost an arm & a leg, and guys could go crazy with those either polished or body colour matched. Heck, even building a Pup trailer, maybe shortening the dump box and build a small cassis to lay it on.
  6. Anytime at all, I am actually a parts manager at an international dealer so I can get you all the detail photos you need. Even 1:1 pics if needed
  7. I hope this helps out a bit for ya
  8. Cummins ISX

    Does anyone currently have an ISX or even an old signature 600 in resin?
  9. Peterbilt 379 with Century 1075 rotator

    Wow that is amazing! My skill with Lego is like almost everyone's skill with an etch a sketch we all knew how to draw the stairs and thats about it! None the less that is an amazing job. How many pieces roughly?
  10. ahhh,ummm, errr (scramble) wait. boo ya! lol........Wait, what have I got myself into.....
  11. Christian! It is great to finally see you on this page! I have been following your work for quite some time on the other main page that you post on but it has bcome very difficult with the translation for me (as I am assuming it is for you) but none the less it is great to see your work here on this page! I hope it alright to post the other page on here but you have to see this guys work! http://plastimodelkits.keuf.net/
  12. Ok ok, you can have it. I'll just have fun with this one. If I can master the color skill of course! lol
  13. I already have the image of my Coronado
  14. resin mack

    ^^ same here, what other goodies does he have that is not posted? :-D
  15. Hi, I'd like a set of the biggest white wall tires you have.