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  1. Along with the 750, those triples are among my favorite Japanese bikes. Nice job on the build. What scale?? Joe.
  2. Thanks guys. Both good suggestions. So far I have only done small less complicated parts in c.f.. I would prefer to polish then wax. Adding a clear coat is just one more thing that can go wrong!!!! Joe.
  3. If you have seen the 1/12 cycle fender version of this Tamiya kit you know the nose and fenders have a carbon fiber pattern printed in the plastic. My question is can this be polished without losing the pattern? Thanks for any help. Joe.
  4. Thanks Bob. Since I have both kits maybe I can make the Heller kit more like the American model. At least, lights should be no problem to swap.
  5. It's tempting, but I regret to say I am a scale snob. It just won't fit in with other cars and bikes I have. Thanks, Joe.
  6. I was hoping for the 288 GTO in 1/12th. The bike will be welcome whatever it is but I would have preferred a road bike. Joe.
  7. I just received my 1/8 Heller Honda 750. I also have the MPC version. I believe the Heller will be more detailed. I cannot yet determine which one is more accurate. I hope they produce some detail sets. All of my detailing parts are 1/12. Has anyone built this one? Thanks, Joe.
  8. Is anyone else having trouble contacting Norm at Replicas and Miniatures? I have been calling for two weeks and all I get is the recording. Thanks for any help. Regards, Joe.
  9. Thank you. I gave Norm a call yesterday. Had to leave a message. Thanks for the response. Joe
  10. I was fortunate to find a Tamiya Caterham after a long search (Thanks Tom). Are there any aftermarket upgrades for this kit? I heard of an Antares set but I don't know if there are parts for the BDR version kit #10201. Thanks, Joe.
  11. Very nice Ray. The red looks perfect as I remember seeing them. What did you use? Thanks for sharing, Joe.
  12. Well done indeed. Nicely lowered. Joe.
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