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  1. It is beautiful. Nice build, althogh it seems to ride a bit high? Joe.
  2. Really nice! I am currently hooked on bikes. Big models, small display space required!!!!
  3. Can you install the p/e grill after you glue on the front valance? Great build so far. Joe
  4. Thank you for showing the placement of the hybrid wiring! Joe.
  5. I have been looking for that nissan kit for a while. May i ask idoes it have a LHD option? Joe.
  6. It is a nice kit. I have one for sale but maybe..... Joe.
  7. Beautiful color anf finish! Why the tape? Joe.
  8. Very nice!!! Where did you get the boot? Joe.
  9. You did a great job on the seats. A 1972 318 was my first new car. Joe
  10. Nice look, but isn't that going to be a pain in the butt when you wax? Joe.
  11. I have one on its way to me. I can't wait now. Yours looks great. Joe.
  12. I am not much of a modified guy but you did a great job on that one! Joe.
  13. Great progress. Many people group parts by common color and do their painting by group. I wonder why model company's don't list their part numbers by color. I invariably miss a few every time i do it. Of course, i don't always agree with the suggested color either. Joe.
  14. It would really be nice if the 2014 Mustang was a convertible!! and the 2014 'vette was full detail.
  15. Des Plaines Hobby and La Grange (my walk to shop) are both excellent. joe.
  16. I'll take mine in 1/12 please. If I was to tackle a 1/8 scale Cobra I would probably buy a lathe and mill and take serious metal shop classes at the JC! Joe
  17. Way better than the first. I never use solid black. It never looks right to me. Joe.
  18. Very cool build. Excellent post to show the panel line effect.
  19. I have the money already set aside for the short k or can am body when they come out. Joe.
  20. First i have to say i love corvettes, darn near all of them. I was really excited by the pictures of the 2014. However, i followed one for several miles both from behind and on the passenger side and i must say my current impression is that it looks like a kit car. Not that i can buy one, probably a '15 Mustang, but i would like to test drive it.
  21. It's beautiful. Was lhd an option? Joe.
  22. Why does it have to non-toxic? Can't you just not eat it? Seriously, i think somebody put this stuff in small bottles and called it "Gator Glue"? Joe.
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