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  1. Why does it have to non-toxic? Can't you just not eat it? Joe.
  2. I love the '14 Vette. I will be in the market for a new car next year and the Mustang convertible is a must see for me. Joe.
  3. Outstanding job. What is the purpose of using two kits? Joe.
  4. I am trying to get the front end down. I have put it on and off a dozen times taking material off the door interiors, the dash... everywhere and still i cannot get the body down to the inner wheels around the engine and those two supports stick out like yours.
  5. Looking forward to more progress on this one. Joe.
  6. I received my copy from a very fine gentleman at Aoshima. Naoto Sakakibara helped me track down a set of replacement decals for a Kawasaki 900 when the kit set blew up in water. When he mailed the decals they came with the catalog. They have definitely made a big fan of me with their quality. Joe.
  7. Partsmarty is a great trader, Joe.
  8. Has anyone used any parts of the Scale Motorsports detail and wheel sets?
  9. Oh, that is beautiful! Thanks, Joe.
  10. Man i wish you were building the Alfa Romeo Spyder or Scuderia. That is the one (and only) i want to do. Great work and fine collabetation with your fellow pocher builders. That truly epitomizes the best part of our hobby. Joe.
  11. Excellent all around. That is the color i have planned for mine. I will go a different direction on the interior, though. Joe.
  12. It mightbe rasier to answer if we get the term right. There are two different surfaces cast and wrinkle. The cast is easier to recreate. I use Scale Motorsports fabric effect. Remember to use only an acrylic paint over it. I have not tried a wrinkle effect but i GUESS you could spray lacquer over acrylic wait for the inevitble cracking to occur then spray your final color????? JUST A GUESS?
  13. La Grange hobby shop and Des Plaines are probably the best in that area which survive. I can walk to the one in La Grange. I go there every weekend. Great owner. Joe
  14. So how hard would it be to get to a non-Shelby '68 convertible with these???? Thanks for any help. Joe.
  15. Thanks for the reminder on the steering wheel! I need to start my '68 soon. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting!
  16. I would really like to build the police cruiser with Chicago Police markings. Any idea if someone makes such a set? joe.
  17. I just had a set of decals shatter on me. Can anyone tell me if Aoshima has a replacement service? Thanks, Joe.
  18. Outstanding build and extremely complimentary photography! Joe.
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