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  1. It is such a great icon I would love to have one even though it is way outside my comfort zone. thanks, joe.
  2. Clearly the most important thing is how it looks in the end. I just don't think you get to a good end with 130 parts. The molds can only get so tight on big parts. I think there will be a lot of big parts. True that is how they kept the price down but since i was only going to build one price was not a major concern. joe.
  3. I have one on order but i am really upset about the low part number of 130. For a 1/12 car this is screaming at me that the detail will be soft with large parts taking the place of smaller more detailed parts. I hope the aftermarket really does this big. joe. Where did you see upgrades? thanks, joe.
  4. Thanks Mark, I really like the Calypso Coral exterior color but i was trying to avoid another black interior, but it is what it is. It sure solves the flocking issue fast enough. thanks all, joe.
  5. Thank you for pictures. My source was Mike Mueller's book Mustang '64 1/2 to '73. I really like the picture in there and it "appeared" it was a very close match to the exterior. I had better go back and double check. If i can i will scan and show the pictures here. Thanks again, I am learning I am learning I am learning I am learning I am learning I am learning joe.
  6. thanks guys i did not know this at all!! AFter i get the paint, i will spray up my test strip and go shopping. Happy Friday. joe.
  7. I am pulling together supplies for my next build. I was going to do a 1970 Boss 302 in Calypso Coral with matching interior. thanks, joe.
  8. I know you get requests all of the time but i would like to add one more. I have about 5 MCG sets and they are great but there are not enough of for 66 through 70 Mustangs (except the '69 Shelby) Bring these along and i will have more to buy. thanks, joe.
  9. Dave, does this info hold true for 1970? I may be shelving the '68 in favor of the 1970 Boss 302. thanks, joe.
  10. Dave, Thank you for the information. I appreciate the time you took help me with this. The second photo which i included is not as clear that everything was red oxide primer but i certainly see that it was in the first picture. There appears to be much of the rear in black. Nevertheless i will change my plans on this. Can you comment about the areas that appear to be black in the second picture?? thanks again, joe.
  11. In 1968, i thought that the frame sections came to the factory already painted black from the sub contractor and the sheet metal areas were mated after the sheet metal was primed therefore producing the effect plowboy described. the overspray was the result of painting after mating the body to the frame which contained the sheet metal sections. I would like to understand the actual colors and i do appreciate your first response. joe.
  12. I really appreciate Daves response, but i am tending toward your solution. The red oxide will still be different from the dark gray i use for GM and Mopar chassis. joe.
  13. This is my first Mustang. I have seen several articles which show the underside to be red primer between semi-gloss black frame members. Is the red primer accurate for '68??? Assume factory fresh for purposes of this question. thanks, joe.
  14. Thanks Brad, I will take that number with me on Saturday. joe.
  15. Thanks, i looked in the rack at my lhs and did not see it. I don't he restocks as often as he should. joe. Chuck, I feel silly for not looking there. thanks, joe.
  16. I saw a picture of a '68 Mustang CJ in Wimbledon White and although i am not a big fan of painting white anything, i want to give this a try. thanks for any help, joe.
  17. jaydar

    !970 Camaro

    Looks like a good start. What kit are you starting from? Good luck, joe.
  18. Ok Thanks. I always called mine "Irish Racing Green". It looks a lot like the green in the little square Testors bottles. joe.
  19. Dave, I had a '72 Targa in that color. What color did you use on that fantastic build? thanks, joe.
  20. Does anyone know how this kit differs from the Revell 1/24 427 Cobra? I can tell the wheels are different but are there any other differences. I like the looks of this engine a lot. joe.
  21. Dr. Can the DuPont A7480S be applied over decals? thanks, joe.
  22. How does this kit of the Hemi 'Cuda differ from the Monogram 'Cuda boxing? Are the front and rear valance sections mounted permanently or just for painting??? Thanks, joe.
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