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  1. I hate it when guys don't care of their cars...
  2. Great skills as I said before! Please explain how you did "metal pipes and pin" Thanks, Joe.
  3. Please Harry not a Cubs analogy. Winter has been bad enough but now looking forward to Spring brings with it mounds of dog poop covered for months by snow and the Cubs..... Joe.
  4. I too appreciate the tip. I did not know this. Thanks, Joe.
  5. One of the cars on my all time wish list is the '68 Mustang convertible!!!!!! What kit are you starting with? Thanks, Joe.
  6. Looks good to me! What kit? Joe.
  7. Thanks guys. I will give it a go. I have a 1973 Kawasaki 900 painted and ready for clear. Joe.
  8. On that weight issue, are the tires solid or do you intend to fill them? Since the kit designers did not contemplate that extra weight the side walls may not be up to the task over a prolonged period. This would be my concern. Joe.
  9. I am not familiar with a Tamiya gloss acrylic clear. Can you give me the # ? They have discontinued TS-13? If that is what you have it is not acrylic it is a lacquer. Joe.
  10. I agree as well. I am planning on having at least the driver's side open on mine. Joe.
  11. I paint factory colors so it tends to keep the colors spread out well. Joe.
  12. I am going to experiment. My first use will be on exhaust parts where mirror finish is not so important. Obviously, parts will have to be polished first. Joe.
  13. "... a little bit..."??????
  14. You all are doing a great job. Joe.
  15. That's exactly how I feel on the topic, unless it is a ferrari, cobra or road racer of any sort....
  16. I have always used Tamiya gloss black as a base for Alclad chrome and polished aluminum. I would like to try Alclad's black base because it appears to be thinner and there would be less waste sprayed through an airbrush than the Tamiya spray can. Opinions? Thanks, Joe.
  17. Very nice build. One of my favoriye cars too! Joe.
  18. Outstanding proportions. Beautiful build. You musy have very steady hands!!!! Joe.
  19. OH MOM! That is really nice. Just beautiful. Joe
  20. When you buy from craigslist do the sellers ship to you or do you have to pick it up?
  21. If not out of line to ask here, I would be interested in everyone's opinion on which is the most accurate 1/24 250. Thanks, joe.
  22. Thanks Cobra guy: Now that i look closer, I think you are right. I just need to replicate the curves on the tank and seat fairing. The decal goes over the white. If there is a problem with some bleed through at least it will be uniform on all panels. Thanks for helping me see this. Joe.
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