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  1. you could but the decal is blue (not white as i said earlier) and not totally opaque. I don't want the red and white to show through. additionally i need to know where the color dividing line is so the decal will cover. I should have included the picture below.
  2. I am doing a motorcycle cowling with red over blue separated by a white wedge-shaped decal. Intuitively, i would make a masking tape duplicate of the decal and apply over a gloss white base coat. Spray each color then replace the tape with the decal. I am concerned that the decal will be recessed???? Suggestions? Prayers? Joe.
  3. Fantastic work. The story really makes it special. Thanks for sharing both with us! joe.
  4. I like it. I am happy that they used the white background instead of the red they have used in the past. joe.
  5. Thanks Tom: I will check the remaining chrome parts and probably do one large session. I was being lazy! I needed a boot in the... (right diection) Thanks to all who responded. Joe. NEVER BE AFRAID TO DO IT PERFECTLY!
  6. I have several parts which are marked only at the sprue attachment points. Can i give it a go or do i have to strip and undercoat first???? Thanks for any advice. Joe.
  7. Sorry! RA=Red Alert. I have a build article for Red Alert from the other mag if you want it. Joe
  8. Ha! Things are not so different in the city!!!!!! Joe.
  9. X2 i did a '69 glacier blue camaro with a blue interior and i did not get it quite as nice as yours. I plan to recreate the scheme when i do the 1/12 version. Joe.
  10. What you have are irreplaceable treasures. To add another generation to a family hobby is a great gift. I truly envy you! Joe.
  11. I thought "Red Alert" had substantially different markings than what are shown on that box cover???? Do you you have a set of aftermarket decals for RA? Joe.
  12. That is how i build too! You did a great Nova. Joe.
  13. Very nice indeed. You obviously did not tush it. Joe.
  14. Great builds. My favorite is the Piper Tri Pacer. Mom gave me a Cox .049 version. I see you deferred to PETA and did not lay out the dead mountain lion!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. Joe.
  15. Great eye for detail and building skills. Joe.
  16. He offers a clear enamel for use over the gloss enamel if you feel you must. Joe.
  17. jaydar

    Celica Liftback

    Very nice indeed. I buy one in a heartbeat if it was left hand drive. I had a '77 yellow/tan that was about the best car ever. Joe.
  18. Great finish. Go Jr. I am sure dad was smiling!
  19. I have the same kit on the bench now. I hope it comes out as well! Joe.
  20. I am building that car now. The detail on the chassis will send me back to upgrade mine. Nice build. Thanks for the inspiration. Joe.
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