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  1. streetrodlvr added a post in a topic '63 Volksrod   

    I've always hated building those VW's and have always wanted to build a Beetle like this without the fenders. Now I know what it would have looked like. I like it man.
  2. streetrodlvr added a post in a topic UN-Reliable Resin   

    What's up Count? LOL.
  3. streetrodlvr added a post in a topic UN-Reliable Resin   

    Not sure why everyone get all uptight when posts like this appear. This site is a form of social media. I've said nothing wrong. I've bashed no-one. I'm not asking for mediation services I'm mearly trying to get some contact information. I'll see what I can do about fixing my name.
  4. streetrodlvr added a post in a topic UN-Reliable Resin   

    Not to get into a peeing match but there are numerous members that don't have names in there sig or display to the left but we won't get into that.
    Also, I've read a lot of the posts regarding Reliable Resin. Maybe my title doesn't sit well with you or others but me being out my money and/or parts doesn't sit well with me. I mearly asked for some contact info and would hope Donald Thune would see this and fix the problem. My apologies if you feel I should have a couple hundred or thousand posts under my belt before so called airing my grievances but you should not concern yourself with things that don't involve you....IMHO.
    As far as what I've "added to this amazing hobby"! Over the 30 years I've contributed to numerous how-to's, been acting board member of 2 local clubs, been m/c for shows/contests, produced masters for resin parts, sponsored trophies, donated time, kits, money and hosted building clinics. Best Regards, Ken and thanks for your reply.
  5. streetrodlvr added a post in a topic UN-Reliable Resin   

    The only thing that helps is if he contacts me. Thanks for the report though.
  6. streetrodlvr added a post in a topic DONK?   

    Seeing that picture.........where in the heck is that buick regal that was suppose to be released anyway? LOL.
  7. streetrodlvr added a post in a topic boot hill express   

    Man I built like three of these when I was younger and just recently started looking for one as well. Not sure why, maybe cause it's cool. Anyway, I saw one at a recent show, built for $10.00. I should have bought it.
  8. streetrodlvr added a topic in General   

    UN-Reliable Resin
    I may be a newly "registered" forum member to MCMF but I've lurked for years here. One reason for my registration is not bash anyone but to add to this amazing hobby we have. I've been building models for over 30 years and am well known and respected throughout the modeling community but one major problem I have is when a person says they will deliver and they don't.
    Could anyone tell me where I can find Donald Thune of Reliable Resin? I need a phone # so I can speak with him. Or, Donald, if you see this post, contact me. I've sent you three emails over a month after ordering and paying for your parts and have not heard from you.
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