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  1. Goo gone melts plastic. Don't ask how I know...
  2. Love it! I am in the process of doing one of these stock but yours is awesome. Where did you get the velocity stacks?
  3. Lots of times the acrylic is thin enough to spray out of the jar. Should be a milk consistency. Just thicker than water.
  4. I use this one as it is really quiet. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200354872_200354872 Works great with the tank.
  5. Canuk

    Black Suede T

    Excellent modeling skills!
  6. As a new old modeler I agree 100% I can tell when I have done something well and to my abilities but contructive comments are always helpful. Someone posted a suggestion to use BMF after seeing one of my builds and I tried it. Made a huge difference even though I messed it up in some areas. I have built 8 kits in the last couple monthe and out of those only 3 I am happy with, but I learn each time from my mistakes. I see these advanced builders chopping and scratch building and I want to do that too but know I can't...YET.
  7. WOW very nice paint job
  8. I say real. If not the detailing on the rear view mirror is great,
  9. Got the body in primer and set the base for the flames. The colors are Testors Acrylics and I am going to seal them with Future before masking. Thanks for looking.
  10. While waiting for the paint to harden on my Ferrari GTO I picked up AMT 62 Buick. Not a whole lot of detail in the kit but I wanted to try my hand at a lowrider. Used the wheels and tires from a 57 Chevy kit and also the front and rear axles. Had to cut out the molded in rear axle and sand down the front to get the ride height right. Here are some mock up pics. Not going to do much detailing on the chassis as I want to see what I can do for a custom paint job. Thanks for looking and ideas and suggestions always welcome.
  11. Great build! Things sure have changed for the better. Fun isn't it?
  12. Hey thanks for the suggestions on a compressor with a tank. Picked up a Paasche H airbrush set and this compressor. Northern Industrial Airbrush Compressor with Single Cylinder Motor, Model# 1202S152 For ten bucks go the 2 year repolacement warranty. Now to learn airbrushing!
  13. What more could a man want but a hobby room with a refridgerator?
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