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  1. The Dick landy ss/ea dart kit has the wrong headers anyway as the real car had fender exit headers.
  2. The old revell willys with opening doors and trunk,the Henry J,Thames panel,55-57 Chevy with opening doors ect.... Amt 37 chevy mpc 57 Chevy flip nose stay away from mpc 57 flip nose vette good motor and headers but the rest is junk I've never been abail to get the front to fit body the cove never comes out right just look at the box art?
  3. Dang I did this same car - but I did it off memory and got the decal placement really close just the trunk is a little wrong lol - guess I should get a new hood and finish it.
  4. If I rember right panther pink was a one year only coloer 1970 and a dodge only coloer. but their were special order stuff but that was in the vin tag and didn't call out specific coloer's.
  5. Cool reminds me of my freinds street race car it runs 11.64 in 1/4 on pump gas.
  6. That's great! Soo cool and I'm a gasser fan not into newer stuff but I'm loving it.
  7. The Detroit nnl is the 24'th right? ill be their to get a few things.
  8. Nice I dig it - I just did the same thing with GMC astro using the same rear fenders -if I ever figure out how to post pic from phone ill post mine - first truck build I tryed a few times back in the 70's but screwed every one up - now I'm getting newer kits and fixing my old ones up.
  9. You could call the Skillman branch libery in Detroit they have all that kinda stuff even pices of interior showing patterns and colors for cars you never heard of including one off cars.
  10. The 57 flip front vette is small block. I use solder for mine.
  11. Love it looks great. I got one started using the 60 as a doner and a converted t-bolt hood.
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