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  1. To many at once

    ummmm.... I won't mention the 2 dozen + unfinished waiting for a few minutes to finish. But dumb ol' me has to work on decals instead. (we won't talk about THAT number of unfinished projects)
  2. I will go thru my files and see what I have. The "flea market" is very resourceful..... A few of you already have some "flea market" decals.
  3. Possibly the worst thing Ive ever seen.....

  4. Does anyone here make decals?

    I can do white, but not metallic gold like the ALPS. It's more of a gold "color". I also have a day job so time for custom work is limited.
  5. His son occasionally has one on ebay.
  6. Drop Dave Natale at AITM an email and see if he has the Blue Mule style available. He doesn't show them on his website, but he does cast them from time to time.
  7. Now that you mention your wife's name, I remember. You should be getting the replacements as well as your order in the next few days. I'm glad the decal solution is working out. It's not always necessary, but it does help.
  8. Some emails have been filtered (which I have no control over) and I try to answer emails within a reasonable amount of time. If you have problems with my decals, PLEASE let me know, otherwise I can't take care of it. Most application problems can be resolved using a decal setting solution. I've only heard from about 2 people having any problems putting them on. (other than someone thinking they are peel-n-stick, which I have never sold)
  9. Blue Mule

    I am still working on these. Trying to figure out the best and easiest way to make & apply the decals.
  10. Movin On Kenworth decals?

    I try to get to all my emails. Some hit the spam folder and sometimes I don't always have time to get to them immediately, but I do try to get to them.
  11. Dave Faust would be an excellent person for reference pics. He's on Hank's site.
  12. Sleeper Conversion for Ford C-600

    Drop Dave at AITM an email.
  13. Double-Take Replicas

    If you didn't know, ALPS discontinued production of their printers in 2010, and cartridges are supposed to be discontinued in 2015. That is one of the reasons I moved away from the ALPS, not to mention the cost of getting them repaired. thankfully I found something a lot more durable and still prints white.
  14. Road Boss 2?

    uh huh. likely story. distance cousin on mother's side, 3rd removed and so on.