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  1. thats beautiful, simply beautiful
  2. I havent tried any of the tips yet. how ever i was looking over the super clean bottle and it seems rather abrasive. do i need to act fast to prevent any deformation of the plastic?
  3. 1991 chev caprice 1997 chevy tahoe and when my caprice dies 1963 ford fiarlane 500
  4. hey all, Ive been working on a 64 fairlane kit. I made a big boo boo on the initial paint job and need to strip the paint. Ive been soaking it in brake fluid for well over a month and results have been unacceptable. any ideas to strip it sooner than soaking it in brake fluid?
  5. cool build. funny my cavi of same year looked nothing like that.
  6. so will the troops that killed him get the reward?
  7. SWEET! thats what dodge shouldve called a charger!
  8. hiya, we are starting a club. based in appleton area. if interested pm me. we will be getting together again on the 21st.
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