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  1. Your awesome building skills and determination makes up for the fitment issues with the kit. It turned out great!
  2. I was wondering if these grommets have through holes in the centers? You probably tried this already.. but I would use a wire,nail, pin.. with a diameter appx the hole size of the grommet, as a guide. Place the pin through the grommet, and slide the grommet up the pin. Then place the pin in the seat hole. Then use tweezers to slide the grommet on to the seat. If the seats have already been installed, you might still be able to do this.
  3. Getting close to completion. Decals and windshield yet to go. I will be building a vac-form machine to make the windshield. It is close to 5 inches long.
  4. Today, I managed to make a little progress. I made the fuel lines from extruded yellow pla filament. Maybe it's too yellow, but I couldn't find anything else laying around that I could use. The lines are a bit translucent, which was a fortunate accident. I painted and glued the inside of the wheels into place, and then permanently glued the wheels and tires on the suspension. Also glued the roll bar in place as well as the rear wing "w" brace.
  5. I have the ignition system in place. I need to find a suitable material for the injector lines. More to come on that.
  6. Yes! My eyes won't let me build 1/24 anymore.. without making a mess. Here are the fuel injection and ignition parts fresh off the printer. I'll be plumbing and wiring next week.
  7. The headers were modeled and printed in one piece. This is one of the advantages of 3d printing; the part does not have to be removed from a mold. Each tube lines up correctly as they were modeled.
  8. I permanently attached the front and rear suspension and drivetrain.
  9. I finished up the paint and gold trim. Not the best, but good enough for my limited painting skills. I glued the radiators in place, and here are a few pictures of them.
  10. I over-sanded the red and white, so some touch up is in order. Just more proof that i need more experience to get to the paint quality level of many modelers in this forum. But I did apply gold on the nose and the side stripe. I built this mockup to see how everything lines up. I am happy with the results so far.
  11. The color parts are painted. Some bleed through issues. This will be wet sanded to smooth out a few sags, and to provide a flat surface for the gold stripe that paints over the white/red interface. Since I am using rustoleum paint, the total process can take a week to get satisfactory results I can live with.
  12. This one? Just looking at the boxes of parts makes you want to build it! Your skills will do it justice. Ken
  13. Wet sanded the body and other color parts. Ready to paint!
  14. I couldn't resist placing the wheels onto the rear suspension assembly just to get a feel for the scale. So far so good. Stay tuned.
  15. The tires and wheels are almost there. I will be painting the treads flat black to render a driven look, and tone down the treads a bit.
  16. By the way, in the background, you can see the stackable shelves I designed and printed. LED lighting is integrated into the pillars.
  17. The tires were fdm printed, gray filament, but the darker inserts were resin printed. The reason for this is because filament printing does not provide the resolution required for the Firestone letters and logo. 20220811_121728_99.mp4
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