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  1. Hey it is the ones at the truck stops and yes it is plastic over metal!! Amazingly the worded it to make you think it was diecast. He's got a few trucks now, he see my 1/24 I built( I've posted pics on here of a Pete and custom grain hopper) and wants to play "farm" So I figured as I build this custom truck I'd like to build a collection of tjese truck stop trucks becouse of details , trailer options and lots of different loads Thanks for info! And yes this would be a gift from Santa Thsnks guys
  2. So my young son is obsessed with my life size tractor trailer Clearly playing with a plastic one isn't going to work So I found some greatly detailed ones in 1/32 scale with die-cast body's and stronger molded plastic trailers I'd like to get one and paint it like my rig So questions I have are these ( I've built plenty of plastics) Painting metal do I strip old paint ? If do how ? I figure on trailer I can just spray it When painting metal is rattle cans ok ? He's 3 so he'll destroy it Any and all advice on this would so be great
  3. Where does one find the RC parts I'm having no luck
  4. so a truck stop i go to has a 1/16 scale r/c big rig with trailer id like to get it and place the 1/16 peterbilt model kit onto its frame its just i know the truck isnt true to scale as the model is so i wanna know what the size in inches the model kits tires are so i can compare it to the RC truck. i just want the total sercomphrance of the tire please but if you could give some body mesurments like hieght and leant that be great
  5. hey guys im going to get back into modeling since my twins are 14 months and can some what be controlled lol ha anyhow here is a 2014 pete 389 with a 46 inch bunk Id like to make it looks as real as can be whats out there in 1/25 parts do I need ? im really wanting to do it in 1/16 but space and lack of updated parts scares me away thanks gary
  6. hey I built a 2011 Wilson grain trailer about 2 years ago here is a link to the photos of it done and if you look down to left you"ll see 10 or so of it in progress http://s1204.photobucket.com/user/dabelltoller1/library/wilson%20trailer?sort=3&page=1 thanks gary
  7. hey gang well now that my twins are 5 months and on a somewhat reutine im looking to make the 1/16 peterbilt into a custom with a grain hopper to boot similar to the one i built once before, that or i might make it into a day cab with a walanga bulk feed tanker. not sure so some questions 1. if i do do the tanker ill use a pvc pipe for the main body like i did on my tri-axle but as for the grain hopper something that size its going to be big and im sure heavy so im thinking structure integrety and stregth. sould i make the main sides out of wood? (it will have a inner body with plastic sheets on outside) what about using sheet metal for the hopper slides( the inside where the bulk grain is loaded? any advice on that be great 2. lights i wanna wire it to have working lights on truck and trailer and info on that what to use 3. anyone know where i can find 8 tires for the trailer ? i'd hate to get same kick just for tires. 4 any other advice would be great gary
  8. hey everyone im really thinking of doing the 1/16 peterbilt reissue as a day cab feed tanker like i did before as a tri axle but as a truck and tractor. or as a truck with sleeper and a grain hopper like i did before also some questions i got are if its a scall 20 inch does that mean its based as a life size truck of total lenth from bumper to bumper 320 inches and so if i did that right a 40 foot grain hopper would come right around 29.5 inches ? so i'd have a total model about 3 and 3/4 feet long ? that sounds freaking too huge and are there alot of affter market parts for this size truck ? like tires and such or more modern dashes to make it more a late 80's or 90's truck
  9. Once I vet my computer back maybe can't do much from iPhone truth is it's strip down as a parts bin now I'm going to at somePoint get another and do a day cab with a feed trailer like I did for tri axle feed truck. I think I just need time away from this hobby. Rather this truck!! So once I get my head strait I'll send some pics of a great truck because I'll know what to expect and what to adjust as I go !!!
  10. You guys are right frustration was what happen the fact I spent time in this kit painted had a issue stripped repainted. And had a another issue come up heck I thought from the way it was molded the tabs on bottom of cab happen to be part of the model. Again could a better set of instructions made my issues less of it ??? I think so. Yea I agree it's a sweet looking model. But ok the hood hinge mount I test fitted 30 times till I got it too where I think it's right. But because I wasn't sure I'm not sure if was right in the end. And with trying to get things right with that I end up braking my cab air bags so the model is just a box of great parts I trier re glueing but due to the wieight of the kit it's not holding Im sorry this post turned into a war of sorts for a moment that wasnt my intention I'm going to in the end buy me another kit And do it again I just wish I didn't loose close to 70 bucks in the end trying to figure out what I couldn't be told. Also a issue I had was the list on painting that's the dumbest thing I've ever scene Great idea on using diffrent paint companies but the way it was grouped was a odd idea to me I think alot of my hatread and anger for this kit snow balled right from the start and I did stop several times only to be slapped again buy another issue Look I've mabe my feed truck and hopper trailer from scratch and it wasn't as bad as it was with the lonestar. So yeah I think on e it started to head south it all went south so those who offered some help and confidence thanks I'm hopping maybe just maybe möbius will be willing to work out a great price on a kit ( with two twins on the way it's my only hope) I wanna make a Great model of a new tractor and in the end and my option this is a great truck to start with enough said!!!!
  11. I got it in front of me right now and your right its a nice kit but it's got some issues with fitting and ok I'll take Blane on paint but it just sucks to come this far and not have something nice looking back at me I'm just flustered I guess. I dug it back out of trash and I'm going to Finish because I never give up. I just look at it and see what it could if been I just don't wanna spend the same amount again for the fear of what could happen with the next one. But then again I'll have licked my wounds and will better off and and ready for the next one !!!! I
  12. Yeah I still got it I'm. Going to save the wheels and some other items. For a walking floor trailer I wanna do. So if your. Looking for something inpaticuler let me know I hear ya tim. I know I could of done it too without following the shoddy instructions I think my issues with kit started as a simple hey this doesn't line up and this is hard to read And then as I went on they( being little issues) compounded with each other and became one big pile of hatread and frustration with the kit. I test fitted most items and everytime after I painted the kit and started to assemble once I glued grill do to it being curved it kept popping out ( a d no it wasn't a over glue issue ) it was a tension on the part issue The cab wouldnt stay put on it's mounts and for me it have to be mounted sidewYs to get it to come close to hiding the gap in hood and body They're is plenty more to write but I give up on it and just wanna move on and go b k to what I love most paccar products!!!!!!!!!
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