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  1. graintruck added a post in a topic finding car photos   

    yeah, i was doing that, and i was getting more of decal pages then anything. but now that i know its 2002 that will help. but i will say the car from slixx decals is said or shown to be blue, so i'll look a little deeper and see what i find thanks guys for the photos
  2. graintruck added a topic in NASCAR   

    finding car photos
    hey everyone, i got a sheet of slixx decals of the rustay wallace flames car. its in the taurus body. so im wondering how do i go about finding photos of said car online? i mean i lmpw to goggle but anyone know of any sites and or certin words to put in to find it ? or does anyone know of info on when this car was used to help in my search?

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  3. graintruck added a post in a topic wilson hopper bottom   

    hey everyone, just added some new pics of the trailer ! the sides are on all the way around. also put on a custom rear suspention. as you can see in some of the photos the gaps in the right angles when sides come together. that gets covered with angle iron. so that will be hidden later. also the space at bottom of side skins gets a channel put in too! hope you like still a long way to go! but i must say it looks like a hopper bottom and not a tanker or a reefer so im doing something right!!!
  4. graintruck added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    trailer tandoms
    hey with my hopper bottom i need to make or get a set of tandoms. the axles i guess really( though im thinking of scratching building them too, but if i didnt anyone got a spare one laying around that they wouldnt mind giving up? i dont have a hole lot to trade oarts wise but ask and i'll see what i can come up with

    or does a complany out there make a nice resin set ?
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  5. graintruck added a post in a topic Revell Peterbilt Modified   

    great looking truck. im sure they came with trailer kit but was wondering where i might get lights like that
  6. graintruck added a post in a topic logging truck i called 2nd chance   

    hey click the secound link it works.
  7. graintruck added a post in a topic wilson hopper bottom   

    I know I know....... i just felt humbled in that comment and i like to joke around alot. only problem with type is sometimes you can show your emotion in the print !!!

    thanks guys.

    one quesstion i got is at every joint and seem wilson applies ummm almost and appoxy of sorts to seal joints. i was wondering how i would go about getting that affect. I feel it would really hide alot of the lines. well not hide but give it more of a welded line look i thought of just appling glue and smoothing out and painting over. it give it. i seen that in some of the places in hiding area where i tried it !
  8. graintruck added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    logging truck i called 2nd chance
    here is my logging truck. i called secound chances. basiclly my first model i tried but do to a bad can of paint. i had to soke it in pinsole and start all over, and since i went into with a it could be a loss i tried my hand at twotoning paint! im happy with how it turned out. as you can tell i just doubled up the decals to help hide the minor flaws in the paint !

    My link

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  9. graintruck added a post in a topic wilson hopper bottom   

    no its just plastic styrne sheets glued together and any larger gaps got white putty over them. once spot was was just fine but when i apply pressure it just cracks back open so if thats the only problem i have( i'll be putting a bolsa wood in it and to make it only half loaded to look like a full load of corn) and or the tarp will be on it and the better details are looking great on the outside!! so i hate giving up on one flaw but i dont wanna destroy what i've done so far. becouse of it

    i take your aluminum soldered as a complement . but like i said styrne sheets and rustolum metallica alumminum paint. btw im not liking the shinny ness of this paint so im not sure if i wanna go to a light grey, or what. well see what i feel once im ready to do the outer skins !
  10. graintruck added a post in a topic wilson hopper bottom   

    lots of work in this ? ??? is that a good comment ?
  11. graintruck added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    wilson hopper bottom
    here is some photos of my wilson hopper trailer. i just started this is the first part of it. the hoppers section long way to go. this is first coat of paint to help get idea where im at and to what sanding and feeling needs done. i've never scrached built anything so im verry happy with what i got so far. it will get a out skin to it so what you see now is to help strenthing the model. one part you'll see the hevey puddy keeps cracking im going to sand it. glue once more then paint im tired of chasing it, and im thinging ouf putting fine cracked corn in it anyhow to make it look loaded. not sure but either way tired of chashing one crack so any pointed would be welcomed. please leave all comments good and bad tell me what you think!

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  12. graintruck added a post in a topic 4x4 f-150   

    your close but no. i got a eddie burre model and the bumper does have strip but it has two holes in the center a rectange shape hole. i mean its no big deal but, the 4x4 is what i wanna change. and i did think of getting a dana rear and cutting it to shape( the axles) with the 2 wheel drive cross beams and making it work that way so i'll have to exsplore looking for them broncco kits!
  13. graintruck added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    4x4 f-150
    hey i got a 1993 ford f-150 amt truck long bed. i wanted it becouse i own a 1996 f-150 but as a 4x4 the model kit came as a 2 wheel drive. i was just strolling threw ebay. and looking didnt see anything but does anyone know of there being a kit or aftermarket item to make it a 4x4 front suspention ? i wanna make this model look as much as my truck as poosable. also i have a diffrent bumper on mine then what came with the model any ideas on a place to llook for aftermarket option in pick-up trucks

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  14. graintruck added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    the 353 revell western life kit
    hey i know this is really a 359 model, but looking at photos it shows the drivers door open, does any other door open ? how detailed is the rest of interior, as in bunk area.

    any comments on problems with model? i had asked some questions about this before, the other question i have is i see it hasd a roof air ######. are the holes pre drilled from the factory? if not how does it attach? i really dont want it on my model.

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  15. graintruck added a post in a topic strippin paint   

    i just cut a milk jug in half and did one bottle 91 proof alcohol and a bottle of pine sol, and in lell then 18 hours im down to clean plastic some spots will need to be adressed, but hey im happy, not that paint hides anything but, but how should i go about covering some of the darker spots if i cant remove them? i have no problem doing the truck gloss black.