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  1. test fit today....vents and windows are going in the next weekend.. Also she got 2 coats of wax and polish today....oooooo shinny !
  2. Tried so hard to find or make seatbelts for this and had no luck....here she is ...dad is so proud lol haha
  3. Well most of the inside is done now....working on seat belts and little things....I really like the detail in this kit...I have been trying to make it look as real as possible. Would have liked some more hoses and wire but this will do... Cutting the front vents to put the photo echoed in later.... adding more decals....again this car is 100% custom so I just picking spots to put them....all those hours of painting cars in Forza 3 are paying off here...
  4. All coming together now !!! Decals I think look awesome !!! Hard sometimes to figure out where to put them...dont have any template or anything lol ... Interior is looking great to I think... Loving this car !!!
  5. Ok some teaser pics ....decals are on the way....car seems to sit kind of odd...not sure why..just does not look good to me ...
  6. we have color !!!!! I like it ...and I will fix the Ferrari Logos lol
  7. Vent and windows and coming along....soon for some decals and shine !!
  8. Wow its been some time since I worked on this car....clear is down now and it gets some shine tonight !!! rustoleum...flat black ...awesome stuff
  9. Doing a bit more work last couple of days....got around to taking some pics today... Some wires...nothing crazy just a bit of detail.... Engine is all set... Studio 27 detail kit is amazing !!! Brakes all set..... Some Primer and base coat is down...
  10. Looking to get rolling on this project here. I know for a while now I wanted to build a 430 Challenge car. I was thinking about making a 430GT but it sounds like the kits are not very good..So I got some Red Bull decals for a Porsche that runs in the Rolex Series... After some thought and modifying it looks like the decals will work... so...here we go Just some little stuff for now.....Ordered a bunch of stuff from MS Hobby and am ready to build.
  11. rims all painted up... rims are done under all set !!!
  12. today I finished the insides....seatbelts are done...cage and wires are also done... and I made my own mask for the windows...
  13. very nice !! I am doing a green one now !
  14. more pics...!! Paint is done... now decals and clear ! Dash is done... going to hang the wheel from the cage with wires... some roll cage details... inside is done...some wiring...some detail and carbon fiber door panels...turned out ok I think ... under side and engine is done..
  15. More Detail work and body work.... thanks for looking....
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